Today marks the second time I have had to ask the wonderful trainers I have the pleasure of calling my co-workers and friends to substitute a couple Rebel boot camps while I head out to put the Rebellion on film.

Last time, I recorded this little number:

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This time around I made a ZUMBA video with the help of Jessica LaVenter, Jamie Bywater, Kelly Moody, and David Moody! I’ll be doing a full write-up on Zumba and how it’s “exercise in disguise” (thanks Jess) but in the meantime… watch how much fun you’re missing :).

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– Rebel8 

Vote On Best Chant!

Click on the rebel to see more sweet black light 8.0 photos!

Click on the rebel to see more sweet black light 8.0 photos!

This week marked the 8th edition of my black light boot camps. I run one every challenge, and I make it a point to add to the festivities every single time.

One of the ways I wanted to share our black light adventures with you was by taking a video of both the Warriors and Vigilantes pre-boot camp chant and have YOU THE PUBLIC vote!!

Simply put, I want you to watch both the videos and vote on which team was louder! Both teams did an AMAZING chant (my eardrums are still ringing) and I couldn’t be more proud.

Voting will be closed at 8PM on Friday night (the 15th). I will announce the vote totals at boot camp on Saturday morning. The winning team gets 5 additional points!


May the odds be ever in your favor…

Rebel Runner’s Carnival Fundraiser!

Golden Gate Relay


A group of us Rebels and Rebels-alike are gathering together and participating in California’s longest party this May 4th/5th! A 194 mile relay run, our group is comprised of veterans and first timers, so it’s sure to be an adventure…

CLICK HERE to learn all about it from the official site!

More than just a good time however, The Golden Gate Relay Run is put on to raise money for Organs R’ Us, an organization that doesn’t everything it can to raise money and awareness for organ donation via athletics. 

To do our part I am orchestrating and co-hosting a “Rebel Runner’s Carnival” with the help of Erik “The Punisher” Sherwood. It will be a barn burner of a workout, but 10x more fun. Like the Men’s Warehouse… I guarantee it. I’m looking forward to putting on a workout I’ve never put on before!

Date: March 24th (Sunday)
Time: 1PM
Location: Anytime Fitness on the corner of Santa Rosa Avenue & Kiwana Springs
Price: See Below

What’s the cost? A donation! Whatever you can spare. There is no minimum or maximum, just good faith, heart, and soul. We are hoping to raise $1,000 so every bit of couch change helps!

Feel like helping a good cause from afar? Here ya go!

Feel like helping a good cause from afar? Here ya go!

You don’t need to be a member to show up, donate, and workout but if you AREN’T an Anytime Fitness member be ready to sign a liability waiver :).

Lastly, you don’t need to workout to still show up and have a good time with good people. Don’t let a rest day stop you from absorbing the magic that is the rebellion in person!

E-mail me at Alllevelstraining@gmail.com if you have any questions :). I look forward to seeing you there!

– Rebel8