Let It Burn!

The video below makes a TON more sense if you read the explanation below THEN view. Not only that, but I guarantee you don’t have to have participated in the exercise to have it resonate with you. More people than just the 75 or so that went through this exercise need to have this kind of liberation.

Welcome to the Rebellion.

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On May 29th, May 30th, and May 31st, I had a special exercise I did with every team that’s a part of Rebel X. Team Ignition (VROOM VROOM!), Team Beast, and Team Ballistic all took part in this activity where upon arrival everyone was asked to write down 2 things; The thing they hate about themselves the most on the pink card and a compliment that would make your absolute day if someone were to approach you and give it to you.

I then had everyone place their card on the wall. All the cards were anonymous, and I shoveled the cards so no one knew whose was whose. Everyone then proceeded to squat down and HOLD the squat position in front of whatever card they had in front of them. After holding the squat sit for 10 seconds, absorbing the card and everything it says, I had everyone step directly over to the next card and hold the squat sit again for 10 seconds. Again, all the while the focus being not only on the burning in your legs but the card in your face.

We did this until all the cards had been read and absorbed by every single person.

At the end, I made the very clear point that each card represented one of the MANY negative thoughts swirling around in every single persons had that was in that aerobic room. When I asked how many people related to more than 2 cards, every hand went up. When I  asked how many people related to more than 5 of the cards, every hand went up. When I asked how many people related to more than HALF the cards, every single hand went up…

At this point I’d like to remind you that every age, gender, occupation, athletic ability, mind set, and every other variable you can think of was represented in this room. This was NOT a room full of strictly athletes, nor was it a room full of strictly first time “weight losers.” I repeat… EVERY SINGLE HUMAN DEMOGRAPHIC WAS REPRESENTED IN THIS EXERCISE

Once everyone’s hand had gone up after asking how many people felt connected to more than HALF the cards, I asked the all important question…

“How many of you feel the way you read on those cards towards ANYONE ELSE HERE other than yourself?”

Eyes averted downward. Crickets all of a sudden became an explosion of noise. Most evident however was the lack of a single hand being raised.

The point was this… All those horrendously negative things swirling around your head are created BY you FOR you. You think anyone else is pointing the finger at you CONVINCED your belly fat is awful, you’re weak and lazy, you have terrible skin, you’re self conscious, you have a problem with eating too much, you constantly assure yourself you’re a failure, and you’ll never amount to anything? NO! THEY ARE TOO BUSY THINKING THESE THINGS ABOUT THEMSELVES!!!

So, I decided to burn all the negativity away. Get rid of it. Gone. Finite. Chapter closed. I hope you understand the video above, to many people, is more than just words on paper being burned on a pot. It is a mindset that is put out in the open so it can FULLY be let go of. Kind of like how on any supernatural “ghost” show or movie 9 times out of 10 the reason the “ghost is still in the living realm” is because it hasn’t lived out it’s purpose. Well, your negative degradation has served its purpose, and now it’s time to get laid off. It’s expired. The purpose to show you pain so you can know happiness.

How long are you going to drag out the pain? When no one feels that way about you but YOU, when are YOU going to forgive yourself and move on? No better time like the present…

As for what I did with the compliment cards… I turned the lights out, had everybody hold a wall sit, and read off every single compliment. This was the light and fun portion (before we went out into the back alley and did lunges until our legs didn’t feel feelings anymore) but also the most important. This was the portion where all the things people DO notice about you but perhaps don’t say as often came out to the open. This was the point of the day where all the nice things you need to hear more than you realize get told to you. Not because it’s nice… but because it’s true. 

Seriously, you don’t look that old at ALL. I see how hard you work, it’s definitely paying off! You look like you’ve lost some weight! I love your arms! Nice ass! You’re a WONDERFUL mother! You’re gonna be an AMAZING Auntie! You seem so happy! I’ve never met anybody as strong as you! You’re so inspiring! You truly look spectacular, you have a glow about you! I love being around you! You make me laugh! You make me happy!

Plant a positive seed, you get a positive flower.


– Rebel8

3 comments on “Let It Burn!

  1. This is amazing! I may be a copy cat and do this with our Anytime Fitness team here in WI. Thanks for sharing & the constant inspiration the rebels give us! xo!

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