Rebel InterMISSION – 5 Weeks of Fitness!


Thinking about joining the Fitness Rebellion but want to check it out before you make the commitment? Looking to stay tethered to the Fitness Rebellion to help keep from going off the rails between the next major group challenge beginning early June (dates TBA)? 

No matter your reasoning… Welcome to the Fitness Rebellion InterMISSION! A 5 week anchor program in which we meet every Wednesday night @ 6pm for a 1 hour Rebel workout and all the fixin’s! Not only that but each week you’ll ALSO receive an OYO (on your own) workout to give you a blueprint to keep your personal health journey on point!


                     An OYO example workout!

If all that sounds good to you then the cost is a mere $50! The only thing left you’ve got to do is sign-up below… AhhhOOO!!!

❤ Rebel8

One comment on “Rebel InterMISSION – 5 Weeks of Fitness!

  1. I will be there.  See you  tomorrow night.  Cynthia 

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