Rebel X 360 Challenge

You plant a positive seed, you get a positive flower!

I have a challenge for you… This challenge has been my own personal leg work (with some additions that won’t be listed here for time purposes) and I felt last week that it’s something EVERYONE can benefit from! It’s a play on my favorite leg circuit of all time and consists of 3 different leg exercises: Squats, step ups, and lunges. The way you DO them allows you to not only work on strength and sculpting but balance, coordination, oxygen usage efficiency, and heart rate as well. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Grab a BOSU

How you’ll feel at the end!

Step 2: Grab some dumbbells of your choice (decide on weight AFTER you read what you’ll be doing…)

Kettle bells (matching) work as well

Step 3: Grab a plyobox

The tallest box at the gym constitutes FULL 360. The shorter step is good practice to build up to the taller one!

STEP 4: Set it all up!

Configure your equipment so you have a place to do step ups, a place to do squats on a BOSU, and a readily available lane to lunge in (outside works as well!).

The Challenge: 

The number “360” comes from the amount of repetitions you will be doing. 1st, you are going to do 30 squats on the BOSU (black side up) holding the dumbbells at shoulder height. Once you are done there, you are immediately going to head to the tall plyobox and do step ups one leg at a time. Be sure to have the entirety of your foot on the box when you step up, always have one foot on the box at all times (alternating which leg you are stepping up with), and be sure that the leg lifting you up on each step is fully extended before you switch feet (no short changing yourself!). Your hands need to step extended and out to the side the ENTIRE TIME (no dumbbells, just body weight). After 30 total step ups, you are going to head to your lunge lane with dumbbells twice the amount of weight that you were squatting with (if you had 10s, use 20s. If you had 15s, use 30s. You get it…). After 30 steps, you get to start the cycle all over again! Let me break it down a bit simpler:

  1. 30 Squats on BOSU with dumbbells at shoulder height
  2. 30 Step ups on tall bench with arms fully extended out to your side
  3. 30 Lunges with dumbbells twice the weight of the dumbbells you squatted with hanging at your side
  4. Repeat 4 times in a row.
If you are able to complete the above task (minimum dumbbell requirement for squats set at 10 lb dumbbells, tallest box needs to be used for step ups, and weight needs to be MINIMUM double your squat weight for the lunges) in UNDER 25 MINUTES then you will receive a rebellion shirt saying so! Every shirt will be unique and feature rebellion designs all over. Make sure you have a witness!

Click HERE for a video on proper BOSU squats (soon to be replaced with videos from yours truly!)
Click HERE for a video on proper step ups (soon to be replaced with videos from yours truly!)
Click HERE for a video on proper walking lunges (soon to be replaced with videos from yours truly!)

 – Rebel8

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