To sum up the “Write-a-Rebel” program is easy; an excruciatingly simple way to make someone’s day (possibly in a life changing manner) while getting the opportunity to do a little self soul searching in the process. How so? Well, let me divulge…

All around the country there are appointed Rebel ambassadors in almost every single state. Tennessee, New Mexico, Connecticut, Texas, Michigan, California, Washington, Florida, Louisiana, and so on and so forth. What that looks like to me is a connection point… a root outstretched anxiously waiting to help deliver “soul nutrients.” Write-a-Rebel takes advantage of exactly that in a way that is becoming more and more unique in this day and age… with hand written letters.

Do you remember the thrill of receiving a letter in the mail that was filled out by hand, sealed WITHOUT the aid of a machine, and actually written for you and not just “current resident?” For some it’s a joy that never loses it’s luster and only gains more shine as more time passes and this sentimental gem becomes more and more infrequent. “Write-a-Rebel” is a throwback to that moment only with a rebellious twist…

Doing the ordinary extraordinarily is a hallmark for the Rebellion and what makes this “ordinary” act such an endearing one. All you are tasked to do is write a letter to an embodiment of yourself. It’s as easy as beginning your letter with “Dearest Rebel,” and then going on from there! It helps to imagine a time when you were going through a personal struggle or experiencing a tough triumph. It goes along with the adage of “if I only knew then what I know now…” only this is your chance to fill somebody else in on such golden information. Whether it be pen-to-paper, pencil-on-parchment, or crayon-on-a-napkin it’s not the most eloquent scriptures that are going to be the most impacting… It’s the ones that get done. Don’t worry about your spelling, whether you’re saying the right thing, your handwriting, or any other sort of self critical analysis that will stop you from experiencing something awesome for two… Just do it!

Then, give them to me. I’ll send them to where they’re supposed to go… Easy. To give you even more of an idea, here is the letter I’ve written (and photocopied since, you know… That’s a lot of writing…) that is being sent out to each Rebel recipient in need:

IMG_6221Thank you Rebels… Thank you for continually expanding your comfort zones and working out the strongest muscles you’ve got not just in yourselves but in all those around you; your hearts and your souls. 


– Rebel8

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