Chapter 6 – Rebel Role Call


Chapter 6 – Rebel Role Call

                As the Rebels set forth, they resembled an all-star cast of misfits. All walks of life were represented in the cavalcade of camaraderie formed around the newly found map, puzzle pieces, and guiding letter smack dab in the center of the State. If you were to find yourself soaking in the scenery you’d see a human rainbow coming to life right before your very eyes. Difference no longer mattered as unity took its place. The beauty shined brightest upon a closer look at these far from usual suspects hell bent on a mission.

First in line was Ray-Ray; a reserved yet fierce teenage Rock Republic affiliate with the biggest heart you’ve ever come across worn openly on his sleeve. Angelica and Annabel, born of the same Rock Republic blood were right there by his side, rebel fists held high. Behind them were Lucy and Mireya. Baring Rock Republic red, these two sisters had a determination in their eyes that spoke up plenty in place of their hushed composure. Behind their icy blue piercers was a fight that had never known the word “quit” and wasn’t about to start now.

Across from them was May; a petite Demolitionist in black rimmed glasses with a drive as tough as granite and a demeanor as soft as a baby duck’s feather. Sandwiched around her were Sam and Alaura, two purple clad Demos so close you’d swear they were sisters if their skin tones didn’t differ to the tune of Snow white compared to Princess Jasmine. Rounding to the left of Sam, May, and Alaura stood Rick and Kelly; a husband and wife duo who had arrived on Bikes and were chaining them to a nearby tree in preparation of the journey that lay ahead. Side note; Rick also answers to the name “Midnight” although nobody can really tell you why. With an unknown origin and Rick hailing coming from a friendly province north of the State of Rebellion, nobody questioned it…


Peering into the map in an assortment of red and purple was “island time” Cliff, dragon aficionado Jody, dog trainer Malena, tough mother Maggie, loveably dirty trucker Justin, and silent assassin Lucy. Next to David, the legendary Rebel with an affection for the number “7” who had found the mysterious note left with the hulking silver box in the first place was his sweet-as-peach-pie wife Kelly, his fabulously fashionable cousin Suzanne, soft spoken and hard-working Sebby (who had actually just moved to the State of Rebellion already in search of something better), and a beautifully majestic Unicorn of a Rebel who went by Cara.

Joining ranks were the town heartbreaker Alyx, Phoenix Mama Sandra, deceivingly vigilant Christine & Darlene, gladiator Leah (who had a penchant for dishing out a hard time to people if they were late to anything…), and local rebellious P.E. teacher Nykky. The aforementioned crimson haired Cliff (with shovel still in hand), “wammie” like Tami with her equally feisty daughter Abigail, and elegantly brave Cassie were a stone’s lob away while  Mama Lori paced a moat around them, protecting them as they made sure they had everything they needed; each other.

Off gathering traveling supplies was martial arts master Nurse Austin, his 80’s loving badass sister Kaila, Rebel DJ Peter “The Hammer” Panic, age defying “Philly-Hulk” Michelle, and State geologist Jamie. They had the pleasure of being chauffeured around by local car lover “Iron Man” Marco. A separate group off with the sole purpose of gathering food consisted of the previously mentioned “Reddit” and “Winkiepedia” champion Carlo, bandana’d bruiser Cheryl, “Stilish” warrior Rocker Denise, the East Coastest and most loudest Nicole, provincial bread slangin’ Ruben, Tazmanian Rebel Kathi, and adorably rugged construction Rebel Adam.


Rounding out the back of the enigmatic and eclectic bunch of Rebels were the “Solberg” powered mother/daughter team of Karen and Alyssa along with sweetly endearing Rebel youth teacher Stephanie who were taking a headcount whilst organizing everyone’s names on a spreadsheet.

“Are you ready?” Pete asked, turning to Lori.

“AhhhOOO!” thundered Lori without a breathe of hesitation yet with a look of fiery triumph bursting from her retinas like a lifetime of July 4th celebrations.

There wasn’t a millisecond of silence after Lori’s battle cry to the sky before her lone howl was flooded by a tsunami of “AhhhOOOOO”’s circling around her. As Lori closed her eyes she realized her wish had been realized; everyone was back and ready to get down with the get down. The unanimous sound off of “AhhhOOOOO!” still echoed in the summer cool air as David took notice of the prep work being done and the fight through unknown territory ready to begin.

“CIRCLE UP!” he yelled as he placed his hand on the shovel with Cliff and hoisted it with him. Marco and Alyssa stepped up in unison to join them in the center as they read the inscription on the handle that everyone somehow instinctively knew the answer to:


“DIGS DEEP!!!!!!!!”


“DIGS DEEPER!!!!!!!!”


A charged silence followed the proclamation before the roar of the Rebels ripped through the land, flooding every single ear drum in a 1 mile radius of those intrigued by the intentions of these bad news bears. Intrigue only gets you so far, however. It’s the actions of those motivated and often deflated souls who are willing to take that discomforting trudge forward at all costs. Those seeking the change that has been a long time deserved and freshly believed. After all… You’ve got to want it more than anything because anything can stop you… These Rebels happened to be those very souls and were about to experience not just “anything” trying to stop them on their trek, but everything…

Holding the map at waist level and studying it astutely David, Cliff, Marco, and Alyssa commanded the inner circle with their focus on guiding the way. Looking up and to the left, Cliff raised the shovel and pointed it westward into the direction out of the State of Rebellion’s walls as his stoic posture affirmed that was the direction they were headed to next.

“Let’s go Rebels!” Leah cried out tenaciously, taking the first step forward. The rest of the Rebels followed suit.

“Head up Cliff!” Taz cat called.

“Tell me there’s a beach where we’re going and guaranteed I ain’t lookin’ down one more second!” Surfer Cliff shot back with a smile.

“What’s the first thing we come across on the map?” Stephanie asked David as Jamie peered over in curiosity.

“It says we need to stop at the post office once we cross the Nonestic sea and make it to the shores of Rinkitink, where I’m guessing we’ll receive further clues?” David answered as he folded the map and placed it firmly in his back pocket feeling just as perplexed as everyone else.

Chapter 5 - The Map

“I thought I saw it said something about a ‘test of heart’ on there right after the post office? Any idea what that is?” Carlo solicited while tapping on the compass.

“None at all, but I’m hoping that’s what the post office is for…” David responded.

As the Rebels crossed the bridge that brought them beyond the walls of the State of Rebellion, Justin filled in the rest of the Rebels of a work boat used for shipping he had access to that could take them straight across the Nonestic Sea. As the silhouette of Rebels began to fade in the march towards Emerald City and beyond, a faint outcry began to build steam behind them. As the shouting grew more audible, Austin perked his ears up and swiveled around to see what the fuss was.

“Hey, wait up! Hold on! We’re coming!” huffed and puffed 3 new faces as their sprint slowed to a jog and stopped at a hunched over standstill upon finally reaching the assorted crew of ruffians they were so determined to catch.

“Hey, it’s Kristie!” Sam shouted excitedly at the realization that her sister had decided to join them after all.

“Who’s that with you?” Denise asked quizzically, anxious to find out who these very welcomed strangers were noting to herself that she hadn’t really seen them around before.

“Dan and Daniel, at your service” said the hulking Dan with a playful bow and cherubic smile.

“Yeah, we saw you guys from across town and we had to see what you were doing. Whatever it is, we’re in.” Daniel stated.

“Perfect… welcome to the Rebellion…” Marco said with a sly smile.


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Chapter 7: Blinding Vision

Chapter 5: The Journey of the Infinite Jigsaw

Chapter 5 - The Pieces

Chapter 5 – The Journey of the Infinite Jigsaw

With every inch earned showcased in the form of a new sweat droplet suspended on their  eyebrow ridges and nose bridges the fiercely determined Rebels made their way to towards the center of town where the mysterious soundtrack emanated with the force of a hurricane. One by one each Rebel fought their way through the chaos and painstakingly made their way to the source of the enigmatic melody, slowly forming a circle around it. As each Demolitionist and Rock Republic member circled up the music began to fade ever so slightly, eventually giving way to complete silence the moment the last Rebel stepped up. At their feet lay a mysterious box emblazoned with a hulking green crest and a simple latch left unlocked.

“…Wh..What is it?” asked an ice-blue eyed Rebel quizzically.

“Hold on everyone, I’m checking ‘Reddit’ now…” proclaimed a short haired Demolitonist wearing an orange headband who was scrolling furiously through “Winkiepedia” searching for an answer.

                Before another response could even be thought out another orange headband sporting Rebel stepped forward with authority and declared “Well until Carlo figures it out, I’m opening this son-of-a-bitch!” With her daughter by her side, the purple clad Wonder Rebel knelt down and flipped the unlatched lock skyward leaving the air in everyone’s lungs on pause and a silence so thick it could fill the Nome King’s caverns. With the creaks and squeaks of a door waiting generations to be opened the lid was pushed back to reveal its contents and hopefully provide some answers. What was found instead was… puzzling… to say the least.

“Pick one up, Tami!” someone blurted out.

The suggestion came too late however as she already had one of the cryptic pieces firmly in her grasp; staring into it like a crossword puzzle she was trying vigorously to figure out to no avail.

“What is it?” a Rebel near the back inquired as the group shifted closer.

“It looks like a broken puzzle… with words on the pieces!” Tami answered as she rolled one of the jigsaws between her fingers in careful examination.

“What’s that, Cassie?” Cliff asked, shovel in hand as he noticed movement coming from his left while everyone else’s attention stayed diverted to the right on Tami.

“It looks like… a map!” Cassie shouted excitedly as all eyes switched like a tennis match to the parchment she had just found fluttering on the ground.

Chapter 5 - The Map

                Energy buzzed tangibly as there FINALLY seemed to be some direction! Something to guide them beyond where they’d made it thus far which couldn’t have come at a more opportune time seeing as how clues were beginning to cease increasingly. Even though the tattered piece of paper roughly painted in rudimental fashion didn’t look like much, it seemed to carry with it the weight of a lifetime that pressed on the hearts of all around. Once again it was something that could only be described as magic.

                Stenciled carefully on the map were directions through what looked to be a secret pathway directly into Emerald City. To those who lived in the State of Rebellion Emerald City was nothing more than a faraway place many had heard of yet few had actually been to, bringing murmurs of muffled hysteria as Rebels realized what they had in their possession. In Rebellion lore “The grass is always greener in Emerald City” was a euphemism made popular when referring to someone who wants something they don’t have yet here was the very chance to HAVE that greener grass! After all, that was the point of the very gathering they were all at in the first place wasn’t it? Souls tired of accepting less than they deserve, digging in their shields, and fighting for what is most worth fighting for; change.

                As each Rebel took their turn studying the map and getting familiar with the blueprint for the journey they all silently and instantaneously agreed they were about to go on, it was hard not to feel the nervousness blast through their bloodstream like migrating salmon. Some would say that all great things carry nerves behind them… Fortunately for the Rebels they were in no shortage of either. Confirming that belief were the words “If it were easy it wouldn’t be special…” scratched at the top.

                With each fingerprint firmly placed on the tattered key to their adventure solidifying the bond between each shared glance and hand-off, clouds began to swirl overhead ominously. Bursts of sun rays pierced the gaps between giving the surrounding landscape an aura of hope splashed with an essence of foreboding. Inspired tensions mounted as one Rebel asked the question beginning to come to life in all of them:

“Well, we gonna do this thing or what?”

                Rebellious eyes glanced back and forth at one another with anticipation and quiet affirmation slowly building to a roar of declaration. Hell yeah they were going to do this thing! It was during this moment of unity a Rebel with a “7” insignia on his back noticed something else in the puzzle box that had gone unnoticed prior to the discovery of the map. He brushed back his sun-kissed brown hair as he rummaged through the jigsaw pieces to retrieve the envelope buried underneath them. Tugging at the corner, he realized there was some weight to it. Whatever this was, it sure as hell wasn’t just paper…

“Is there something else, David?” someone asked, suddenly diverting attention right back to the box like it had never left.

“Yeah…” David replied. “An envelope with something in it…”

“Well open it up! Let’s check this shit out!” Tami boomed as the rest of the Rebels voiced their resounding agreement.

                David tore through the seal with swift intention revealing a hand-scribbled note and a fistful of obscure yellow metal rings that the bottom edge of the paper rested delicately on top of.

Chapter 5 - The Charms

“Listen up!” David bellowed as he unfolded the letter with deceivingly steady hands. “Dear Rebels…”

Chapter 5 - The Note

                After finishing his narration, David carefully folded the curious call-to-arms and placed it back in the incredibly powerful box that had smashed its way into sudden existence matched in force only by sheer level of resonance.

“What way does the map say to go?” asked a voice marked sharp by the silence it happened to break.

“Good question Suzanne… Aw, here it is! …North West…” Lori responded as her outstretched hand pointed in that very direction like a scorpion tail ready to strike.

“Hey David, what did that last part of the note say? I missed it.” Cassie asked nervously whilst never taking her gaze away from where Lori was gesturing towards.

“Beware of the Winged Monkeys” David muttered with an anxious scowl.

– Rebel8

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Chapter 6: ????????


Rebel CodeBeware the Winged Monkeys…

Chapter 4: Chasing Ghosts

Chapter 4 - Chasing Ghosts

Chapter 4 – Chasing Ghosts

    The State of Rebellion had a static charge coursing like a lightning strike felt down all the way down to the bone in the days following “The Blackout.” Although fleeting, the phenomenon left a mark on all the rebellious souls left in its wake and an urgency to figure out why their home didn’t quite feel the same anymore. Murmurs throughout the Rebels confirmed that the change was far from negative, but no one could quite pinpoint what it was exactly… Some felt the sudden Blackout was the precise rattle their everyday life needed to get out of the monotonous rut they were in regardless of how terrifying it was. Others suggested the fact that Demolitionists and Rock Republic members alike experienced a forced interaction that would have NEVER occurred had the sunlight forever remained unstripped from their pupils and the sun resumed being ignored. Many thought it was a combination of those reasons and more that left a desire for the change to stick… Even still, they were willing to do whatever it took to make sure their land’s newfound unification did not leave as abruptly as it had come.

                A week had gone by of trying to harness and utilize this newfound energy before a simple idea was put into “The Rebellion Times” classified section:

“Srchng 4 Rbls 2 go 2 site of Blckout n find answrs. 2 days. 6:30p.
– R8”

                It was impossible for anyone in town to miss the message since “The Rebellion Times” was the only news source that covered beyond Emerald City. As word spread about the proposed meet by a mysterious poster going only by the name of “R8” reactions ranged from dismissive to anticipatory to downright anxious. It was clear that not everyone in town would be going back, but to those who carried a sense of hopeful wonderment and desire to never go back to the way things were that was fine by them. To THOSE Rebels, this was bigger than a “take it or leave it” moment… this could be a DEFINING moment. For too long the State of Rebellion kept its head in the sand and the residents numbly accepted “the way things were” no matter how miserable their lives were. With no one daring to take the first step to change until the cryptic message in the paper nobody really felt permission to leap forward and take a stand. THIS WAS THAT STAND. Potentially anyway… on baited breathe, Rebels waited.

                By the time the 2 days had passed and 6:30pm approached like a snowball at the bottom of a long hill Rebels from both purple and red sectors gathered their wits and mentally prepared themselves for as much of anything as they could. As Rebels all over the State left their homes on the trek to Blackout ground zero it eerily resembled a courageous zombie exodus searching to feast on the hearts and brains of the determined. As members of the Rock Republic and Demolitionist factions arrived at the expansive center of town where it all went down in the first place, the electric tingle that had given rise since the week prior rapidly intensified. Everyone scanned the environment with wild eyed anticipation as hearts began pacing to a unified drum beat simply trying to find a method to this unknown madness. The energy… the CHANGE everyone was internally pleading to come across again was most certainly present, but what was it??? What do they do?? Where was this “R8?” The thought of losing such a magical feeling was enough to stir movement in one particular Red Rocker refusing to wait any longer…

                With a flash resembling that of a scorpion sting and a powerful silence to match a red legged Rebel pushed up her glasses as she took a step forward. With little warning other than the bonfire in her eyes and her clenched Rebel fist she hissed “My name’s Lori…” and before you could blink twice she pierced the sky with the most ferocious lion’s roar the State of Rebellion had ever heard. Before her declaration had hit its final note a domino effect rippled down the line of anxious Rebels as one by one Rock Republics and Demolitionists alike stepped forward and stated their name chorusing into thunderous Rebel yells dancing all around them. Suddenly a pop like a light bulb emitting its glow rang through the crowd and the sky dimmed. Pulses pounded as Rebels felt the Blackout coming again…

                Only, it never came. Instead of all sight vanishing like it had the week prior Rebels were privy to determined faces bouncing through squirms of shadows as each body made of Brick lunged towards the music born from the battle cries passionately soaring all around. With each rebellious step into the expanse of yard center in the State housing the current experience, a new melody emerged clearer and clearer. A bass driven rhythm carried a ghostly “Ahhhhhh ahhhhh!” with the words “I’m not giving in” trailing behind it like a realization turned declaration.

On the outskirts of the happening a crimson haired Rebel lurched forward in a fight against the swirling winds that were picking up in time with the driving beat making his legs heavier and heavier with each painful stagger. As he fell to a knee contemplating being able to keep on a sweet voice carrying a reassurance with it whispered;

 “Here you go Cliff, take this…”

As he stuck his hand out to receive the gift being offered he glanced sideways to get a peek at what it happened to be. It was a shovel. A dirty, dingy, and worn black handled shovel with specks of spray paint on it telling a story he didn’t know. Where the rebel wearing the shirt stating “You get the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t go” on the back got it from Cliff would never find out. All he knew was that she could somehow see exactly what he needed even when he himself had no idea. Using the shovel as a hoist Cliff dug his heels into the ground with intention as he took a deep breath and bellowed “AhhhOOOO!” in defiance. There wasn’t a munchkin’s chance in the land of winged monkeys that he’d ever go back. He’d come too far now. Turning back wasn’t an option.

As Cliff and his fellow Rebels continued their march towards the music like Young Volcanoes with a purpose the ominous music continued its trend of getting louder and louder with each step and shout. All the courage, heart, and brains in the land couldn’t possibly be enough to prepare the Rebels for what was about to come next… 

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Chapter 5: ????????

The Rebel-Yum lives on!

Welcome to the Rebel-yum!

Hey Rebels!

I just wanted to bring some good tidings to your day… The Rebel-yum is back! For those of you who don’t know,  the Rebel-yum is a  group of people who get together weekly and discuss how our week in nutrition went. We go over ups, downs, victories, disappointments, frustrations, questions, realizations… Everything that makes eating right and taking care of yourself so damn hard… because let’s be honest, we all LOVE having great energy, feeling good about ourselves, feeling comfortable in clothing of our choice, and feeling amazing when you’re being active… So again, we go over all the reasons why we know all of the latter yet it’s like pulling teeth from a shark sometimes.

This time around there are TWO meeting times! One immediately proceeding the Rock Republic Rebel workout on Tuesday @ 7:35pm and one immediately proceeding the Demolitionist Rebel workout on Wednesday @ 7:35pm. The running time will be about 30 minutes and both days have the amazing pleasure of being run by a Livingston! Jody will be leading the charge on Wednesday and Alyx will be leading the charge on Tuesday. This is far from their first rodeo so just know that you are in great hands!

Puttin’ down the cheese wheel and going for the greenery… I like it!

In food group, you’ll find new perspectives you might not have come across of before. You’ll find you’re not the only one having a tough time. You’ll also have the ability to share what YOU know that could possibly help someone else! We’ve all accumulated a lot of experience on this journey we call life… Let’s put it all together and make figuring it out easier!

Remember, you don’t HAVE to speak. You are more than welcome to come join the Rebel-yum as a spectator until you feel comfortable enough to share! 

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Look forward to seeing you there!

– Rebel8

When running the same monotonous rat race doesn’t work for you anymore.

From a Rhino to a Unicorn

Cara the Unicorn


From a Rhino to a Unicorn

                Cara Jones is a spritely 5 foot even mother of three from Washington transplanted to Northern California. With a presence comparable to a burst of sunlight through cracked blinds whenever she enters a room Cara could best be described as a firecracker with a natural knack for love and compassion with a seemingly endless capacity. A successful career in Human Resources has put her charm to good use as she has somehow found the time to incorporate marathon running in between the rigors of maintaining a family and a social life to boot. Americana personified, Cara has done it all with a smile on her face and an eye flutter that will make you melt. Funny how initial impressions are never quite revealing as to what truly resides behind someone’s castle walls…

                When you see a person sprint by you at full speed on the street there are two ways you can interpret the situation; they are either chasing something or running away from something. Those who are perceived to have it all are often assumed to be chasing success like a lion after an antelope. Rarely is the other end of the spectrum in that scenario visited which is the possibility of a desperate attempt at running away from struggles constantly nipping at their heels and diverting focus towards overwhelming undertakings leaving no room to worry about the real issues left behind. In Cara’s case both perspectives happened to be true. It also happened to be that the real issues were gaining speed and catching up fast…

                Growing up smack dab in the middle of the grunge movement in its prime brought with it plenty of stories and experiences worthy of a furrowed parental brow but a lesson in irony occurred swiftly when she had her first child at 16. Motherhood forced an early adulthood as she quickly set herself on being the best mother she could be with her family by her side. Running away from a childhood cut short led to a devout work ethic and drive to take the best care of her newly arrived little one the best she could. She only had to travel through a small handful of different jobs before finding herself a good management position with a lot of potential for a reputable entertainment group. All of this required the kind of hard work and perseverance that had become second nature by this point. There in lied the time bomb waiting to explode…

                Through all of her endeavors, Cara always found herself needing to put her absolute everything into all that she did. By no means is this a bad thing, but lost in the shuffle was HER. No longer did she care about her needs for there simply wasn’t any time for that! To put effort towards herself was to take away from the livelihood of those closest to her (so she felt) so to be that selfish was unfathomable. Her mother had also happened to be the closest thing to a living saint one could imagine, so her standard of caring for others was damn near unobtainable. The one vice Cara gave herself was a smoking habit that had started before she could legally see a PG-13 movie. She wasn’t proud of it but found smoking helped manage the stress better than anything else so it was an easy decision to keep it up. I’m sure there are quite a few of you can relate to that one…

                After a smoking habit spanning almost 2 decades the shame of the addiction superseded the anxiety management component of it and that was when she set out to kick it for good. It wasn’t easy, but it was doable and after quitting cold turkey on her nephew’s birthday… it was done! Afterward however a slow transition into a new replacement drug occurred. The new drug of choice; food. Making matters worse was that her entire life Cara had always had a petite frame that matched her stature, so when she gained 30 pounds after quitting cigarettes it was an unfamiliar road she had NEVER traveled down before. She suddenly found herself lost in her own psyche when that was the LAST thing she could afford to have happening (I’m sure a few of you can relate to that one too…)

                With a dedication to a more holistic eating approach and a passion for running infused in the process, Cara found herself shedding the weight she’d gained and emerging healthier than she could remember being in a long time… but something still wasn’t right. By dropping the weight Cara had anticipated an intangible burden lifting off of her shoulders at the same time. Instead, all of the insecurities she had come to face during her fight with “food for comfort” and the depression that followed lingered like fruit flies at a picnic on a hot day.  It was the love of a particular Unicorn picture and a conversation with a loved one that happened to set everything right…

                Along her journey to figure out why she could be doing all the right things and still feel like something was weighing her down, Cara had posted a photo of a rhinoceros on a treadmill staring at a picture of a Unicorn as it ran. She made the image her profile picture because it reminded her so much of herself; running in place in pursuit of something you most likely will never be anyway. When asked about it by a friend one day, Cara told them her reasoning behind it and why it was the first thing you see when you go to her Facebook page. Her friend gave her a look like she was crazy and Cara couldn’t help but ask what it was in her explanation that warranted such a response.

“You’re not the Rhino in that picture… You ARE the Unicorn!”

                That subtly suffocating weight resting on her shoulders unexpectedly started to lift at that very moment. An epiphany clicked like a seatbelt connecting to a buckle. All this time she thought that her struggles cast an ugly shadow on life’s potential that lay waiting at her fingertips which kept her from reaching that happiness peak and basking in the sunshine of self-worth, when in reality she was every bit the “Unicorn” she aspired to be all along! The very things in her life she thought were responsible for cloaking her true beauty happened to be defining points of her shine and grace. We all know pain and struggle, yet to carry that back breaking load on your own with the assumption that you’ll never be “like the rest” is what holds most of us back from seeing the amazing spirit that lives in every single one of our heartbeats. In essence, we’re ALL Unicorns… We just don’t always see it.

                To see that picture will forever be a reminder to Cara of just how far she’s come and just how important including yourself in your list of priorities happens to be. In fact, her connection to the picture grew tenfold once she realized what was REALLY happening:

The rhinoceros wasn’t on a treadmill looking at a photo… it was looking in the mirror.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?