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As a certified personal trainer, massive weight loser, and current fitness competitor, I’m here to help. As a kid, I made EXTREMELY poor diet choices and decided to be inactive while I put down those poor diet choices. The result: a 15 year old boy who checked in at 5’3” and 265 lbs. As a freshmen in High School, I had had enough…

I was tired of wearing sweatshirts in 110 degree weather. I was tired of feeling ashamed whenever I ate ANYTHING. I was tired of the ridicule (children are cruel, we all know that), I was tired of never feeling comfortable in my own skin, and I was tired of my parents concern for me as well as my concern for myself.

So I hit the gym. 3 years later, I’d achieved what most people considered to be the impossible; I had lost 90 lbs. I’d also grown 7 inches and achieved the lean swimmers physique I had sought after for so long. A problem arose however… The entire 3 year span I had spent in the gym and seeking out proper dieting, the goal was weight loss.

Well, I’d done it, so what now?

That was when I was introduced to the world of steroid free body building. I had found my niche. Through fitness competing, I was able to give myself constant goals and new challenges, allowing me to learn and grow as I furthered climbed the fitness ladder. It didn’t start out easy, and trust me, I made a LOT of mistakes. I did, however, persevere and was able to make a reality what only a few short years earlier had been an impossibility.

What I’m trying to say is I’m in this for the passion. My total body transformation was and still is my greatest accomplishment, allowing me to have the confidence, self esteem, self worth, presence of mind, knowledge base, and passion for life some people only dream of achieving. To have the ability to share, create, and give that not only someone else, but MANY other people is a long time dream that I’m currently making a reality. Cliché’s aside, make that dream of yours a reality too!

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  1. Bravo to you!!!! Our stories are ironically similar. I lost my wieght in my early/mid 20’s. I lost the weight, 80lbs also…. thought that’s all I needed to do, so then I spent the next 15 years in the state I was…. No longer fat, but not 100% healthy either. I’d describe it as “skinny fat” I ate somewhat clean, but also splurged with fatty rewards etc. I didn’t gain any of the weight back, but I stayed “flabby” is the best way to describe it. No one knew this but me, simply because in clothes, I looked good. Approx. 5 years ago, I guess I could say, I’ve been reborn, refocussed and today, I work-out daily, I love it! I do cardio classes as well as daily weight training. This coupled with an actual accurate “Clean and Healthy” diet, am almost to my dream goal. I say that half believing it, as once I reach a goal, I set a new one 😉 Sound familiar?! At any rate, at 41years old, I am now a Certified Personal Trainer, active Group Trainer, and am “Giving Back”, giving back to anyone that wants to hear my story or gain some guidance….. why? You know that very answer as it’s the same reason you do it! Because I have a gift, that I can share, and will. Life is short, I am full of energy each and every day, enough energy to work my normal job, yet go to the gym to get my 2 hr workout in, as well as cross-talk with clients, friends, and motivate others that need it. Honestly, not for any financial reason, more to “Pay it Forward!” God Bless!!! If our paths should ever cross, I’m guessing we would compete for time to share our stories, and how we can make others better. I’ve just started to stumble around this site as I was given your link by a Professional Friend/Counter Part. I’m glad she did, as you motivation hits very close to home. Postivie Energy is more powerful a tool than most will every understand! Keep doing what you’re doing, as I know I will. It brings me happiness and completes who I am! Shawn Jakes

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