Get a positive flower!

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder that this Friday and Saturday, boot camps are replaced with circumference measurements! This means we are almost at the official halfway point!

I will be measuring your neck, chest,waist, belly button, hips, arm, and thigh as well as doing your halfway point weigh-in and testing your body fat percentage. That’s it! No photo, no fit test, no forms… Just those 3 things. Once you’re done, you can leave! Now, let me tell you why I love the midway measurements so much…

For those of you where the scale hasn’t dropped the massive lbs you’ve been looking for it to drop, it provides a MUCH better perspective. Your body is changing! I can’t tell you how many times someone comes up to me and says “I didn’t lose any weight this week… I’m so pissed… I mean, my clothes ARE fitting better but when’s the scale going to match?!”

If your clothes are fitting better, and your weight doesn’t put you into a health crisis, and you’re not a horse jockey who needs to make weight in order to have a legitimate chance at winning the triple crown, then why does the scale have to match? If your energy is up, you’re taking care of yourself, exercising consistently and with a purpose, eating better, clothes are  fitting better… Yet the scale isn’t telling you what you want to hear… Then isn’t the scale the LEAST important factor in all of this? 

The answer is yes.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that the scale NEVER needs to move. That doesn’t mean weight loss is meaningless and doesn’t need to happen. It means that the toughest thing to do in a fitness journey is to actually enjoy the journey. Becoming too fixated on something that is meant to be a LIFETIME HABIT is a quick train to frustratedburg (located just outside Peoria, Illinois).

The point I’m getting at is measurement day showcases a lot of things the scale can’t. For some it will be a defibrillator to your drive. For others, a reminder to step it up. For many, another mile marker on an incredible journey.

Lastly, I have a boot camp going on Saturday, June 9th at 1pm. It will be outdoors so dress accordingly! Claritin and sunblock and whatnot… The cost is $10 and the duration will be about an hour and fifteen minutes. We are meeting at the gym and taking off from there!

See you soon Rebels…

– Rebel8

PS Outdoor boot camps are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well so be prepared! The week after that… Blacklight 6.0… 😉

PPS I don’t have time to do makeup measurements for any times other than the times for boot camp. Thanks for the understanding 🙂

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