Rebels – “What About Us” Music Video


Our latest Rebellion fitness ballad 😉

This video doesn’t exist

On Sunday, April 14th a group of fabulous rebels got together to film something fun. That’s it. Nothing else involved but a fun idea and rebels implementing it. 

Formerly going by “The Everydays” until I found there is already a band by that name out there, we go by the “All the Times” since we have one speed!

For good measure, here’s the original song and video by “The Saturdays” this was all based off of :).

Welcome to the Rebellion…

– Rebel8

One comment on “Rebels – “What About Us” Music Video

  1. this is totally awesome and fun and I would love to participate…need any old woman in you video? Excellent at lip syncing and LOVE to have fun…AWESOME!

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