Rebels Made of Brick: Official Roster

Welcome to the Rebellion...

Welcome to the Rebellion…

Rock Republic (Tuesday/Saturday)

Devin Medrano
Nicole Nelson
Mireya Perales
Lucy Perales
Cliff Durham
Rayray Ponce
Sandra Casey
Denise Stiles
Rita Colthurst
 Cassie Colthurst
 Ruben Martinez
 Malena DeMartini-Price
 Stephanie Stevenson
 Cliff Crocker
 Marco Avalos
 Alyssa Solberg
 Karen Solberg
 Maggie Schuck
 Lori DeMarco
 Jody Livingston
 Adam Gray
Kathi Tyler
Annabel Ponce
Angelica Ponce

Demolitionists (Wednesday/Saturday)

Tami Tuminello
Abbie Tuminello
Austin Finch
Suzanne Pelz
Pete Macias
Alyx J. Livingston
Jamie Bywater
May De La Serna
 Cara “Unicorn” Jones
 Lucy Avalos
 Nykky Graydon
 Justin Zuiderweg
 Carlo Piscitello
 Kaila Finch
 Leah Bayly
 Michelle “Hulk” Huntley
 Christine Routh
 Darlene Catania
 Sam Enos
 David Moody
 Kelly Moody
 Kelly Dawson
 Rick Dawson
 Cheryl Taylor
 Alaura Finger


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