1st OYO Circus Workout!

Chaplin Rebel


Each week an OYO (“On Your Own”) workout will be released right here on Timetorebel.com as well as posted at the gym. Participants in the 15th Rebel Transformation Challenge are committed to 2 boot camps a week in the “Rebel Room” at Anytime Fitness as well as this 3rd workout! Each OYO workout will always correlate with what we are doing in the boot camps each week so you don’t have to worry about any overlap. For instance our first week of boot camps consists of Lower Body and Upper Body so get ready for some good Core work to tie it all together!

Some of these exercises will be difficult to figure out at first. Some will be confusing and raise questions. Some will feel like you need a Masters in Rocket Science one second and then… CLICK, it all makes sense! If you haven’t maneuvered the gym/an exercise routine on your own before then you are the very person this is meant for. Let me be clear… This is not meant to take your precious time away from you with “homework.” This is your chance to have a professional guide you in learning how to operate your body the same way you learned how to operate your car, cell phone, job, or anything else essential to your livelihood.

This is meant to get you outside of your comfort zone in such a way that you are made better for it. These workouts are designed to improve your quality of living by not only setting the ultimate foundation for those of you in need of one but also enhances the foundation of those looking for a boost! By the end of these 3 months the goal is to be moving better with a stronger body while learning how to stay consistent with your life style change and new habits so as to minimize “backtracking” from here on out. In essence, you get in what you put in. This works if you work it and for a lot of you that is the TRUE task; to stick to something long after your initial motivation to get through the tough spots are gone but the desire for the end goal is still there. Sometimes it feels easier to talk yourself out of something rather than putting the agonizing work into something… Well those “sometimes” are in the past Rebels… It’s time to work towards a better you! 

Week 1

Reference Guide for the Workout above


To set yourself up in proper plank position lay down stomach first on your mat and set your forearms up down on the mat (turning your arms in “L’s” as in the photograph) and position your feet shoulder width apart. Tighten your quads (thigh muscles… you’ll feel your knees rise off the floor), then tighten your glutes (butt muscles) like you’re trying to bounce a quarter off those suckers! Finally, lift your hips until you are making a straight line from your shoulder to your hip to your heel. Congratulations, perfect plank position! From here, if you need to bring your knees down to help support your lower back (as illustrated) then feel free to do so!


Place your BOSU down on the ground with the blue side up. Go ahead and stand on top with your feet shoulder width apart while holding your medicine ball chest level with your elbows slightly flared. From here twist in one direction at the torso (not simply with your arms) then twist to the other side! Your balance will be getting a good test here, so if you need to start on the ground please do so.


Get in a push-up position with your feet in a wide stance. Simulating a bear crawl, bring one foot as far up to your hand as possible, leave it there, bring the other leg up to the other hand, then bring your legs back to original position before repeating.


Take a seat and flatten your body as much as you can, using your arms positioned behind you for support. Then, crunch together at the abdomen! If your lower back starts to bug you, keep one foot on the floor at all times and crunch one leg at a time.


Take a seat and get in a V-sit position. If able, keep your feet off the floor. In this position, reach as high up as you can in an attempt to touch the ceiling. Focus on feeling your torso stretch out and even add a bit of twist to get as much leverage as possible. The more stretch, the better. Alternate each arm with the picking!


This one can be done in a knee plank position OR traditional, depending on ability. From a plank position, be sure to take a wide stance with your toes, Reach all the way up like you’re trying to touch the ceiling, go back down to a plank, and alternate to the other side!

– Ringmaster8

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