Rebel vs. Rebel – Return of the Beast

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Can you feel it Rebels? The winds of change are upon us as an unfamiliar yet exhilarating presence makes itself known through the universe, culminating in the hairs on your body standing on end from time to time for no apparent reason other that “it’s here.”
It’s time for a revolution…

Rebel vs. RebelReturn of the Beast

This will mark the return of a grimy, fun filled fitness friendly feud for the ages as now each Rebel team is pitted in COMPETITION with one another. Don’t get it twisted, you’re not out for blood here, but you ARE out to rise above your own personal demons (or help others with theirs) with a team that just so happens to be using the OTHER team is competitive fuel :). 

Join the fitness rebellion

Quick Details for this 11 Week Experience:

CLICK HERE for pricing details (once you’ve clicked, it’s at the bottom) and information on measurement day, fit test day, and orientation!

Orientation: February 2nd (Saturday) at 12pm located at Anytime Fitness, Santa Rosa Avenue. Boot camp immediately to follow at 1:30pm (starting at the gym)

Week of measurements and Fit Tests: February 4th – 9th

OFFICIAL Boot Camps Start: The week of February 11th (team days/times as yet to be determined)

Last day (boot camps, measurements, and fit tests officially completed): April 20th

Team information: There will be TWO teams capped at 25 people per team.  Each team will have their own team name, team song, team shovel, team chant, team shirt, and team call out! Snag a spot while it’s hot!

If you have checked out the pricing page and the dates work for you, then it’s time to decide what team time frame to pick:

  • Team 1 – Meets every Tuesday @6:30pm and every Saturday @12pm. Measurement day is February 5th (Tuesday) at 6:30pm and Fit Test day is February 9th (Saturday) @12pm .
  • Team 2 – Meets every Wednesday @6:30pm and every Saturday @10am. Measurement day is February 6th (Wednesday) @6:30pm and Fit Test day is February 9th (Saturday) @10am.

Each team meets at Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Avenue for every boot camp

If you have open availability for BOTH teams, PLEASE be prepared to express that. 

It is VERY important that you understand the importance of the team you select. This is going to be YOUR team. We follow the “one team, one dream” philosophy, but I can’t have people switch classes on a whim the way people have before. A lot of work goes into building the team experience, and if you hop from team to team, it throws off a few things… It disrupts the workout I’ve designed for a certain amount of people, it inhibits your ability to fully experience that team camaraderie, and loses sight of the fact that this challenge should be approached as something more important than an after thought. Not showing up to your designated team workout because “I’ll just go to tomorrow’s boot camp” will not be something that will continue with this upcoming challenge. That doesn’t mean you can NEVER switch days, but if you need to switch then e-mail me… We’ll talk it over and see what solution we can come up with :).

If you are able to find a team schedule that coincides with YOUR schedule and would like to get on the list, the next step is:

Fill out the polls and information form! That is all the information I am prepared to take at the moment. I’ll be getting all contact information, shirt sizes, and other details from you soon… but for now I’m strictly in the “team forming” stage!

Once you are signed up, I will add you to the official “Rebel vs Rebel” Facebook group! This group is where pictures, accomplishments, questions, updates, news, funny things, and anything else that help, inspire, or drive us as Rebels. It’s our forum to banter and keep in touch with one another. If you are not on Facebook, don’t worry… All ABSOLUTELY MUST NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION will be posted on (so I suggest subscribing which can be done in the upper left hand corner). 
The concept is simple… From start to finish, the team that has the best AVERAGE fit test, measurement, and body composition improvement… Wins! It will be based on the cumulative numbers and averages of each team/number of participants. Meaning that just because your team lost the most weight literally, doesn’t mean it wins in the “average composition lost” category. It’s all designed to be completely fair and absolutely “unwinnable” if you don’t pull together as a team.

There will be two showdowns at the park with team oriented obstacles and contests. The winner of each showdown will acquire points. Nice segway into the next topic of inclusion…

Point System

There will be a point system in place this time around! You will earn points with fit test improvements, attendance to boot camps, spirit shown on theme days, and even attendance to orientation! These points will play a VERY big role in determining the winner since they will be used in conjunction with team averages for fit test, measurement, and body composition improvement. Be sure to watch the video at the top for the full scoop!

To sum it up nicely, it’s going to take a lot of team spirit to win this thing 😉

Navigate the polls and information form below to sign up! T.Your vote is how I am tallying the number of participants and the information form is how I will send you vital information towards the next step of getting ready for this thing! If you don’t leave your e-mail address, you don’t get an e-mail! Simple as that! AhhhOOOOO!!!!!


Happy Birthday Carlynn!

Happy Birthday Carlynn!!

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For the rest of you that AREN’T Carlynn, this is me painting something. Watch it or don’t… Up to you 🙂

– Rebel8

Mike Bell – Decisions

Let's make a difference

I’ve had this story in me to tell for quite some time now. I’ve got a lot of untold stories as to why I view certain things the way that I view them. This is one that, for some reason, I had the strongest compulsion to sit and write it out. Whether it’s an itch to finish what I’ve started in regards to searching for Mike, or someone SOMEWHERE needs to hear this and the universe is cosmically throwing out some sort of *wink wink nudge nudge* that I’m sitting down to respond too, I’ll never know (nor does it really matter as long as it gets done).

When I first started going to the gym, every single day was a battle.


Let me start over…

When I first started going to the gym, every single minute was a battle. I knew the change I wanted to make and I knew it wouldn’t come easy, but did it really have to be THIS hard? From the moment I woke up, I was faced with decision after decision that my “Fat Passenger” just decided for me! For breakfast, the decision as to what to eat usually was simple… nothing! Most of the time I was so full from the amount of food I ate the night before that I wouldn’t have an appetite for anything. When I started to make a change with my lifestyle however, I had to choose EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Do I eat nothing like I’m used to because it’s comfortable or do I step outside of my comfort zone and do what I know I SHOULD do if I want to achieve what I’m ultimately doing this for?

Keep in mind, that’s just waking up… Then I would have to decide what to wear to school! It’s a confusing place to be mentally when you’re feeling really proud of yourself for attempting to make a change, yet all that confidence drains out of you like a punctured IV pouch when you realize that your new found self esteem doesn’t match up with “reality” (the way you see it).

So then you have to decide “do I wear the daring shirt and show off my pride in myself for the changes I’m making or do I give in to the fact  that as soon as I step out the door I’ll be uncomfortable with what I’m wearing the MOMENT I’m too far to turn back around and change thus making the rest of the day a nightmare full of feeling like all my imperfections and fat folds are on display like the meat section at Costco.”

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this… Every morning I’d be faced with a roller coaster of emotional and depleting decisions that in the long run feel too silly to share with anybody. That makes it DOUBLY exhausting that you feel embarrassed for dealing with these issues that you have absolutely CONVINCED yourself you’re the only one who feels this way.

Pause for the realization of how many people TRULY relate to just the TWO “decisions” I’ve put out there that you’re faced right off the bat with on a daily basis. I have it on good authority more of you relate to those two decisions than not. I also have it on good authority that most of you have started to open up the flood gates of all the OTHER decisions you’re faced with on a regular basis when you’re trying to seize your mind, body, and soul back.

Well one of those other tough decisions is going to the gym. I used to go to the gym at night, so imagine the exhaustion my circus brain had frothed up by then when it was time to set sail or bail… My noggin’ ALWAYS was set to “fail.” Many of you know what I’m talking about when I say it wasn’t an issue of talking myself OUT of going, it was a matter of talking myself IN to going.

“You’ve got to want it more than anything because anything can stop you” is something I’ve recently come to reminding people every corner I turn, but its essence ALWAYS rang in my head. When I had my moment of clarity that I wasn’t going to defeat myself anymore (the bleachers), I had a fire in me that made a Phoenix look like the embers of a dying match. With that fire came the will for change, but it never dulled the difficult nature of doing the things that are good for you to do. Even though I had to talk myself in to going to the gym EVERY time, I always went. Every time. I even got hit by a car once riding my bike to the gym on a rainy December night, and I STILL went and limped through my workout!

*Editors Note – I do not condone that decision. I totally wouldn’t do the same thing now… I don’t think? Anyways, don’t do it. Get hit by a car I mean. Don’t do that. And if you do, don’t go to the gym anyway. Get the proper medical attention. Do that, don’t do the other thing. End Editors Note*

I had about a year of these decisions under my belt… I had lost about 40 lbs just doing cardio and attempting to eat better. I knew it was time to step my game up and get into the weight lifting side of things. I had spent countless hours on the Reebok cycler, and it was time to expand my horizons. This is where Mike Bell comes into play.

Mike Bell worked in the Windsor School District as a basketball coach and yard supervisor for the middle school. In my eyes, he was always Mike from the gym. Mike happened to go to the gym the same time that I did, and I used to watch him lift inhumane amounts of weight from my Reebok machine like a fanboy. He was like a superhero to me. Being well over 6 feet tall, he was as muscular as he was height advantageous. Everybody knew Mike, and Mike subsequently seemed to know everybody. He always had a smile on his face (unless he was shoulder pressing 315 lbs on the smith rack… he usually paused to scowl then) and something fun to say. At the time, he was everything I wanted to be yet I embodied the polar opposite. I had always had a sense of humor about me that I crafted and honed as a defense mechanism for how much I truly hated myself, but other than that component of my current personality I was as introverted as it gets.

I had two best friends, Billy and Wally, and spent my days making “decisions” and researching the gym meticulously. I kept to myself a lot (something I do a lot now even, which probably surprises a number of you). I figured if I’m going to be putting this much effort in I might as well be doing it at maximum potential. Something I couldn’t quite get my mind grasped around however was the weight lifting component.

One day, after having given “the weights” a try for a few months now, I approached Mike and asked him about the back of his triceps. They were HUGE, and I noticed they were significantly more developed than most of the other “muscular” guys at the gym. I had always admired that aspect about his arms from afar, and I wanted it! So, after months of working up the courage to ask him, he DIDN’T backhand slap me the way I had envisioned! Quite the contrary! He thanked me for the kind words I stumbled out about his triceps and brought me over to a cable machine right away, showing me one of his “secret” triceps exercises.

That night, I went home elated. On cloud nine. Couldn’t be touched. It wasn’t because I had gotten some useful information that would me on my way to what I wanted to achieve physically (although I pride myself on my triceps to this day… Take THAT Body Dysmorphic Disorder!), but because this individual who I had quietly revered for almost a year and a half helped ME! I was at a really fragile place in my life then (as I typed that out I literally laughed out loud and said to myself “THEN?”) and something I want whoever is reading this to understand is that in my rattled adolescent brain and at that stage in my journey, that was the sun, moon, and STARS to me. I had felt so alone, and it was the first time in a long time I felt like someone gave a shit.

Also, please understand that that was how I FELT. I KNOW that I could have opened up about the problems I was really having and a lot of people in my life would have been there for me (side note… KEEP THAT IN MIND FOR YOURSELF!!!) but it was the journey that I needed to go through. What felt true at the time I know is NOT true now, but it was important that I figured it out the hard way, or I wouldn’t be here typing this out today.

This first interaction with Mike gave me the confidence to approach him more often. I started to say hey, and he’d say hey back! He’d ask me how I was doing! I started to ask him about more ways to lift the Hulkish weights he lifted, and he gave me more tips than I could keep with! Over the next year or so, he had started to invite me in to some of his workouts from time to time! Out of all the people in the gym… all the people that know him, that he could work out with who would be MUCH better workout partners than me… it felt like he chose ME. Like I mattered. Like I wasn’t wrong for deciding that fateful day two years prior that I was worth fighting for even if others don’t agree, because others DO agree!

To Mike, it may not be anything but a blip on his memory radar. He might not even remember my name, which I’m totally ok with. The thing is though, Mike brought me through a crucial point in my life that inevitably brought me here. Writing this to MORE people I’ve found actually give a shit. When I would get made fun of quietly at the gym by the same group of three kids (because kids are REALLY good at teasing under the radar) Mike was like a silent protector. They made fun of me less when I was talking with him. He also made me feel like “well if HE likes me, then fuck them.”

*Editor’s Note – I sat for a good 5 straight minutes trying to think of something more suitable to write than “fuck them” but there is NOTHING that sums up how I felt/feel more than those two words so… I’d rather apologize than compromise. Sorry. End Editor’s Note*

I’ll never forget the day Mike told me I reminded him of himself. He told me he saw my struggle, and that no matter what I ALWAYS showed up. He told me you always have to fight, and he could see I learned that at a young age like he did.

It had all come full circle… This behemoth of a man who I had admired from afar, who had taken me under his wing (even if I was just that kid he gave a workout tip to here and there and occasionally let jump in on a workout) and acted as my silent protector… he’s telling me I remind him of HIM. It meant the world to me and has always stuck with me. Shortly after, I never really saw Mike again. His son, Kahlil, was a rising football star who had an opportunity to play for a more distinguished school and get his name out there. It worked… Kahlil went on to play for UCLA and eventually found his way to the NFL. He actually holds the modern NFL record for longest first carry of a career with a 72 yard run against the Eagles in 2009. He’s currently on the Jets. 

Like I said, shortly after that day he told me I reminded him a lot of him Mike moved away. It was ok though, his impact was made and it was time to move on. I’ve since tried to find ways to contact him, but naturally he seems to be one of 5 people not on Facebook. I’ve tried a number of different methods to see if I can find information to at least E-MAIL him, and I’ve fallen short every time. I’m hoping maybe this finds its way to him somehow, since the Universe works in mysterious ways like that. It’s important to me he knows what he did for me.

Thanks Mike, I’ll always appreciate what you did for me.

– Rebel8

Cara “Unicorn” Jones

I’d like to think Cara is the great woman standing behind me rolling her eyes at my circus brain and picking up the pieces of the wreckage my ADHD tornado leaves behind me.

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Cara, I love you

– Rebel8