How Each Shirt is Made…

Over the course of this rebellion, I’ve made quite a few videos centered around the shirts, banners, and other rebel paraphernalia I make in my garage. Often times they are sped up or edited in a more “entertaining” way so you’re not just watching me make something in real time. 

This is not one of those times.

This video is the EXACT process that went into each one of your shirts, Rebels. Nothing is sped up or edited in any way. I had the Unicorn act as a fly on the wall and record how one of these rebel superhero uniforms is made start to finish.

The shirt being made here is David Moody’s. I chose his shirt to tape because… I just did :).

So if you want to see the forging of your superhero uniform and have a little extra time, press play!

This video doesn’t exist

– Rebel8

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