New to the Rebe11ion? This is what you’re in for…

We Are Hulk
Yes we are..

Hephaestus (Out of 17 people who completed the stats): Pounds lost: 71.5 Inches lost: 85 Average lbs/inches lost: 4.2lbs/5 inches MVH: Lori De Marco Most body composition lost: Cliff Crocker (23.5 lbs lost/8.5% total body weight lost) Most inches lost: Cliff Crocker (24 inches. Most out of EVERYONE. Lori De Marco came in second place with 8.2 inches lost)

Poseidon (Out of 18 people who completed the stats): Pounds lost: 76.5 Inches lost: 94.8 Average lbs/inches lost: 4.25 lbs/5.26 inches MVH: Devin Booth Most body composition lost: Devin Booth (15.5 lbs/5.15% of total body weight lost) Most inches lost: Tami Larsen (13.1 inches lost. Most on the team! Devin Booth came in second with 9.9 inches lost)

Apollo (Out of 15 people who completed the stats): Pounds lost: 66 Inches lost: 116 Average lbs/inches lost: 4.4 lbs/7.25 inches MVH: Kathi Tyler Most Body Composition lost: Kathi Tyler (Highest composition loser out of EVERYONE with 11.64%!) Most inches lost: Kathi Tyler (19.9! Art Villareal came in second with 13.1 inches lost)


So, Hulk: Round IX is over. You all CERTAINLY finished this challenge in true Hulk fashion, and the party on Saturday, March 31st told that story very well. I couldn’t be more proud of every single one of you who showed up and reveled in the work you all did in 2 and a half months that it takes some people a life time to achieve (and I’m talking FAR from physical…)


If you still haven’t signed your team shovel, I will have them at the gym this week with markers available 😉

For those of you who weren’t there, I can guarantee you that you were sorely missed. One team, one dream. No man left behind. You plant a positive seed, you get a positive flower. To the Hulksters not in attendance, we definitely watered your flower for you (TWSS). Being a part of the Hulk family means you were a part of our hearts during each and every award. Every picture during the slideshow. Every sound off. Every tear.

Kathi Tyler, the overall winner by losing over 11 percent of her overall body composition! She also lost 19 inches and has one of the meanest bicep flexes I have ever seen. This is her receiving her MVH (Most Valuable Hulkster) award with her beautiful future Hulkster daughter, Bree,

I can say it was an honor to spend so much time with the best people I have ever met. It was my pleasure to share in laughter and tears with all of you, and I already can’t wait for what Hulk X is going to bring just so we can relive the magic that happened at Sally Tomatoes on March 31st, 2012.

Cliff Crocker
Cliff receiving his award for most inches lost. 24 inches in 2 and a half months. He even went on vacation to Hawaii! He was the overall body composition loser for Hephaestus as well, dropping 23.5 lbs. This man is a beast!

When I got there, I didn’t know what to expect… I knew there was a lot of Toga talk, but it’s always interesting to see who put their money where their mouth was. It’s like when 20 people tell you they’re going to show up to boot camp and in reality only 8 people show up, I thought I might see the same thing with Togas… I was WRONG!

Devin Booth
Devin Booth was the overall composition loser for Poseidon, losing over 8% of his overall body weight. That was just a fraction of the inspiration and motivation he brought to the table for Hulk. Out of all the Hulksters in attendance, out of all the awesome people there that day, out of all the awards given out… When I announced Devin as the MVH for Team Poseidon, he was the only one to get a standing ovation. I told him them and I’ll tell him now Devin, that had nothing to do with me up there with you and EVERYTHING to do with you. I swear the clapping got louder when I walked away 🙂

Everyone showed up decked out to the fullest! Even a couple Hulksters who are doing the next challenge but didn’t do this one showed up in a couple of the best togas there! Thanks Fatimah and Mario 😉

Cheryl and Lori!
Love these two!!! Cheryl and Lori are a couple of my absolute favorite people, period. Lori was the MVH for Hephaestus and for VERY good reason. I have never seen someone embody “Hulk” BEFORE coming into a challenge quite the way she has. She’s fierce, beautiful, caring, hilarious, giving, loving… Lori, you are godsend for us small timers who need a little motivation every now and then ;). You are Hulk. I feel the same about you Cheryl ;). You two are in great company!


Board made by Bobbi and Tye Rivera. Results made by everyone on Hulk!

As everyone strolled in the smiles were amazing and the Togas were even better. The bar was working its magic and people were mingling… Life was good! With music going on, food being prepared, champagne and beer flowing from the cups chalices of many a merry Hulkster, it was time to serve the food….

Tam Bam
Tami Larsen trying to hide from the crowd. She lost 13.1 inches! SHE GOT THE MOST CHEERFUL AWARD!!!! Unicorns really DO exist!

I’d tell you how the food was, but I have no idea. I was too busy mentally preparing the intro speech I was going to make, mingling with everyone, and overall just admiring the joyous faces that were everywhere you looked. It truly was euphoric. To put it in perspective, I was approached by 5 people at the end of the party who were there to support loved ones and said “I want in on the next Hulk, what do I do?” You talk to me. You’re in 😉

Lori is awesome!
Lori De Marco is amazing! She brought her wonderful daughter, fantastic man, and adorable mini shovels with an “H” on each one of them! Lori, thank you so so much for these shovels. They will be making a reappearance very soon…


We are Hulk
If you haven’t signed the “We Are Hulk” banner, let me know. I want your signature on that bad boy!

Before I got to the slideshow, I spoke on a potential opportunity that I will be sure to fill everyone in on past Wednesday (I don’t want to jinx it!) when I go through an interview of sorts ;). The underlying message though was that Hulk made the interview possible. I’m getting interviewed for this amazing opportunity because of all the blood, sweat, and tears shed at everyone’s behalf.

UPDATE! Well, the interview was successful… check out where you can read up on myself and the rest of the awesome “Rat Pack” who were blessed enough to appointed to help lead this Rebellion! One team, one dream :).

Mario and Fatimah
Mario and Fatimah, future Hulksters! Watch out Hulk X…

I then went on to let everyone know that Hulk is just like “Terminator: Salvation.” I got some blank stares so I decided to explain… “Terminator: Salvation” is about a futuristic setting where machines have taken over the globe. They have standards and ridiculous protocols that have NOTHING to do with the essence of humanity yet they are so powerful they squash anyone that opposes them…

Cara and Josh
Greek Unicorns! I love you, Cara Elizabeth Jones.

Yet in this barren wasteland of destitute dictatorship, there is a small force… A rumble of humanity that says “We are going to fight for OURSELVES or die trying.” Simple and plain, they were the resistance. They would comb the land searching for ANY stragglers who were lost like they were with the message “Alone we are weak, but together we can accomplish anything. Even fighting for our lives.” With everything going against them and everything in the world providing the little to no hope, they banded together and CREATED hope…

Yes we are...
Thank you Jazzy! Jazzy made an AMAZING “Book of Failure” with everyone’s worst fears in written form from “Holiday Hulk.” She also made the “Trinity Scrolls” with the compliments everyone wrote themselves during the “Which would you choose?” exercise. They complimented each other quite nicely.

Hulk, we are the resistance. Together, we choose to take on this scary world that tries to tell us what to eat, drink, how to celebrate, what to enjoy, who to hang out with, what we can and cannot do, we aren’t good enough, why try… We say NO! Alone we are small… Together, we are HULK.

Justin, Tye, and Carlo
Justin, Tye, and Carlo sporting their best threads and even better smiles 🙂

Afterwards, I played the 20 minute slideshow. I broke down the slideshow in terms of the first couple weeks are the first 2 songs, the next few weeks where we did the Blacklight workouts and 80’s night workouts is the next song, then the final few weeks of pictures were told through each Team Song. The slideshows will be at the bottom of this post, segmented into each category I just listed. Take a look! I guarantee it’ll pump you up!

Kalyn Garrison
She got the “Best Warrior Face” award. She’s a lot better at it than I am…

If you don’t know what the team songs are, they are worth a download (or at LEAST a listen to from the slideshow!).

Hephaestus: “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder Poseidon: “Shake It Out” by Florence and the Machine Apollo: “The Believer” by Common feat. John Legend

Cara Jones
… We are. My little goddess receiving her “Best Unicorn” award

After the slideshow, I gave a brief intermission for people to use the bathroom, refill their drinks, stretch their legs… Then it was on to the awards!

Jess and Bree
Jessica LaVenter and Kathi’s daughter, Bree 🙂

As you can read at the top, those were the results… and amazing results they are!!!

New Phone
Everyone chipped in and got me a giftcard for a new phone since mine is so busted! I was rendered absolutely speechless… I had no idea and got that phone ASAP! I can tell you all that your investment will not be in vain! I updated half this post with my new phone! Thank you SO MUCH Bobbi Rivera for coordinating such a thoughtful, sweet gesture that I will be reminded of every time I use my phone, which is every minute, every day. Thank you so much to everyone else pitching in and being so amazing!!!

I can honestly say that my FAVORITE part of every Hulk party is giving everyone their personal recognition awards. It allows everyone their time in the sun while allowing ME a time to recount funny stories, fond memories, bashful mix ups, funny faces, and everything in between! I can ALSO honestly say that I had no intention of doing the presentations shirtless. I learned the hard and fast way that the quality of the pins you use to hold your toga together is VERY important.

We Are Hulk
We are Hulk…

In the end, I just want to reiterate my thanks to everyone for all the hard work put in to making these last few months possible. It takes a village, and I’d say we have the BEST village. In addition to the slideshows below, I will be making a final slideshow of the party as well since we had pretty much the best photography out there happening while we partied! Between everyone’s cameras going a mile a minute and Mikel Eli photographing up a storm (Click HERE to go to his Facebook page to see all the photos from the Trinity Wrap party as well as other fantastic work he’s done! Please, don’t forget to “like” his page. He’s worth it, trust me.)

I also would like to thank Bobbi, Kima, Cara, and Tammey for all their hard work they put in to making the party a possibility! Without them, the awesome venue and amenities would have been nonexistent.

I would also like to thank Karin Bowhall and Kristie Clay for their FANTASTIC picture taking skills! They were the reason behind about 90% of the slideshow pictures (some was Mikel Eli too!) because they would come on a workout night that WASN’T their team to take professional pictures. Thanks is not enough but it’s all I’ve got at the moment so just know I mean it with all of my Hulk Heart.

I would also like to thank John and Denise Stave. They are the owners of the Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa ave. If 9 out of 10 times a gym owner would turn my zany ideas away and not even give me a chance, they were that 1… Without the freedom they allow and the unrivaled support they give to Hulk, Hulk would not be what it is today. Next time you see them, please, take a few moments and give them a HUGE thank you!

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone’s favorite Unicorn, Cara Jones. When I was worked to exhaustion and so spent I would literally get racked to tears, she was there to rub my back and make me dinner. When I would need input on something I wanted to do for or with Hulk, she was there every second of the way. When I needed help organizing all the before and after certificates, awards, and EVERYTHING else that went into the wrap party, she was there… filing papers, organizing files, and taking care of the business I couldn’t with a smile on her face (when she wasn’t helping Bobbi bake all the goodies everyone had the pleasure of enjoying at the party!). When I finally was able to enact my tradition of watching the slideshow when it’s FINALLY completed at 1am the Friday night prior to the party, she was under my arm just as excited as I was. When I needed ANYTHING, even just a nails on my back or kind words, she was there for me every step of the way. I want you to know I will forever appreciate everything you do for me and for everybody Cara, and I hope that I can someday return the favor the way you have for me. Even through the most trying part of your life, you are STILL a giver. You are a rare breed. You are the only one of your kind actually. You really are the last Unicorn…

Now, before I shut up, I encourage EVERYONE who participated in Hulk to leave a comment (only takes a couple minutes) of what you want someone to know if they ask “So, what makes Hulk so great to you?” I want the scope of this party to fire everyone up… I want YOUR words, not mine, to seal the deal. I’m only one man, YOU are many.


– Rebel8

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