Test of Heart

Tin Man Wants a Heart

“Now I know I’ve got a heart, because it’s breaking…”

Test of Heart

After a visit to the post office, the Rebels find themselves in a Test of Heart that has been patiently waiting for this precise moment. The Test of Heart is simple in nature and filling with love. It is a gesture of good will and an example of humanity. It is the chance to send a ripple effect of soul philanthropy through the cosmos, starting with something as comparably small as a butterfly flapping it’s wings… The Living Room Screenshot First, let me introduce you to “The Living Room” which is a local organization serving all of Sonoma County that functions purely off grants and community donations. Monday through Friday, they provide the following for homeless or near homeless woman and children:

  • A warm and safe atmosphere to be during the day when other shelters are closed.
  • A nutritious breakfast and hot lunch.
  • A place for children to play and learn.
  • A place where the newly homeless, and women on the verge of becoming homeless, can receive guidance and referrals to other community agencies.
  • Information tailored to meet individual needs including job search skills, mother and child care education, and health care knowledge.
  • Essential hygiene items such as food and clothing for women and children. (Click on our Urgent Program Needs page to learn more about how you help.)

Where us Rebels come in is quite easy… Starting September 4th (Wednesday) and going until September 11th (Wednesday) I want everyone to bring in at least one of the following items:

For women:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Fruit Jelly & Jam
  • Razors
  • Deodorant
  • Underwear (new)
  • Socks
  • Sanitary Pads

For children:

  • Diapers –  sizes 4, 5 and 6
  • Baby Wipes
  • Underwear (new)
  • Socks


  • Clean and gently used (brand new is also okay) children and women’s clothes

*Side note* All clothing goes through Heavenly Treasures Thrift Store and the women and children being helped by the Living Room are given vouchers to go there. If you’d like to make a direct donation or check it out and get your thrift on click on the link for directions! *Side note*

There will be a silver “Rebel” bin near the group room at the gym (Anytime Fitness – 2885 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95407) that will be available the entire week (the 4th until the 10th) to drop off goods any time you’d like! You are MORE than welcome to drop stuff off and add to the assortment of necessities even if you aren’t a member of the Rebellion or even signed up at the gym! Simply drop by during staffed hours (Monday-Friday 10am until 7pm, Friday 10am until 4pm, Saturday 10am until 2pm, and off on Sundays) or give the items you’d like to donate to a Rebel to bring in for you!

On Tuesday (September 10th) and Wednesday (September 11th) Rebels will receive their “Test of Heart” charm. It will run on the honor system, and I will ask for a show of hands as to who brought in something to give to those not as fortunate in our community. Every raised hand gets a red charm to match the “Test of Courage.” By the end of the week, I will be taking a photo and presenting everything we were able to gather together as a Rebellion to showcase the true power of when people bond together for a greater good. Remember…

It’s not about how much you give, but giving as much as you can.

You've always had the power

Let’s continue to change the world, Rebels!

– Rebel8

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