Test of Brains

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With the 13th challenge wrapping up, the final test on our Rebellious journey beyond Emerald City is upon us. Having mastered the test of courage and test of heart, it’s time to master your very own brain… and your body in the process.

The test of brains is designed to make you think. You have an EXPERT workshop at your disposal, yet how often do you find yourself going in on your own and using it to the fullest? That workshop I’m talking about is the gym that you have 24 hour access to at any given moment, and using your gym to its full potential means knowing how to use the equipment at your disposal, not just how to attend boot camps and do what your trainers and friends tell you to do. When you know how to use your gym and ALL of its components, the following magic happens:

  • Health Longevity
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Endurance
  • Improved Oxygen Utilization
  • Stronger tendons and joints
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased caloric output
  • Sharper brain function
  • Increased energy
  • Increased neuromuscular connectivity

When you don’t know how to use the gym in it’s entirety, you are denying yourself the ability to take care of yourself and learn through experience. That stops now. You are now challenged to become familiar with the aforementioned by not only immersing yourself in the areas you maybe tend to stay away from but by implementation of the very skill set you are tangibly downloading.

From October 5th until October 12th, you have exactly one week to make it into a gym (doesn’t have to be Santa Rosa Ave. Anytime Fitness) on your own and make it through at least ONE of these resistance training workouts below. Each form has a breakdown on how to build your own workout telling you what exercises to do (or research), how to put them together, how many reps to do, and how many sets. Every question is answered in regards to putting it together, now it’s up to you to do it!

I suggest partnering up with somebody if you find yourself being a tad bit intimidated venturing in on your own. Remember though, you’re a Rebel… You’ve got this. Expanding your comfort zone is part of the Rebel code after all! There is no excuse to not do this one that will fly as good enough, so be warned there needs to be some MASSIVELY drastic circumstances for you to not do this. :D.

Click HERE to download your copies of all the forms below (workout tracking sheet included)! Represented are legs, core, chest, arms, shoulders, and back!

Each one of these forms covers proper movement mechanics, contains tips and tricks on keeping everything fresh and correct, and gives an in-depth introspective into the importance each specific area of the body holds. Essentially, using the gym has NOTHING to do with “getting big” and everything to do with improving the functionality of your life. Ladies, if you’re afraid of lifting weights because you’ll get big, that’s like being afraid to drive a car because you’ll turn into a NASCAR speed demon. I’ll be damned if you’re going to wake up one morning and “accidentally” be too muscular, so quit that nonsense and learn your workshop! 

I’ve also provided a form to write down and keep track of your workout with a handy key in regards to filling it out. You will receive your purple and final charm on Saturday the 12th when you hand in your form (I have plans to make something motivational out of it so know that that’s why you’re turning it in. You will not be graded beyond “did or did not”).

Workout Track Sheet Sample Photo

A sample of what the form looks like. Click the photo to download it!

– Rebel8


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