2nd OYO Circus Workout!

2nd Week

Click on the workout photo to download the complete workout, reference guide, and track sheet! AhhhOOO!!

Week 1 of the OYO workouts came and went QUICK! The volume is stepped up a bit in week 2 while still sticking to the relative basics for building upon a solid foundation while also complimenting the prior weeks worth of boot camps. To scope out/download/refresh the 1st OYO Core Workout CLICK HERE.

You get the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t do Rebels! AhhhOOOO!!!!

Reference Guide

Wall-Sit w/ Calve Raises

Keep your feet together on this one as you get as close to 90 degrees with your legs as able in a seated position while raising onto your toes repeatedly for a nice calf squeeze while you’re at it.

Lunge to Knee Drive

Go from a full stationary lunge to driving your knee upward towards your chest before dropping back down into a lunge. Repeat! Remember to be mindful of your range of motion. Not only is it important to only go down as far as your body will allow but to also be aware of not working to your full potential with your range of motion (meaning if you can get a lower lunge than you are then you are short changing yourself… stop it.)

Leg Press Machine

Once those skills are learned, pick a weight (not too easy but don’t go for the whole stack of weight or anything…), set your feet shoulder width apart with your knees over your feet, adjust the seat so your legs make a 90 degree angle (or as close to as you can get comfortably), and push! When your legs are fully extended remember NOT to lock your knees. You can get full extension without locking, trust me. From there control your way back down and repeat!

Proper Squat Drill

For this one you’re going to find a blank spot on the wall and set yourself up with your back to it. Now you’ll want to take a shoulder width stance anywhere from 6 inches to a foot away from the wall, extend your arms all the way in front of you, and bend at the knees while trying to touch your butt to the wall. Being careful not to rest against the wall (just lightly touch it) you can move farther away from the wall to get lower and closer to the wall if you’re not able to go that far down without falling backwards or hurting your knee. Congratulations, you just did a proper squat! This trains your body how to do a squat the RIGHT way!

Stationary BOSU Lunges

Start with the black side of the BOSU upward. Be sure to step in the center of the BOSU to maintain balance and form. Also, be sure to have a long enough stride that you are on the toe of your back foot. The goal is to have your front knee stay above your feet and your back knee drive straight down to the floor.

BOSU Lateral Jumps

Start out with one foot atop the center of a BOSU (blue side) with the other foot on the floor. Hop from one side to the other (landing in a semi-crouched position), all while keeping your dumbbells up. If not able to hop, simply transfer each foot side to side with no jump involved.

Wide Stance "Prisoner" Squats w/ Twist

Take a wide stance squat position with your toes pointed out for proper hip alignment. Squat down center before simultaneously squatting while twisting your torso, making sure to alternate each twist. Remember to full squeeze your butt and hips at the top point of the motion and get as far of a stretch down as you properly can on the bottom end of the spectrum!

TRX Calve Raises

Extend your arms in front of you and stay on your toes. In this position push your heels to the ground then raise up on your toes again while squeezing your calves. Repeat! Note: The farther back you are the more difficult it will be.

– Ringmaster8

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