To be loved, we must first learn to love.

Now that I’ve got your attention… READ THE INFO BELOW!

Please read! I think I want to try to put one of these up in Santa Rosa!

So a semi-spur of the moment via tradition you’ll have to ask the Unicorn about in person (if you don’t know me personally, then I’m just going to leave that beginning as is so it keeps with the mythical element of this intro) caused us to take off to Reno for a quick 24 hour getaway. Something about the draw of crossing into a different state for a day sounded really refreshing, so we dove at the chance! Among the many adventures we so graciously got to enjoy, we stumbled upon something that really resonated. Thus, I wanted to share!

The description of the “Before I Die” board does not do actually seeing it in person any justice. It is huge!

Every line is crammed with the dreams of the world

Going through each line was awe-inspiring and really a great reflection of what TRULY makes the world happy. Of course there were the obligatory “I want to be famous!” or “Party with Kanye West!” but the great majority were much more pure of heart…

For instance, Cara wants to live happily ever after, in proper conjunction with her mystical nature.
…right after having Channing Tatum’s baby of course.

When the wall got to big to write on, I started to scour the perimeter. Sure enough, people went beyond the edges and into the “real world.” The very first thing I saw when looking for “outside the box” thinking was this:

Looks like we’re on the right track… I wrote underneath in purple and green writing “” with the hopes they will find us!

Another favorite of mine was the big and bold “To See Evil Men Destroyed” written across a whole section. At first I said to myself “that’s kind of a jerk thing to do…” until I found a new perspective. Instead of it overlapping, I saw it as being an important part of the background. Behind every great wish is the basis of evil being conquered. 

I love searching for new ones by scouring!

One of the coolest realizations about the whole thing was we were having a great time finding awesome little nuggets of amazing all around downtown Reno, and it was THIS picture that led us to the slightly “off the beaten path” downtown area where the “before I die…” board was located!

It was the rainbow clouds that led us to the board. I couldn’t make this up…

After taking photos of the whole thing and enjoying how awesome this whole experience was with Cara, it sparked something… I want one of these. Somewhere in Santa Rosa. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I am going to figure this out… Sharing humanity creates humanity. 

With a blood curdling yell to rival Braveheart, a shovel in my hands, and my heart on my sleeve.

So I leave you with hopefully the same tranquil inspiration that I had after coming across something so simple yet so meaningful. If you know of a spot in Santa Rosa that would be a perfect fit for one of these beauties, feel free to e-mail me at Inspiration spurs inspiration, so let’s inspire Rebels!


I’m yours 🙂

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