Ready for some Rebel wear?

Got your uniform yet?

What’s up Rebels??? Got all the shirts made, all 82 of them ;). The picture you see above is after the last shirt was hung on the rack and I was able to step away from the paint fumes momentarily and admire the finished results of a Rebel’s uniform.

Every one of your shirts is hand made and individually numbered.  “X marks the spot” so you’ll notice that the “X” in “Rebel X” is over a red heart on all of your shirts. Which happens to be located over your actual heart (or close to anyways). The back says “Rebel” across the shoulders similar to a jersey with “” starting at the lower left hip and creeping up your back and to the right. Your number (again, similar to a jersey) is in the center. Every number was randomly selected out of a shoebox to keep it completely fair. Lastly, I added a “rat” stencil on the back of every shirt in a different position (for the most part) on everyone’s shirt.

Be proud of your number. By now, you all know the “Fitness Rebellion” kick off panel I went to in Minnesota. Well these numbers signify you are part of the original rebels in this area. Shoot, in ALL areas. People will say “what’s that mean?” and you’ll be able to say “you’ll see…” Be proud knowing not a single soul has a shirt like yours. There are a couple of you I even made a few mistakes on the shirt, and I left it… I even “ghost stenciled” my number next to it as a sort of “sorry for the mistake!” signature. Most of your shirts have mismatched lettering, or a few blotches in the stencils. Many of them have paint droplets at random sections and areas. Some have textured numbering, some don’t. Some have “candy” paint thinly coated on your numbers, some don’t. What they ALL have are threads set to receive the sweat of almost 80 rebels who are about to set forth and change the world. 

Just another Tuesday…

I put a Unicorn on my shirt as a shout out to my mythical better half 😉

If you want some gear turned into “Rebel Wear” I will stencil and paint anything you bring me! I’ve already tested the paint in washing machines on several different materials, and thus far they all work! I’ve got a lot of stencil and paint graphic ideas, so if you want to be a guinea pig for some design ideas, that works for me too ;).

Alright Rebels, I’m off to finish up the playlist for tonight’s first core workout of the challenge. 4 Corporals… it’s gonna be a rough night for Team Ignition 😉



Shirt #1 belongs to Art Villareal. Heart like Art!!!!

– Rebel8 

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