Thanksgiving Delights!

Come have fun with us!!!

Hey yall!

I just wanted to pop in to remind everyone of all the AMAZING stuff we have happening this holiday week! Up first…

Pre-Turkey Day Rebel Boot Camp!

Date: 11/21 (Wednesday)
Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave.
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $5
Details: A 1 hour Rebel style CORE workout (chant, sound offs, and all) to help get everyone’s mind, body, and soul fit and healthy this Thanksgiving! If you have never checked us out before, come a little early so you can sign a liability waver and give it a whirl! Operation: Fitter for Winter participants, this is right up your alley…

Thanksgiving Day!

Events: Heather’s 1 Hour TRX boot camp & Josh’s Turkey Day Football Game (I’ve dubbed it the “Super(reb)Bowl”)
Date: 11/22 (Thursday)
Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave (for Heather’s Boot camp) and Sonoma Academy Field (2500 Farmers Ln… Accessible from Kiwana Springs) for Rebellion Football!
Time: 9AM (Heather) and 10:15AM (Josh)
Cost: $5 (Heather) and FREE (Josh)
Details: Heather is offering her expert services to run a boot camp on Thanksgiving morning for those who want to start their holiday with some sweat and endorphins! Rock out to a TRX session with Heather… You know you want to!

Football will be two hand touch, co-ed, and awesome! Leave your overly competitive, jerkface alter ego at home as you come and have a great time running around with great people! Everyone is welcome! It is sure to be an amazing time and we surely can’t wait to see you there!

Black Friday Boot Camp!

Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave.
Time: 2PM – 4PM
Cost: $10 (unless you have signed up for “Operation: Fitter for Winter” then it’s FREE!)
Details: A surefire way to bounce back after the holidays, we have a 2 hour/4 trainer workout planned designed to sweat out the Tryptophan and combat the desire to be lazy and lethargic until January! It’s our second annual Black Friday Boot Camp and is sure to be an even bigger hit than last year (which is saying something since last year was AWESOME!).

Happy Healthy Holidays everyone! I hope to see as many of your beautiful faces as possible!!!!

– Rebel8 and Anytime Fitness

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