To sum up the “Write-a-Rebel” program is easy; an excruciatingly simple way to make someone’s day (possibly in a life changing manner) while getting the opportunity to do a little self soul searching in the process. How so? Well, let me divulge…

All around the country there are appointed Rebel ambassadors in almost every single state. Tennessee, New Mexico, Connecticut, Texas, Michigan, California, Washington, Florida, Louisiana, and so on and so forth. What that looks like to me is a connection point… a root outstretched anxiously waiting to help deliver “soul nutrients.” Write-a-Rebel takes advantage of exactly that in a way that is becoming more and more unique in this day and age… with hand written letters.

Do you remember the thrill of receiving a letter in the mail that was filled out by hand, sealed WITHOUT the aid of a machine, and actually written for you and not just “current resident?” For some it’s a joy that never loses it’s luster and only gains more shine as more time passes and this sentimental gem becomes more and more infrequent. “Write-a-Rebel” is a throwback to that moment only with a rebellious twist…

Doing the ordinary extraordinarily is a hallmark for the Rebellion and what makes this “ordinary” act such an endearing one. All you are tasked to do is write a letter to an embodiment of yourself. It’s as easy as beginning your letter with “Dearest Rebel,” and then going on from there! It helps to imagine a time when you were going through a personal struggle or experiencing a tough triumph. It goes along with the adage of “if I only knew then what I know now…” only this is your chance to fill somebody else in on such golden information. Whether it be pen-to-paper, pencil-on-parchment, or crayon-on-a-napkin it’s not the most eloquent scriptures that are going to be the most impacting… It’s the ones that get done. Don’t worry about your spelling, whether you’re saying the right thing, your handwriting, or any other sort of self critical analysis that will stop you from experiencing something awesome for two… Just do it!

Then, give them to me. I’ll send them to where they’re supposed to go… Easy. To give you even more of an idea, here is the letter I’ve written (and photocopied since, you know… That’s a lot of writing…) that is being sent out to each Rebel recipient in need:

IMG_6221Thank you Rebels… Thank you for continually expanding your comfort zones and working out the strongest muscles you’ve got not just in yourselves but in all those around you; your hearts and your souls. 


– Rebel8

Rebel Winter Rescue – The Soundtrack

RWR Soundtrack Listing

The track listing above is the music highlighting our Rebel Winter Rescue challenge. The letter below is what was giving out with each CD. I will always firmly believe that you are one good song away from turning an awful day into a better one.

You’ve just got to find your song.

The Rebellion is a Relationship

            Welcome back to the Rebellion! With the start of this new Rebel Winter Rescue challenge comes the start of new energy, new goals, new hopes, new experiences, new friends, and new achievements. There will also be new struggles, new downfalls, new obstacles, and new problems that I ASSURE YOU will find their way to you in some way, shape, or form.

It’s all going to be ok 🙂

Symbolized simplest by a yin-yang the art of this struggle is a consistency you can always count on in life… To know light you must also know darkness, and vice versa. In order to fully appreciate the splendor life has to offer strife must be weathered and survived with one thing in mind; “things,” no matter what it is you’re fighting for, will always get better as long as you NEVER give up on belief in yourself and the magnificent things you are capable of. Yes, there will be trials, tribulations, and pitfalls seemingly every step of the way but all those tough experiences are doing are splashing diamonds and platinum all over those golden moments. Think about it… you don’t do a Rebel workout because you love the torture of doing push-ups for a whole godforsaken song or 4 horsemen until you can’t stand because you loving feeling like a newborn baby giraffe… You do it because you love the elation AFTERWARD. You do it because conquering something deemed unconquerable by most and then doing it with a group of people who lead with love and battle with you side by side in the trenches is euphoric! BECAUSE of the difficulty! You are creating your own tornado of a yin-yang right there in that aerobic room without even thinking about it! After all…

If it were easy then it wouldn’t be special.

The same light above is evident in any healthy relationship, and that’s what the Rebellion is. You are a participant in a thriving tribe of personalities and heartbeats. You are equal parts observer and contributor. Whether the loudest in the room or as timid as a mouse judging a cat fashion show your ripple effect sails far beyond your fathomable imagination. I know because I’ve spent the last 5 years witnessing it day in and day out culminating in what WE do being a nationwide spectacle. Remember, you get in what you put in. If you expect the Rebellion to do the work for you, it won’t. If you expect the Rebellion to make you happy, fix all your worries, and provide PERFECT people… it won’t. We are human. We will do things wrong, we will hurt feelings, and we will learn from our mistakes. So will you. That’s what the Rebel codes are for… a moral compass when a reminder is needed of your ever important role in the Rebellion and what it is you represent to the fitness family all around you. To help, let these words call to attention like a raised flag whenever you feel yourself sliding;

Remember that you will NEVER get rid of your demons, you merely tame them. You are the circus conductor sticking your head in the lion’s mouth. It’s up to you whether the lion bites down or not. When life is spiraling out of control, you ALWAYS have a tight grip on one thing… The decisions you make and the perspective you take.

This winter us Rebels are going to better a lot of lives, and it all starts with putting yours right up there with them. Let’s make these next 2 months unforgettable… AhhhOOOO!!!

– Rebel8

Rebel Code

Rebel Winter Rescue – The Schedule

Thunder and Lightning

Rebel Winter Rescue:
The Schedule

If you are a participant in the 14th Rebel Challenge “Rebel Winter Rescue” then bookmark this page! This is where you can find exactly what we’re doing every time we meet so that you can be the best prepared! Referring to this will tell you what muscle groups we are working on what dates so you can plan your workouts outside of Rebel boot camps accordingly! It will also detail which benefit drive is which as well as what weeks they fall on so in case you miss a workout or want to prepare ahead of time you have your head in the game at all times. Even cooler, it will break down which nights are themed nights (beginning after week 3) so you can come dressed to impress! There will be prizes for best dressed this holiday season because why not? Either way, this is your schedule to making it through the holiday season in true Rebellion fashion; with a ruckus and together. AhhhOOOO!!!

Rebel Thunder = Every Monday @7PM and Every Wednesday @6pm

Rebel Lightning = Every Tuesday @7pm and Every Thursday @6pm

November 16th (Saturday) @ 10am – Fit Test! You will get your folder, mark your name, and take it in to the Rebel room with an all new and completely revamped fit test consisting of 8 exercises (7 in the “how many can you do in 60 seconds” format and 1 for time duration) incorporating your body, TRX, BOSU, and partner work. This fit test will be a workout all its own… This will also be the only Saturday we meet aside from the last day (January 11th) where we will complete the ending fit test and see how far you’ve come in a matter of a couple months! Be ready to utilize outside of the Rebel room as well since it is going to be a packed house of Rebel family!

November 18th & 19th (Monday/Tuesday) – Core! We also kick off the first Rebel Winter Rescue mission; a FOOD DRIVE to be concluded the following Monday. All food collected to be donated to the local Redwood Empire Food Bank. To cap off this first boot camp, you will be receiving your official “Rebel Winter Rescue Soundtrack!” to make sure you’ve got the proper tunes to navigate this holiday storm…

November 20th & 21st (Wednesday/Thursday) – Upper body! Get ready to become familiar with the undulating ropes immediately! Also, the 2nd installment of Write-A-Rebel to be explained! Letters will be due by December 2nd/3rd


November 23rd (Saturday) – Turkey Drive Bootcamp @ 12pm! Not on the regular schedule, this 1 hour boot camp is a bonus that even those who can’t workout can still participate in! What’s happening is an ass-kicking total body blast of a workout… The cost? A turkey (as many as you’d like…)! Even if only 10 Rebels show up to boot camp and another 5 Rebels donate but don’t do the workout, that’s still 15 turkeys for 15 families who otherwise couldn’t afford it! Not bad for a few people on the more fortunate side of life giving what they can give and working up a sweat in the process! Let’s make some family’s holiday season just a tad bit better this year Rebels!

November 25th & 26th (Monday/Tuesday) – Lower body! Today also marks the end of the 1st of 4 Rebel benefit drives. To celebrate I figure this is a good day to hand out everyone’s custom Rebel Winter Rescue superhero uniform (aka spray painted T-shirt)!

November 27th & 28th (Wednesday/Thursday) – Due to these days being Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving, official Rebel boot camps will not commence on these days. Fear not, there are a TON of options in the following days. They are as follows:

  •  11/27: Josh’s “Wednesday Wakeup” bootcamp @ 9am – A regularly scheduled boot camp that is part of our UCP (unlimited class pass) schedule. This is a great class to make if you’ve got the day off and want to get your workout on in a fun group setting this day! 
  • 11/28: Heather’s Turkey Day TRX Workout @ 9am – For only $5 you can have your butt expertly handed to you for a full hour by our resident PT manager and TRX Guru Heather Aiello! With a degree in kinesiology and specializing in body mechanic correction through movement you can trust that you are in amazing hands with Heather :).
  • 11/28: The 2nd Annual “Turkey Reb-bowl!” @10:30am – Continuing the tradition set last year, us Rebels are going to gather together for some classic football fun! Everyone is welcome to this friendly two hand touch game where egos are checked at the door as we have fun running around and working up a sweat to make all that food most likely to be consumed (who we kidding, right?) worth it! Bring the whole family! Don’t want to play but still want to come? That’s ok too! Location to be announced in the near future as a post will be fully dedicated to the event giving all the specifics right here on Timetorebel.com… so stay tuned!
  • 11/29: 4 Trainer “Post-Turkey Day”Workout @12pm – Set to jump off at noon and only costing $5 so you can still get your black Friday shopping in, sleep off the cobwebs, or do whatever else your post Thanksgiving morning may bring! Full details to be disclosed on the same post as the football game, this will be a boot camp led by an All-Star Anytime Fitness cast of trainers you’re not going to want to miss… Work off that tryptophan in style and stay on top of your fitness with the quickness before the holiday causes a landslide! You’re a fighter!
  • 11/30: BOSU Class @ 10am – Led by yours truly, this class happens every Saturday @ 10am… It just helps to have a reminder! Normally this class costs $5 but in order to make up for the middle of the week being funky it is FREE to anybody participating in the Rebel Winter Rescue challenge!

December 2nd & 3rd (Monday/Tuesday) – Core! We also kick off our next Rebel Winter Rescue mission: a TOY DRIVE to be concluded the following Monday. All toys to be collected will be donated locally to Valley of the Moon Children’s Home Foundation!

Also, but sure to bring in your “Write-a-Rebel” letter today to be sent out asap!

December 4th & 5th (Wednesday/Thursday) – BOSU class! Never been to BOSU class before? Well, you won’t be able to say that after this balance oriented boot camp!

December 8th (Sunday) – Rebel veterans Cara “Unicorn” Jones, Jamie Bywater, and Rick Dawson will be running the CIM Marathon in Sacramento, CA. Putting word on the schedule so you can all cheer them on in their training and keep them motivated to conquer that 26.2 miles! Spread that Rebel love, y’all!

December 9th & 10th (Monday/Tuesday) – Upper body! Today also marks the end of the 2nd of 4 Rebel benefit drives. To celebrate, this night is our first theme night! Blacklight 10.0! The whole room will be decked out with blacklights as fluorescent streamers and signs light up the walls all around you. There’s something awfully awesome about working out in the dark…

 December 11th & 12th (Wednesday/Thursday) – Lower body! No frills, just legs…

December 16th & 17th (Monday/Tuesday) – Core! We also kick off our next Rebel Winter Rescue mission: a CLOTHES DRIVE to be concluded the following Monday. All clothing items collected will be picked up locally by Clothingdonations.org benefiting families all over Sonoma County. To celebrate this will be our 2nd theme night of the challenge! For the first ever “Notice my clothes!” theme the object is pretty simple… wear the most noticeable/flamboyant/flashy/eye-catching gear you’ve got in the name of the next-to-last benefit drive we are kicking off for the winter!

December 18th & 19th (Wednesday/Thursday) – Upper body! No frills, just noodle arms…

December 23rd-26th (Monday-Thursday) – Balance training for this Monday/Thursday! Today also marks the end of the 3rd of 4 Rebel benefit drives. The theme for both days will be Holiday Cheer! Red and green, ugly sweaters, and whatever holiday propaganda you can get your hands on as the Rebel room will be decked out in lights in true holiday hulk fashion! Team Thunder will be the only team to meet during this “Monday/Tuesday” week so Team Lightning can have Christmas Eve off. Subsequently Team Thunder will have Christmas day off and Team Lightning will be the only team meeting on Thursday the 26th. I understand this is a touchy week for a lot of people with family and travel so I also understand turnout may be a little lower this week :).

December 28th (Saturday) – Rebel total body bonanza boot camp @ 12pm! In order to make up for a little lost holiday time, any Rebel free to make this boot camp is welcome! BOSU class is also @ 10am like always, just sayin’…

December 30th & 31st (Monday/Tuesday) – Lower body! We also kick off our next Rebel Winter Rescue mission: a LIVING ESSENTIALS DRIVE to be concluded the following Monday. Diapers, deodorant, peanut butter, toothbrushes and more are the goal with specifics of what to bring to be detailed on timetorebel.com the closer we get. All living essentials will be donated locally to The Living Room, a shelter for homeless and near homeless women and children.

Bring in the new year in wobbly fashion as you end 2013 the same way you’re going to bring in 2014… as a Rebel badass! In honor of heading into the future we’re going to travel a quarter century back… the theme this week is 80’s! Prep the side ponytails and pop your collars as we most definitely will be getting physical!

January 1st & 2nd (Wednesday/Thursday) – Upper body! Time to work off some of those hangovers… First Rebel boot camps of 2014!

January 6th & 7th (Monday/Tuesday) – Core! Today also marks the end of the 4th of 4 Rebel benefit drives. To celebrate, the final theme is NINJA! With the success of the Ninja theme last challenge it was only natural to carry it over!

January 8th & 9th (Wednesday/Thursday) – Total Body Blast! We’re going to end this challenge with an all over beat down so that you are left best prepared to rock the hell out of the final fit test the upcoming Saturday!

January 11th (Saturday) @ 10am – End this Rebel Winter Rescue challenge the way you brought it in… with a fit test! You will mark your folders accordingly and be given a certificate of your winter time accomplishment when most are trying to get geared up to START. AhhhOOOO!!!!

Challenge Wrap Party – TBA!

Rebel Mentality: Run or Dye


This last weekend on Saturday, November 2nd a rag-tag group of Rebels came together in true “one team, one dream” fashion to take part in the Run or Dye 5k at the Santa Rosa fairgrounds. The slideshow you’re (hopefully) about to watch is short and sweet. It tells the more-powerful-than-most-realize stories of somebody who has lost 16 lbs and 16 inches in a matter of months running her first ever 5k, someone who jogged the longest distance they’ve jogged in over 10 years, someone who has triumphantly conquered their first 5k weeks prior only to be taking on their second one with gusto, families coming together and running as one, being featured as the “Fan-Stand of the day!” on “Headstands for Humanity,” old friends reuniting and new friendships igniting, all with the backdrop being an excruciatingly awesome health based community event. If you’ve ever wanted to do something like this but have always felt like you were out of place then this video and subsequent post was made specifically for you. The people you see having the time of their lives felt the exact same way before taking a step outside of their comfort zone and into the greatest safety net you could possibly imagine; human beings with great hearts who want nothing more than to be accept and to accept with love being true North.

So go ahead, seize the day… You never know how bright the colors dancing all around you are until you allow yourself to dance with them.

Rebels Made of Brick – The Slideshow Experience

Puzzle Message

At the end of every challenge, a slideshow is presented depicting the adventure each Rebel just got done experiencing. Set to the music that over the last 3 months has come to be more powerful than just a simple song, each picture is a memory frozen forever. A story to be told with fondness, fatigue, and growth at the heart and soul of it all. I hope you enjoy watching the journey these Rebellious love soldiers trekked upon, and if all goes well you might even find a little bit of inspiration…

We are the bad news bears. The self proclaimed rejects and defects; puzzle pieces with unique edges that when brought together complete a grander picture. We are the Rebellion. We are here.

Full Slideshow:

To get the full slideshow experience with about 10 minutes of extra video footage and secret Rebel cameos, watch the full slideshow above. If you’d like to jump to a certain section of the slideshow without the bonuses in between, feel free to choose which segment below (they’re in order of start to finish)!

click on the banner for more information on the Fitness Rebellion!

Welcome to the Rebellion…