Rebel vs. Rebel – Return of the Beast

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Can you feel it Rebels? The winds of change are upon us as an unfamiliar yet exhilarating presence makes itself known through the universe, culminating in the hairs on your body standing on end from time to time for no apparent reason other that “it’s here.”
It’s time for a revolution…

Rebel vs. RebelReturn of the Beast

This will mark the return of a grimy, fun filled fitness friendly feud for the ages as now each Rebel team is pitted in COMPETITION with one another. Don’t get it twisted, you’re not out for blood here, but you ARE out to rise above your own personal demons (or help others with theirs) with a team that just so happens to be using the OTHER team is competitive fuel :). 

Join the fitness rebellion

Quick Details for this 11 Week Experience:

CLICK HERE for pricing details (once you’ve clicked, it’s at the bottom) and information on measurement day, fit test day, and orientation!

Orientation: February 2nd (Saturday) at 12pm located at Anytime Fitness, Santa Rosa Avenue. Boot camp immediately to follow at 1:30pm (starting at the gym)

Week of measurements and Fit Tests: February 4th – 9th

OFFICIAL Boot Camps Start: The week of February 11th (team days/times as yet to be determined)

Last day (boot camps, measurements, and fit tests officially completed): April 20th

Team information: There will be TWO teams capped at 25 people per team.  Each team will have their own team name, team song, team shovel, team chant, team shirt, and team call out! Snag a spot while it’s hot!

If you have checked out the pricing page and the dates work for you, then it’s time to decide what team time frame to pick:

  • Team 1 – Meets every Tuesday @6:30pm and every Saturday @12pm. Measurement day is February 5th (Tuesday) at 6:30pm and Fit Test day is February 9th (Saturday) @12pm .
  • Team 2 – Meets every Wednesday @6:30pm and every Saturday @10am. Measurement day is February 6th (Wednesday) @6:30pm and Fit Test day is February 9th (Saturday) @10am.

Each team meets at Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Avenue for every boot camp

If you have open availability for BOTH teams, PLEASE be prepared to express that. 

It is VERY important that you understand the importance of the team you select. This is going to be YOUR team. We follow the “one team, one dream” philosophy, but I can’t have people switch classes on a whim the way people have before. A lot of work goes into building the team experience, and if you hop from team to team, it throws off a few things… It disrupts the workout I’ve designed for a certain amount of people, it inhibits your ability to fully experience that team camaraderie, and loses sight of the fact that this challenge should be approached as something more important than an after thought. Not showing up to your designated team workout because “I’ll just go to tomorrow’s boot camp” will not be something that will continue with this upcoming challenge. That doesn’t mean you can NEVER switch days, but if you need to switch then e-mail me… We’ll talk it over and see what solution we can come up with :).

If you are able to find a team schedule that coincides with YOUR schedule and would like to get on the list, the next step is:

Fill out the polls and information form! That is all the information I am prepared to take at the moment. I’ll be getting all contact information, shirt sizes, and other details from you soon… but for now I’m strictly in the “team forming” stage!

Once you are signed up, I will add you to the official “Rebel vs Rebel” Facebook group! This group is where pictures, accomplishments, questions, updates, news, funny things, and anything else that help, inspire, or drive us as Rebels. It’s our forum to banter and keep in touch with one another. If you are not on Facebook, don’t worry… All ABSOLUTELY MUST NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION will be posted on (so I suggest subscribing which can be done in the upper left hand corner). 
The concept is simple… From start to finish, the team that has the best AVERAGE fit test, measurement, and body composition improvement… Wins! It will be based on the cumulative numbers and averages of each team/number of participants. Meaning that just because your team lost the most weight literally, doesn’t mean it wins in the “average composition lost” category. It’s all designed to be completely fair and absolutely “unwinnable” if you don’t pull together as a team.

There will be two showdowns at the park with team oriented obstacles and contests. The winner of each showdown will acquire points. Nice segway into the next topic of inclusion…

Point System

There will be a point system in place this time around! You will earn points with fit test improvements, attendance to boot camps, spirit shown on theme days, and even attendance to orientation! These points will play a VERY big role in determining the winner since they will be used in conjunction with team averages for fit test, measurement, and body composition improvement. Be sure to watch the video at the top for the full scoop!

To sum it up nicely, it’s going to take a lot of team spirit to win this thing 😉

Navigate the polls and information form below to sign up! T.Your vote is how I am tallying the number of participants and the information form is how I will send you vital information towards the next step of getting ready for this thing! If you don’t leave your e-mail address, you don’t get an e-mail! Simple as that! AhhhOOOOO!!!!!


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