Welcome to The Rebellion

Is There Anybody Out There? There sure is…


Here we are. If you were wondering what that aura was in the air, it’s The Rebellion. It’s been percolating for quite some time now, occasionally smashing against the walls of society with a flare up here and there, but the pressure has grown beyond its container. The lid is no longer able to stay atop the vessel with the rumblings of a group of Rebels set to stand up against the definition of Health and take it back. Make it for the people. Make it REAL. 

The Rebellion is going to have an official Website launch in June. Right now, myself and several others across the nation are in the process of collecting stories. Tales of health and happiness of the variety you don’t commonly hear about yet consistently yearn for. The feel good tales that stimulate your vagus nerve and constricts your throat in which can only be masochistically described as a sensation you can’t wait to feel again.  Those stories have that effect because those are the stories you can relate to. The kinds of stories where you take it all in and say “yep, I know EXACTLY how that feels…” only, the difference is these are going to be VICTORIOUS stories. 

We’ve all heard the tales of 200 lbs lost or couch to 100k or “Type II diabetic slays dragon after marathon on elliptical while refinancing his home!” What about if you want to have more energy in the more? What about keeping up with your kids or grand children? What about wanting to simply stop huffing and puffing up stairs? What about taking up that sport or outdoor activity you’ve always wanted to try yet have convinced yourself it’s too late? What about wanting your back to stop hurting when you brush your teeth in the morning? Any of that ringing a bell?

Join The Rebellion. A rag tag group of misfits hell bent on not being hell bent anymore. Determined to seize life back. Ready to get the results people don’t get by doing the working people don’t do. A group of people screaming at the top of their lungs and smiling just as intensely as they go through the workout of their life twice a week and emerge from the dust not only stronger, but ready to help out anyone within reach.

We are a movement. You’re either participating or spectating.


– Rebel8

PS Team Gamma and Team Banner, if you click on the schedule your team name has changed for obvious reasons. Team Gamma, you are now TEAM IGNITION. Team Banner, you are now TEAM BALLISTIC.

Together, we are The Rebellion. 

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