The best part is yet to come…

This video doesn’t exist


Above you will see a video I made of all the workouts I’ve written out from start to finish for this Rebel X challenge. You’ll see the top left hand corner has the dates of the boot camps. Feel free to pause and see all the little notes I’d written on each workout. This notebook has spent the last 2 and a half months growing. A TON of memories and experiences are locked tight within. Thank you all for allowing me these memories to be created. Thank you all better yet for there for the moments. If you didn’t give everything you initially hoped to give or didn’t meet your own expectations, well just remember it’s never too late. Take that feeling you never want to feel again, and make sure you never feel it again.

I look forward to this final boot camp week for Team Ignition, Beast, and Ballistic. After all, it’s not how you start…

– Rebel8

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