The Rebel-Yum lives on!

Welcome to the Rebel-yum!

Hey Rebels!

I just wanted to bring some good tidings to your day… The Rebel-yum is back! For those of you who don’t know,  the Rebel-yum is a  group of people who get together weekly and discuss how our week in nutrition went. We go over ups, downs, victories, disappointments, frustrations, questions, realizations… Everything that makes eating right and taking care of yourself so damn hard… because let’s be honest, we all LOVE having great energy, feeling good about ourselves, feeling comfortable in clothing of our choice, and feeling amazing when you’re being active… So again, we go over all the reasons why we know all of the latter yet it’s like pulling teeth from a shark sometimes.

This time around there are TWO meeting times! One immediately proceeding the Rock Republic Rebel workout on Tuesday @ 7:35pm and one immediately proceeding the Demolitionist Rebel workout on Wednesday @ 7:35pm. The running time will be about 30 minutes and both days have the amazing pleasure of being run by a Livingston! Jody will be leading the charge on Wednesday and Alyx will be leading the charge on Tuesday. This is far from their first rodeo so just know that you are in great hands!

Puttin’ down the cheese wheel and going for the greenery… I like it!

In food group, you’ll find new perspectives you might not have come across of before. You’ll find you’re not the only one having a tough time. You’ll also have the ability to share what YOU know that could possibly help someone else! We’ve all accumulated a lot of experience on this journey we call life… Let’s put it all together and make figuring it out easier!

Remember, you don’t HAVE to speak. You are more than welcome to come join the Rebel-yum as a spectator until you feel comfortable enough to share! 

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Look forward to seeing you there!

– Rebel8

When running the same monotonous rat race doesn’t work for you anymore.

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