Rebe11ion Roster!

We sure are!

Team Nova (Tuesday’s at 6:30pm & Friday’s at 6:30pm)

Amanda Vallee
Bobbi Rivera
Cara “Unicorn” Jones
Casey Thompson
Kim Yoxall
Kristie Clay
Kristina Tovani
Lorna Klein
Marco Avalos
Mario Pacheco
Megan “Ming” Gill
Nikhil “Put your hands in the” Ayer
Patricia Moyer
Sam Enos
Serena Rupert
Shauna Bronson
Terri Baker
Tom “Like a Bomb” Walton
Tony “It’s only an hour” Geraldi
Tye “Beast” Rivera
Victoria “T-Bones” Nicolas
CC Chandler
Cheri Whiting

Team Dynamite (Wednesday’s at 6:30pm and Saturday’s at 10am)

Alan “Favorite Weirdo” Brogdon
Alyssa “Solberg Power!” Solberg
Austin Finch
Cheryl “Creepy Corner Founder” Taylor
Darlene Catania
David “I’m in the” Moody
Jamie Bywater
Jerry Langerman
Justin Zuiderweg
Kaila Finch
Karen “Solberg Power!” Solberg
Kelly “You Can’t Spell Awesome Without Kelly” Dawson
Kelly Moody
Maggie Schuck 
Paul “Randy” Larsen
Rachel Brogdon
Suzanne Pelz
Tammey “T-2002” Clark
Jody Livingston
Julia Wood
Lori “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like Lo-ri!” DeMarco
Michelle “Hulk” Huntley

The Rebe11ion is upon us in a matter of hours…

– Rebel8

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