Rebel Winter Rescue – The Soundtrack

RWR Soundtrack Listing

The track listing above is the music highlighting our Rebel Winter Rescue challenge. The letter below is what was giving out with each CD. I will always firmly believe that you are one good song away from turning an awful day into a better one.

You’ve just got to find your song.

The Rebellion is a Relationship

            Welcome back to the Rebellion! With the start of this new Rebel Winter Rescue challenge comes the start of new energy, new goals, new hopes, new experiences, new friends, and new achievements. There will also be new struggles, new downfalls, new obstacles, and new problems that I ASSURE YOU will find their way to you in some way, shape, or form.

It’s all going to be ok 🙂

Symbolized simplest by a yin-yang the art of this struggle is a consistency you can always count on in life… To know light you must also know darkness, and vice versa. In order to fully appreciate the splendor life has to offer strife must be weathered and survived with one thing in mind; “things,” no matter what it is you’re fighting for, will always get better as long as you NEVER give up on belief in yourself and the magnificent things you are capable of. Yes, there will be trials, tribulations, and pitfalls seemingly every step of the way but all those tough experiences are doing are splashing diamonds and platinum all over those golden moments. Think about it… you don’t do a Rebel workout because you love the torture of doing push-ups for a whole godforsaken song or 4 horsemen until you can’t stand because you loving feeling like a newborn baby giraffe… You do it because you love the elation AFTERWARD. You do it because conquering something deemed unconquerable by most and then doing it with a group of people who lead with love and battle with you side by side in the trenches is euphoric! BECAUSE of the difficulty! You are creating your own tornado of a yin-yang right there in that aerobic room without even thinking about it! After all…

If it were easy then it wouldn’t be special.

The same light above is evident in any healthy relationship, and that’s what the Rebellion is. You are a participant in a thriving tribe of personalities and heartbeats. You are equal parts observer and contributor. Whether the loudest in the room or as timid as a mouse judging a cat fashion show your ripple effect sails far beyond your fathomable imagination. I know because I’ve spent the last 5 years witnessing it day in and day out culminating in what WE do being a nationwide spectacle. Remember, you get in what you put in. If you expect the Rebellion to do the work for you, it won’t. If you expect the Rebellion to make you happy, fix all your worries, and provide PERFECT people… it won’t. We are human. We will do things wrong, we will hurt feelings, and we will learn from our mistakes. So will you. That’s what the Rebel codes are for… a moral compass when a reminder is needed of your ever important role in the Rebellion and what it is you represent to the fitness family all around you. To help, let these words call to attention like a raised flag whenever you feel yourself sliding;

Remember that you will NEVER get rid of your demons, you merely tame them. You are the circus conductor sticking your head in the lion’s mouth. It’s up to you whether the lion bites down or not. When life is spiraling out of control, you ALWAYS have a tight grip on one thing… The decisions you make and the perspective you take.

This winter us Rebels are going to better a lot of lives, and it all starts with putting yours right up there with them. Let’s make these next 2 months unforgettable… AhhhOOOO!!!

– Rebel8

Rebel Code

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