August 19th: The Dawn of a New Wheel

click on the banner for more information on the Fitness Rebellion!

If you are one of the people who took the time to read this site after seeing it on the giant banner off Santa Rosa Ave. then I hope you are able to take just a PINCH more time to check out some of these videos. These videos and photos tell the stories of some MIND BLOWING things happening in your own backyard.

Our goal as the Fitness Rebellion is to let others know that you are the master of your own happiness and YOU get to choose the domain you get to live in. Gone is the “rat wheel” of standard fitness where you need to be a genetic freak, a millionaire, or gym-sadist to achieve “health and happiness.” Today marks the emergence of a NEW wheel. I wheel guided by the heart and soul rather than just strictly quads and tight abdomens. Everyone has their own version of happiness, and that doesn’t always mean “ripped six pack!” yet, how many of us settle for less than we’re worth? How many of us think that the average day to day “miseries” we experience are just a part of life? Waking up with no energy, getting tired and cranky in the middle of the day, feeling bloated all the time, lack of self confidence, avoidance of mirrors… I could go on and on and ON about all the things a lot of people I’ve met along my journey have felt were unavoidable, so they didn’t avoid it! That’s called a comfort zone, and it is doing you ZERO favors.

So below, you will find links and videos to what we are all about. From slideshows telling stories of challenges past, links to successes written about by yours truly, or even my own personal story and why I’m so damn passionate about spreading this message in the first place.. It’s all hear ;). AhhhOOOOO!!!!

Stories of triumph from Santa Rosa:

Click on my photo to learn my background

Click on the photo to read Tom Walton’s story! 

Click on the photo to read Sam Enos’ story!

Click the photo to read David Moody’s story!

Click the photo to read Lori DeMarco’s story!

Videos to be inspired by

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Videos for fun!

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This video doesn’t exist

I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂

– Rebel8

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