Registration for “Rebels Made of Brick”

The Phoenix

With the 13th Rebel challenge (with Hulk as the roots of this Rebel Oak Tree) rumbling it’s way closer and closer, it’s time to start organizing the teams and open up registration!

This upcoming challenge is going to be unlike any other challenge we’ve ever pulled off. All the elements that make a Rebel challenge what it is are still intact; the shovel, the sound off, the chant, team songs, team colors, handmade shirts individualized to each team member, themed workouts, and much more. Even the point system from last challenge is being brought back with a twist…

This challenge we will be showcasing the power of the rebellion by joining hands and working together in a way that I am CERTAIN will ignite a wildfire of inspiration. No longer are we seeing which team comes out on top… No, now we are working TOGETHER as a solid unit to help out those in need in process of helping ourselves. Now, each point you earn will be the equivalent of a dollar being donated to a soon-to-be-named youth center in Sonoma County. Each point you earn from going to any extra class, showing up to orientation, bringing a friend to orientation, dressing up for themes, showing up for fit tests/measurements, and many more point earning opportunities over the course of the 3 month challenge… All of them turn into dollars raised and donated. The challenge party will consist of presenting the check all of our love and hard work earned.

This challenge will also tell a story. This story will be continually updated as we live and breathe it. Our pitfalls and follies will be documented into one of the greatest story ever told because it is OUR story.

With a “Wizard of Oz” theme, this tale takes place in the “State of Rebellion.” Far passed Gillikin Country and just beyond the Nonestic Sea is where this state lay, and it’s inhabitants are “Rebels” named after the state in which they reside. The State of Rebellion is divided into two factions of Rebels; Demolitionists and The Rock Republic. A gruff, surly breed these rebels keep their nose to the grindstone and plug away at the monotony that is life all the while completely and utterly convinced they’ve got it harder than anybody else. While they wait for change, they drudge on…

Similar to groundhog day the Rebels awake every morning with the same guttural groan and droop in their eyes. The morning of July 27th will be no different in any way except for one… the air will have a charge to it. The alarm clock will ring and the rats will need to be let out just like they always do, but an ominous presence will fill the void of air around you. The question as to why will be answered on the 27th… the day of the Blackout.

Start/End Date:  July 27th (ORIENTATION!!) – October 28th (final measurement day)

Team 1: We meet every Tuesday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 12pm. *

Team 2: We meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 10am. *

* When choosing your team in the registration form below, be very mindful that Wednesday/Saturday is the most popular day and that if EVERYONE chose that day then that will leave the Tuesday/Saturday team short. If you are TRULY able to do either day, PLEASE mark that on the form so that I have some wiggle room if need be. You can feel free to leave your preferred team in the comments section 🙂

Cost Breakdown:

– $325 If already Anytime Fitness member OR sign up when you start the challenge
– $400 if you have never done a hulk/rebel challenge but would like to try it out
– $500 if you HAVE done a hulk/rebel challenge, want to participate in the upcoming challenge, but choose to forgo getting a membership

– Family discount: If you have multiple people participating in the challenge coming from the same household (couples or family only… roommate situations don’t count :D) then $25 will be subtracted from each person’s individual cost (ie 2 Anytime Fitness members who are married and joining the challenge will pay a total of $600 as opposed to $650)

– Payment due information: $100 payment due on July 27th. Payments are able to be made in whichever divisible way works for you as long as it is paid off by October 21st.

If all of that sounds good, then let’s get to it! Fill out the following form and I’ll contact you with what you need to know!

Click HERE for complete breakdown and analysis of the pricing details as well the details on EXTREMELY essential happenings like orientation, the importance of the fit tests and measurements (as well as what to expect and how to prepare), details on the program as a whole, and what exactly a rebel IS.

– Rebel8

The Power of the Rebellion

Watch the video below to find out how this challenge is going to be different than any other challenge we’ve ever done before… 

Sign up information will be released this week… stay stuned

Work for love. Get rich.

– Rebel8

Mud Rebels – For Kids!!!


Alright current Rebels and future Rebels, it’s time to plant some more positive seeds! This time, we’re getting youthful… With the popularity of “mud run” events like Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and many more growing with each passing month I decided it was time to create our very own youth group of Mud Rebels. With my partner in crime Erik “The Punisher” Sherwood, we’ve partnered with the Town of Windsor to devise a 3 day experience centered around fitness fundamentals, teamwork, positive mindset, and “heart first” leadership culminating in a custom designed mud run course! 

St. Rose Rebels!

Rebel Youth!

Day 1 (8/12/2013 – Monday): Introductions! We will all learn who each other are through dialogue mixed with some team building exercises. This day we will go over all the inductions that come with being a rebel including; The sound-off, the “battle cry” before every workout, what it means to be a fitness rebel, and what is expected. We will also be covering the fitness fundamentals that we will utilize to the fullest over our 3 day adventure!

Day 2 (8/13/2013 – Tuesday): “Training Day.” This is the day where the kids REALLY find out what they’re made of. They will learn how to perform Rebel staples such as “4 Horsemen,” “4 Corporals,” and “En4cers” as well as a thorough balance, stability, and body mechanic break down all done in an easy-to-retain manner so that the kids have a BLAST while they work harder than they ever imagined. I believe in “you plant a positive seed, you get a positive flower” as the core behind all that we Rebels do, so the encouragement will be nothing but the best! Expect your kids to sleep well tonight! They’re going to need it for the course on day 3…

Day 3 (8/14/2013 – Wednesday): The day of the 1st ever “Rebel Mud Run!” The kids will be warmed up and primed for the course at hand. After being walked through what to expect, then they get the opportunity to go for it! This is the day where the kids WILL get muddy, so be prepared! All obstacles will be monitored and safe, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be challenging! At the end, they will be gifted a token of their accomplishment so they will always have something to remember their experience by. 


If all of that sounds good, then here are the details!


– resident $65.00
– non-resident $70.00
– Resident Sibling Discount $55.00
– Non-Resident Sibling Discount $60.00

Ages: 8-12

Dates: August 12th (Monday) – August 14th (Wednesday)

Time: 9am-12pm everyday

Location: TBD (Esposti or Keiser are front runners… You’ll be kept posted!)

What to bring: A snack to delve into halfway through the day (I will be providing coolers for the kids to store their snacks) as well as water bottles to keep hydrated (water fountains at the park can be used to refill). Also, have the kids dressed for outdoor activities and make sure that proper sunscreen is applied (but heck, by this point you’ve got 8-12 years of parenting practice so you don’t need my reminder!)

How to register

There are TWO ways you can register; in person and online. To register in person, you simply need to head to Windsor utilizing the address below:

Windsor Parks and Recreation Office (707)838-1260
9291 Old Redwood Hwy, Bldg. 300D
Windsor, CA 95492

To register online, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

Step 1 – Create an account with the town of Windsor by clicking HERE. You’ll see “request new account” near the top of the page. Click there and put in your info. It literally takes about 30 seconds (no exaggeration). It then takes about 1-2 business days to get approved, but you will be e-mailed the moment it’s done with all of your log-in information.

Step 2 – Once you have registered your account, click HERE again to go to the registration page (bookmark it now!).

Step 3 – Log in on the registration page (you can only log in once your account has officially been registered) and locate the “search for programs by barcode” search box. Enter in the numbers “11207” and the details for the Mud Rebels program should immediately pop up!

Step 4 – Click “add to cart,” pay for that bad boy, and you are all good to go!

That about sums it up! If you have any questions click HERE for my contact information or call the town of Windsor Parks and Rec office at (707)838-1260.

If you’d like to know a bit more about me, then click HERE for a 5 minute video on where I come from and why working with kids is so important to me 🙂

I leave you with a video of one of our last Rebel “Tough Mudder” excursions. Check it out if you’re feeling the urge to get motivated 😉

This video doesn’t exist

– Rebel8

The Rebels Made of Brick: Beyond Emerald City (XIII)

Late July...

Late July…

The Rebels Made of Brick: Beyond Emerald City (XIII)

At this very moment a tale of galactic proportions is swirling all around you, yet most remain impervious to the story unfolding right under your noses, before your very eyes, and sifting between your very own fingertips. It takes place not in a fictitious universe but simply a place none of us has ever visited. That doesn’t mean we aren’t vital to the plot, climax, twist, and conclusion of this chronicling… After all, it’s said that we all are breathing the same molecules the dinosaurs, Julius Caesar, and Leonardo Da Vinci circulated through their lungs. To be connected isn’t always tangible…

Take the “butterfly effect” for instance. Part of the “Chaos Theory,” this occurrence is described as being “the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state.” Simpler put, the flap of a butterfly’s wings can be the very spark of events leading to land-shattering tsunamis half a world away. What if that butterfly figured out how to harness that energy? What if that butterfly learned how to focus that energy and rather than create a wave of tragedy and destruction, stirred up winds of change that carried lost sail boats to shore instead? Winds to give purpose to a little boy’s kite whose belief in magic happens the instant his youthful eyes see that wind vessel dance and never, ever stops believing from that moment on… What if one of the Universe’s smallest creatures realized with a simple act of instinct, it could change the world however it wanted?

Then, imagine if a singular tree branch full of those glorious world-altering butterflies flapped their wings together, synergizing the winds all around them with a mutual focus. No more… No less… Simply using what they were born with like the instruments they are rather than the appendages merely designed for survival they are so often viewed as.

This story isn’t about butterflies however… This story is about a group of Rebels who reside in a State well beyond Emerald City. Far passed Gillikin Country and just outside the Nonestic Sea lies the “State of Rebellion.” A land of forgotten sunshine and grinding routine, the state is divided between two factions of people; The Demolitionists and the Rock Republic.

The same in every way but allegiance, these Rebels (named from the state in which they come from) are known to brandish surly demeanors and keep a nose-to-the-grindstone approach to their lives, giving them the description of being “made of brick” by outsiders. Eventually the description was adopted by the Rebels themselves since… well… straightforwardly for reasons even Rebels didn’t know. It was just the way things were; their way of life. There was truth in the characterization, so they went with it.

With a penchant for purple the Demolitionists always felt in competition with the red-baring Rock Republic. Although they all woke up the same, had the same amount of time in the day, and felt the same joy and pain as one another each side was utterly convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had it worse. A bitter resentment that goes back as far as the birth of humanity, this was another accepted way of life in the State of Rebellion. Never questioned yet always harbored. Generation upon generation of Rebel youth raised to disagree with those who don’t claim the same color “just because.”

Until the blackout.

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Sun Remembered

To Be Continued…