Chapter 6 – Rebel Role Call


Chapter 6 – Rebel Role Call

                As the Rebels set forth, they resembled an all-star cast of misfits. All walks of life were represented in the cavalcade of camaraderie formed around the newly found map, puzzle pieces, and guiding letter smack dab in the center of the State. If you were to find yourself soaking in the scenery you’d see a human rainbow coming to life right before your very eyes. Difference no longer mattered as unity took its place. The beauty shined brightest upon a closer look at these far from usual suspects hell bent on a mission.

First in line was Ray-Ray; a reserved yet fierce teenage Rock Republic affiliate with the biggest heart you’ve ever come across worn openly on his sleeve. Angelica and Annabel, born of the same Rock Republic blood were right there by his side, rebel fists held high. Behind them were Lucy and Mireya. Baring Rock Republic red, these two sisters had a determination in their eyes that spoke up plenty in place of their hushed composure. Behind their icy blue piercers was a fight that had never known the word “quit” and wasn’t about to start now.

Across from them was May; a petite Demolitionist in black rimmed glasses with a drive as tough as granite and a demeanor as soft as a baby duck’s feather. Sandwiched around her were Sam and Alaura, two purple clad Demos so close you’d swear they were sisters if their skin tones didn’t differ to the tune of Snow white compared to Princess Jasmine. Rounding to the left of Sam, May, and Alaura stood Rick and Kelly; a husband and wife duo who had arrived on Bikes and were chaining them to a nearby tree in preparation of the journey that lay ahead. Side note; Rick also answers to the name “Midnight” although nobody can really tell you why. With an unknown origin and Rick hailing coming from a friendly province north of the State of Rebellion, nobody questioned it…


Peering into the map in an assortment of red and purple was “island time” Cliff, dragon aficionado Jody, dog trainer Malena, tough mother Maggie, loveably dirty trucker Justin, and silent assassin Lucy. Next to David, the legendary Rebel with an affection for the number “7” who had found the mysterious note left with the hulking silver box in the first place was his sweet-as-peach-pie wife Kelly, his fabulously fashionable cousin Suzanne, soft spoken and hard-working Sebby (who had actually just moved to the State of Rebellion already in search of something better), and a beautifully majestic Unicorn of a Rebel who went by Cara.

Joining ranks were the town heartbreaker Alyx, Phoenix Mama Sandra, deceivingly vigilant Christine & Darlene, gladiator Leah (who had a penchant for dishing out a hard time to people if they were late to anything…), and local rebellious P.E. teacher Nykky. The aforementioned crimson haired Cliff (with shovel still in hand), “wammie” like Tami with her equally feisty daughter Abigail, and elegantly brave Cassie were a stone’s lob away while  Mama Lori paced a moat around them, protecting them as they made sure they had everything they needed; each other.

Off gathering traveling supplies was martial arts master Nurse Austin, his 80’s loving badass sister Kaila, Rebel DJ Peter “The Hammer” Panic, age defying “Philly-Hulk” Michelle, and State geologist Jamie. They had the pleasure of being chauffeured around by local car lover “Iron Man” Marco. A separate group off with the sole purpose of gathering food consisted of the previously mentioned “Reddit” and “Winkiepedia” champion Carlo, bandana’d bruiser Cheryl, “Stilish” warrior Rocker Denise, the East Coastest and most loudest Nicole, provincial bread slangin’ Ruben, Tazmanian Rebel Kathi, and adorably rugged construction Rebel Adam.


Rounding out the back of the enigmatic and eclectic bunch of Rebels were the “Solberg” powered mother/daughter team of Karen and Alyssa along with sweetly endearing Rebel youth teacher Stephanie who were taking a headcount whilst organizing everyone’s names on a spreadsheet.

“Are you ready?” Pete asked, turning to Lori.

“AhhhOOO!” thundered Lori without a breathe of hesitation yet with a look of fiery triumph bursting from her retinas like a lifetime of July 4th celebrations.

There wasn’t a millisecond of silence after Lori’s battle cry to the sky before her lone howl was flooded by a tsunami of “AhhhOOOOO”’s circling around her. As Lori closed her eyes she realized her wish had been realized; everyone was back and ready to get down with the get down. The unanimous sound off of “AhhhOOOOO!” still echoed in the summer cool air as David took notice of the prep work being done and the fight through unknown territory ready to begin.

“CIRCLE UP!” he yelled as he placed his hand on the shovel with Cliff and hoisted it with him. Marco and Alyssa stepped up in unison to join them in the center as they read the inscription on the handle that everyone somehow instinctively knew the answer to:


“DIGS DEEP!!!!!!!!”


“DIGS DEEPER!!!!!!!!”


A charged silence followed the proclamation before the roar of the Rebels ripped through the land, flooding every single ear drum in a 1 mile radius of those intrigued by the intentions of these bad news bears. Intrigue only gets you so far, however. It’s the actions of those motivated and often deflated souls who are willing to take that discomforting trudge forward at all costs. Those seeking the change that has been a long time deserved and freshly believed. After all… You’ve got to want it more than anything because anything can stop you… These Rebels happened to be those very souls and were about to experience not just “anything” trying to stop them on their trek, but everything…

Holding the map at waist level and studying it astutely David, Cliff, Marco, and Alyssa commanded the inner circle with their focus on guiding the way. Looking up and to the left, Cliff raised the shovel and pointed it westward into the direction out of the State of Rebellion’s walls as his stoic posture affirmed that was the direction they were headed to next.

“Let’s go Rebels!” Leah cried out tenaciously, taking the first step forward. The rest of the Rebels followed suit.

“Head up Cliff!” Taz cat called.

“Tell me there’s a beach where we’re going and guaranteed I ain’t lookin’ down one more second!” Surfer Cliff shot back with a smile.

“What’s the first thing we come across on the map?” Stephanie asked David as Jamie peered over in curiosity.

“It says we need to stop at the post office once we cross the Nonestic sea and make it to the shores of Rinkitink, where I’m guessing we’ll receive further clues?” David answered as he folded the map and placed it firmly in his back pocket feeling just as perplexed as everyone else.

Chapter 5 - The Map

“I thought I saw it said something about a ‘test of heart’ on there right after the post office? Any idea what that is?” Carlo solicited while tapping on the compass.

“None at all, but I’m hoping that’s what the post office is for…” David responded.

As the Rebels crossed the bridge that brought them beyond the walls of the State of Rebellion, Justin filled in the rest of the Rebels of a work boat used for shipping he had access to that could take them straight across the Nonestic Sea. As the silhouette of Rebels began to fade in the march towards Emerald City and beyond, a faint outcry began to build steam behind them. As the shouting grew more audible, Austin perked his ears up and swiveled around to see what the fuss was.

“Hey, wait up! Hold on! We’re coming!” huffed and puffed 3 new faces as their sprint slowed to a jog and stopped at a hunched over standstill upon finally reaching the assorted crew of ruffians they were so determined to catch.

“Hey, it’s Kristie!” Sam shouted excitedly at the realization that her sister had decided to join them after all.

“Who’s that with you?” Denise asked quizzically, anxious to find out who these very welcomed strangers were noting to herself that she hadn’t really seen them around before.

“Dan and Daniel, at your service” said the hulking Dan with a playful bow and cherubic smile.

“Yeah, we saw you guys from across town and we had to see what you were doing. Whatever it is, we’re in.” Daniel stated.

“Perfect… welcome to the Rebellion…” Marco said with a sly smile.


Coming Soon

Chapter 7: Blinding Vision

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