Toy and Joy Drive Boot Camp – December 15th!

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What: Toy and Joy Drive Boot Camp!

When: December 15th

Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave. and Kiwana Springs


Now that we have the major details out the way… Here’s a little bit more info! Myself and Heather Muysken will be rocking a donation oriented boot camp on Saturday, December 15th. The time is 11am, and what we are trying to do is do a WHOLE lot of contributing to making the holiday season (and more) a little less of a struggle for our community. To do that, we need your help…

Keep in mind as you read all of this… You do NOT have to DO the boot camp to come donate. In fact, I expect there to be more people who stop by and donate than who stay to do the boot camp. With each person that comes by to donate, I want to take a photo of them to be included in a special “Toy and Joy Drive” slideshow. That slideshow will be shared EVERYWHERE! I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s picked up on a few major websites if you catch my drift… Please, dig with everything you’ve got to at LEAST donate some of the positive tidings in your life to families that have damn near none. Not only that, you will be a part an inspiring video that will be used to help motivate a TON of people to do the same!

Heather is going to be representing “The Living Room.” They are the only daytime drop-in center in Sonoma County specifically serving homeless and at-risk women and their children. They provide:

  • a warm and safe atmosphere to be during the day when shelters are closed,
  • a nutritious breakfast and hot lunch,
  • a first step for women on the verge of becoming homeless,
  • a first place for at-risk or newly homeless to turn to for relief and referral guidance to other community agencies,
  • a place to obtain information tailored to meet individual needs, such as job search skills, mother and child education, health care knowledge, etc.,
  • essential hygiene items, food items, and clothing for women and children.  

Click on the photo to be brought the The Living Room’s Facebook page! “Like” it like it’s going out of style! This is a definite chance to make things better 🙂

To help out, here is a list of things that would be amazing for you to provide to this wonderful local organization:


  • Grocery store gift cards
  • Phone and gasoline Cards
  • Hygiene items:  deodorant (small), disposable razors, lip balm, hand sanitizer, Kleenex (small)
  • Reading glasses
  • Socks and underwear
  • Sleeping bags
  • Bicycle locks
  • Food items:  olive oil, oatmeal & cold cereal, coffee, tea, peanut butter
  • Clean, gently used clothing


  • Diapers –  sizes 4, 5, and 6
  • Baby wipes
  • Socks & underwear
  • Sippee cups
  • Clean, gently used clothing


  • Crochet hooks
  • Knitting  needles
  • Embroidery hoops and floss

A photo from LAST year’s toy drive!

On MY end, I’m going to be asking for TOYS! Above is a photo of the toys we collected last year, and I firmly believe from the bottom of my heart that we can damn near triple that photo above. We are a community of rebels hell bent on making the holidays better for EVERYONE since we ALL are participants in this crazy thing we call life.

I will be going through the Santa Rosa Fire Fighters Local 1401, utilizing one of the many drop locations they have to bring a whole heaping helping of toys their way! I did a lot of research on who to bring these toys too, and the reason I chose them is they help out locally:

Schools: Kwana, Biella, Bellevue, Lincoln, Steel Lane, Meadow VIew, Luther Burbank, Cook, Comstock, Sheppard, Elsie Allen, Head Start Selpa and Roseland Shelters: Redwood Gospel, St. Vincent De Paul, Women’s Recovery, Y.W.C.A. Safe house, Children’s Home, Homeless Shelter, R.E.A.P. and Athena House. Community Groups: Forest Winds Apts., Giving Tree, Kashia Reservation, Bob Burk’s kids, Papago Ct. neighborhood Assn., Aston Ave. Neighborhood Assn. Gang Intervention Program, American Legion Auxiliary and R-Hoops.”

Above are all the local places the firefighters utilize to make sure all the toys not only go to a good home, but a local home as well!


  • New, unwrapped toys
  • Cash donations (if time to go out and grab a toy is hard to come by OR if you want to avoid stores like the plague during the Holiday season like me…)

All cash donations collected are used at local stores to purchase toys at a discount. All overhead costs are covered by the Firefighters Union, with 100% of the money donated is used to buy toys locally for local children.

I look forward to seeing you all there!!!!

Fitter for Winter Shovel and Schedule!

The video below is of the shovel that will be used for OPERATION: Fitter for Winter this holiday season! Please, if you haven’t already, CLICK HERE to read about the origin of the shovel…

If you happen to be one of the magnificent Fitter for Winter participants, then get used to seeing this shovel :). We’re doing something special with this shovel… We’re going to make you TRULY earn signing this symbol of determination and grit on January 12th when this things all over, the dust settles, and we’re all left standing after the holiday tornado dies down. More will be explained your first boot camp…

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Another thing to keep in mind for this OPERATION: Fitter for Winter is a handy dandy schedule! If you’re ever curious about we’re going to be working on, one stop to (or we can make sure you get a printout at the gym) will let you know exactly what to expect so you can plan your own workouts accordingly! All of us trainers are working together so that all of our classes in addition to the Fitter for Winter festivities will compliment each other. Translation: you can feel safe attending all of our classes knowing we’re not going to workout what you JUST worked out. Boo ya! If you ever need, remember that at the TOP of this site, you can always click on the “OPERATION: Fitter for Winter Schedule” button to immediately take you to it, rather than feeling like you have to search for this post again. It will also be posted on the “OPERATION: Fitter for Winter” Facebook page under “documents.” No quit in here!

OPERATION: Fitter for Winter 

Tuesday: Meets at 6:30pm
Wednesday: Meets at 6:30pm
Saturday: Heather runs the 9am Boot camp and Josh runs the 10am boot camp

  • Nov. 27th (Tuesday) – Beginning Fit Test & Total Body Introduction workout
  • Nov. 28th (Wednesday) – Beginning Fit Test & Total Body Introduction workout
  • Dec. 1st (Saturday) – Core Work
  • Dec. 4th (Tuesday) – Lower Body Work
  • Dec. 5th (Wednesday) – Upper Body Work
  • Dec. 8th (Saturday) – Core Work
  • Dec. 11th (Tuesday) – Upper Body Work
  • Dec. 12th (Wednesday) – Lower Body Work
  • Dec. 15th (Saturday) Total Body Balance Work!
  • Dec. 18th (Tuesday) – Upper Body Work
  • Dec. 19th (Wednesday) – Core Work
  • Dec. 22nd (Saturday) Total Body Checkpoint workout (Same workout as 1st workout… You get to see the marked improvement!)
  • Dec. 25th (Tuesday) – Christmas! No official workout, but anybody who wishes is welcome to join a group of us Fitness Rebels getting together to do some Tough Mudder style circuit training in the morning J. Time to be determined… Most likely 8am (or roundabouts).
  • Dec. 26th (Wednesday) – Heather’s Wildcard Workout!  Talk with Heather to find out the details 😉
  • Dec. 29th (Saturday) – Lower Body Work
  • January 1st (Tuesday) – Upper Body Work! Bring the New Year in the way you want to finish! Nothing starts off the New Year better than a boot camp ;). It’s in the evening… PLENTY of time to rest off that celebration hangover!
  • January 2nd (Wednesday) – Core Work
  • January 5th (Saturday) – Lower Body Work
  • January 8th (Tuesday) – Balance Boot Camp! With functionality and balance being the key to this workout, it will leave you in prime condition to be the Rock Star you are for the fit test on Saturday!
  • January 9th (Wednesday) – Balance Boot Camp! With functionality and balance being the key to this workout, it will leave you in prime condition to be the Rock Star you are for the fit test on Saturday!
  • January 12th (Saturday) – Ending Fit Test and Total Body Outroduction workout

Thanksgiving Delights!

Come have fun with us!!!

Hey yall!

I just wanted to pop in to remind everyone of all the AMAZING stuff we have happening this holiday week! Up first…

Pre-Turkey Day Rebel Boot Camp!

Date: 11/21 (Wednesday)
Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave.
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $5
Details: A 1 hour Rebel style CORE workout (chant, sound offs, and all) to help get everyone’s mind, body, and soul fit and healthy this Thanksgiving! If you have never checked us out before, come a little early so you can sign a liability waver and give it a whirl! Operation: Fitter for Winter participants, this is right up your alley…

Thanksgiving Day!

Events: Heather’s 1 Hour TRX boot camp & Josh’s Turkey Day Football Game (I’ve dubbed it the “Super(reb)Bowl”)
Date: 11/22 (Thursday)
Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave (for Heather’s Boot camp) and Sonoma Academy Field (2500 Farmers Ln… Accessible from Kiwana Springs) for Rebellion Football!
Time: 9AM (Heather) and 10:15AM (Josh)
Cost: $5 (Heather) and FREE (Josh)
Details: Heather is offering her expert services to run a boot camp on Thanksgiving morning for those who want to start their holiday with some sweat and endorphins! Rock out to a TRX session with Heather… You know you want to!

Football will be two hand touch, co-ed, and awesome! Leave your overly competitive, jerkface alter ego at home as you come and have a great time running around with great people! Everyone is welcome! It is sure to be an amazing time and we surely can’t wait to see you there!

Black Friday Boot Camp!

Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave.
Time: 2PM – 4PM
Cost: $10 (unless you have signed up for “Operation: Fitter for Winter” then it’s FREE!)
Details: A surefire way to bounce back after the holidays, we have a 2 hour/4 trainer workout planned designed to sweat out the Tryptophan and combat the desire to be lazy and lethargic until January! It’s our second annual Black Friday Boot Camp and is sure to be an even bigger hit than last year (which is saying something since last year was AWESOME!).

Happy Healthy Holidays everyone! I hope to see as many of your beautiful faces as possible!!!!

– Rebel8 and Anytime Fitness

Witness Rebels Make History…


The 11th challenge of the Hulk/Rebel legacy is officially coming to a close today.

Every challenge, I put together a slideshow from start to finish, telling a rough guided story of the highs and lows, experiences and memories, smiles and sweat… Everything is chronicled here.

I encourage everyone to watch, even if you have never been a part of the Rebellion before… The Rebellion is a mentality, not a “members only” group. Everyone is a Rebel family member, and these slideshows showcase exactly how much fun taking care of yourself and working your heart and soul with people who want the same thing. We all have different exteriors, but the INTERIOR, your heart and soul, is where we all share the same spirit…

These slideshows showcase exactly how amazing that human spirit is and all the incredible things born of it.


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– Rebel8


Rebe11ion Slideshow Teaser!

November 17th…

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Get ready for a good reason to celebrate!

– Rebel8

Donate a turkey, get a boot camp!

Some families don’t have as much to be thankful for as others… Let’s change that.

Rebel against families going hungry!

It’s that time again Rebels! Time to band together and flex our heart muscle! How so? Well, I’ve figured out a way where EVERYONE can benefit!

What: An hour and 15 minute boot camp run by yours truly and Erik Sherwood!

When: This Saturday at 12:45pm!

Location: Anytime Fitness on the corner of Santa Rosa Ave. & Kiwana Springs

Cost: A turkey or/and a bag of “Thanksgiving essentials” (which would be whatever you would want as far as Thanksgiving food stuffs go).

Yup, it’s bein’ led by THESE Stallions 😉

Even if you can’t do the boot camp, you can still donate! Stop on by anytime that day starting at 10am and there will be receptacles and smiling faces waiting to help! 

All donations will be brought to Redwood Empire Food Bank.

I want to end you with the open letter I wrote regarding “What is a Rebel.” I want you to read it with fresh eyes… not applying it to a boot camp but helping those in need. This is our opportunity to help make a families holiday season a little more enjoyable… Let’s show everyone what the human spirit is capable of! 

Hulk Helping Hearts - Turkey

The Rebellion is a process starting from within, not from without. The goal is self improvement, starting with your strongest muscles; Your heart and your soul. The Rebellion is here to overcome fears that manifest physically and translate into the thought “this is too hard for me.” Once those fears are battled (not conquered… life will forever be one big “rebel workout”), it’s because you’ve got the confidence to do so. You get the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t do. Getting the confidence to rebel rage through your fears and insecurities with a balled up fist and a primal scream is the hardest work there is. As Rebels, we do it. We fight. We don’t accept merely “surviving.” It may not always look pretty, and it will definitely not always be comfortable, but it will be a journey that leaves you standing taller. Prouder. Full of the realization that you are the king or Queen of your own castle.  As Rebels, we refuse to take to heart  “I can’t” or “I’ll always be this person…” because settling for anything less than supreme respect from yourself is unacceptable. As Rebels, we live by “The Rebellion Rule.” Treat others BETTER than you wish to be treated. As Rebels, we open our arms to vulnerabilities and insecurities because we know the struggle. As Rebels, we will NEVER turn away those asking for help, even when they don’t ask for it. As Rebels, we stand atop a mountain of downtrodden emotions and lack of self worth with our hands stretched towards the sunlight screaming “Join us! The view from the top is beautiful!” As Rebels, we are worth it.

We are The Rebellion.


– Rebel8

Don’t Be Fazed By the Holiday Haze

Operation: Fitter for Winter

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Let’s beat the stresses this holiday season with family style fitness with a bunch of rambunctious rebels ready to recover from their turkey day coma, rock the sleigh bells, light those menorah candles with the wildfire in their eyes, and bring in the new year with the aspirations of maintaining a healthier person, not creating one from scratch.

Give yourself the gift of health this holiday season!

E-mail me at for more details 😉

– Rebel8