The Rebe11ion Lives On!

Aloha Rebels! The time has come for the first ever “challenge break!” First it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to Maui for Bobbi and Tye’s vow renewal then we jet set to Chicago for the 10th annual Anytime Fitness conference where I’m proudly going to represent all y’all! Until then though, I refuse to leave you all high and dry! I also refuse to let the AMAZING work some of you have done on your bodies (I guarantee you a lot of you don’t fully understand the transformation your body has ALREADY made by this point) fall of track and divert away from what is always the best thing to fight for… You.

I have designated “Team Gluers” who are in charge of keeping in contact with their team and checking in with everyone regularly so that you are held accountable. These team gluers are veterans hand picked by me (I had many to choose from… It felt like trying to decide whether to take the Ferrari or Lamborghini out for a spin, so just know that if I didn’t ask you to be a “team gluer” it wasn’t because you weren’t able!) who know what their role is and are stoked to help keep the roller coaster at full speed! Be on the lookout for them not not only lead by example, but to ask how YOUR “homework” is doing. One team, one dream!

Team Gluers & Their Team

Kristie Clay – Lorna Klein, Terri Baker, Trish Moyer (mom)
Sam Enos – Cassie Chandler, Mario Pacheco, Tony Geraldi
Kristina Tovani – Cheri Whiting, Marco Avalos, Serena Rupert
Tom Walton – Amanda Vallee, Casey Thompson, Shauna Bronson

David Moody – Alan Brogdon, Rachel Brogdon, Maggie Schuck, Justin Zuiderweg, Michelle Huntley
Jamie Bywater – Jerry Langerman, Kaila Finch, Tammey Clark, Julia Wood
Suzanne Pelz – Alyssa Solberg, Karen Solberg, Cheryl Taylor, Paul “Randy” Larsen
Lori DeMarco – Austin Finch, Darlene Catania, Kelly Moody, Jody Livingston


In the 9 days I’m gone, I want all Rebels to do the following:
  • 1 Round of Rebel X 360 [CLICK HERE]
  • 1 Round of the 11th hour [CLICK HERE] OR Rebel X  360 [CLICK HERE] a second time (with at least 2 days rest in between)
  • Minimum 2 Rounds of “The 500 Club” (doesn’t have to be the same day) [CLICK HERE]
  • 6 days of “Cardio” at a minimum of 30 minutes each (That can range from outdoor sports, hiking, running, biking, elliptical, Zumba… Just MOVE!)

Simple task if you ask me! You can do more if you’d like no problem! I just ask that you step outside of your comfort and do some things you wouldn’t normally do, and for some of you that’s the workouts I designed or getting out and hiking some trails outdoors. Remember, you’ll be delightfully accounted for!

In regards to the 9 days I’ll be gone, I found out that our regular rebel times (6:30PM Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) will NOT be occupied with a class! I repeat, they will NOT be occupied! For those who would like to get together as a group, the room will be available to keep each other accountable!


While I’m gone, all of my regular classes are still happening. The following are the classes and times still occuring and who they will be subbed by:

  • Mud Circuit Training (Friday the 7th and 14th @ 9:30am) – Angelica
  • TRX (Tuesday the 11th @ 5pm) – Michelle
  • Bootcamp Blast (Wednesday the 12th @9am) – Michelle
  • TRX (Wednesday the 12th @5:30pm) – Angelica
  • BOSU Class (Thursday the 13th @6pm) – Michelle
  • Food Group – Still meet on Wednesday at 7:40pm!

In addition, Saturday the 8th and 15th will be a special 1 Hour TRX class run by Heather AND Michelle at 10am for only $5! Space is limited, so be sure to sign up at the gym!

Lastly, I wanted to thank you all for doing the work people don’t do and getting the results people don’t get. If you ever need a reminder of how awesome you are or how awesome you can be, please feel free to cruise through the tabs at the top and read up on the shovel, what a rebel is, the team song, and much more…

If it were easy, it wouldn’t be special!

– Rebel8

PS I look forward to sharing many adventures with you all when I get back 🙂

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