Rebe11ion Team Names!

Watch the  video to find out your team name!

This video doesn’t exist

Roster to be finalized and announced next week!

Measurement Day: August 18th (Saturday)

Team I: Arrive no later than 10am

Team II: Arrive no later than 11am

Team III: Arrive no later than 12pm

What to expect: 

Today is the day where the statistical portion takes place. You will have your before picture taken, your initial weigh-in, your body fat percentage tested, and your circumference measurements taken (I will be measuring neck, chest. high point of the waist, belly button, hips, thigh, and arm). There will also be some paper work to fill out and team members to meet! IMPORTANT: Please take note of our outfit for this day. You want to wear the same outfit on the first and last day to have the best comparison possible. I also recommend being as baring as possible… Men, shirtless if you can! Women, sports bra if  you can! I will NOT be taking the photos, that will be everyone’s favorite Cara Jones department. You are definitely in safe place with her. I know that it can be overwhelming to have your insecurities and vulnerabilities photographed the first day… but that’s what we’re here for! You have to know where you’ve started to know where you are and to know where you’re going. Take the plunge, I promise it will be worth it. Nobody ever regrets taking the before photo outside of their comfort zone… No, I hear the regrets when people let their comfort zone win. That’s when I hear “man, I should have really taken my shirt off for that first photo…” 

I look forward to meeting those of you I have not met and seeing those of you who it’s been awhile for! I truly hope you’re ready for a life changing experience… I know I am!

– Rebel8

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