Rebel S.O.B. – Complete Challenge Schedule

S.O.B. Beach Yang

Welcome to the Summer of Balance!

For the first time in a challenge 2 Rebel factions, the Winders and the Grinders, will be intertwined together! 2 cosmic forces fused together in symbiotic harmony. Complimentary forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the individually assembled parts. Basically we’ve got to wind it up then grind it out together and the finished product is going to be AMAZING.

Bookmark this page. Take a screen shot of it on your phone. Print it out and post it where it is most visible. This is your compass for this challenge. You will find every important date, time, and detail here. You can see what muscle groups we’ll be working on at each boot camp so you can plan your own personal workouts around them with no overlap.

Before we get to the calendar of events it’s important you know about:

The Rebel-Yum

Lettuce Turnip the Beet

Click the photo for full details on what our food support group “The Rebel-yum” is all about, how you can benefit, and how to be a part of it!

This challenge marks the return of the “Rebel-yum!” What is it? For full details, click on the picture of that badass kid wearing the shirt I want super bad. Meetings are every Monday @ 7:30PM and last for 45 minutes (beginning July 7th and facilitated by yours truly so to stick to the 45 minute time limit). In food group, you’ll find new perspectives you might not have thought of before. You’ll find you’re not the only one having a tough time. You’ll be a part of a support group set and ready to help you keep track whether in person, via facebook, or through popular health and nutrition apps such as “Lose It!” or “My Fitness Pal.” You’ll also have the ability to share what YOU know that could possibly help someone else! We’ve all accumulated a lot of experience on this journey we call life… Let’s put it all together and make figuring it out easier!

Click the photo to "Like" our "Rebel Runners 3k - 10k" Facebook page and sign up to run with us!!

Click the photo to “Like” our “Rebel Runners 3k – 10k” Facebook page that takes place smack dab in the middle of our Summer of Balance! and sign up to run with us!! ALL proceeds to benefit local youth charities

The Official Schedule

Days/Times: Tuesday@7PM & Saturday@10AM OR Wednesday@6PM & Saturday@12PM

June 28th (Saturday) @ 12pmOrientation! You will pick up your “Rebel Packet” this day
June 30th (Monday) @ 5:30pm/6:30pm – Measurements for BOTH DAYS. Tuesday meets for measurements @ 5:30pm and Wednesday will meet @ 6:30pm. There will be a make-up date announced AFTER this day.
July 1st/2nd (Tuesday/Wednesday)Starting Fit Tests!
July 5th (Saturday) @ 10am- Workout at the park for BOTH TEAMS! Rather than start the first official boot camp of the S.O.B. challenge on July 4th weekend where a lot of people may have to miss due to family/vacation plans (and that’s not the tone we want to set for this challenge) This boot camp will be for BOTH teams at Harvest Park (2327 Summer Creek Dr.) at 10am to get an early start to what will surely be a festive weekend! That, or it’ll be good to work off the hangover from the night prior ;). THIS IS NOT A SHOWDOWN WORKOUT! This will be a true group workout, no competition (except with yourself of course).
July 7th (Monday) @7:30pm – Return of the Rebel-Yum!
July 8th/9th (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Legs! 1st official boot camp of the Summer of Balance challenge! We will be returning to “The Yard” as well as wall-sitting ferociously to this challenges team song for the 1st time together. Prepare to learn proper lunge and squat mechanics as we go over extensively how a lung/squat is supposed to look and feel (veterans this applies to you!)
July 11th (Friday) @ 6:30pm – 7:30pm – A 1 time FOAM ROLLING DEMO! Open to both teams, you will learn in a hands on way how to alleviate basic tension spots all over your body all while learning the how and why of it. Tight calves, tight hips, tight shoulders… They very well could become a thing of the past once you learn this stuff!
July 12th (Saturday) – Upper Body! 1st Weekend Weigh-in! Every week we will keep a barometer of where you’re at. Weigh-in will be AFTER boot camp every Saturday. If you’re anxious, Click HERE for my thoughts on the scale that should help out.
July 15th/16th (Tuesday/Wednesday)Core! Rebel style plank, partner crunches, 4 corporals, and more! We will also be starting and finishing with a mental exercise regarding finding our own personal balance.
July 19th (Saturday) –
Balance! Time to work on your stabilizing muscles while keeping your body as warmed up as possible for the Rebel Runners Fun Run the next day… More importantly it’s SHIRT DAY!!! Even more important than that…


July 20th (Sunday)Rebel Runners 3k to10k! ALL proceeds to benefit local youth!! CLICK THE LINK TO SIGN UP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH THE REBELLION!!
July 22nd/23rd (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Upper Body! In order to give your legs a rest from the wicked awesome job you did on the fun run a few days prior, we’re going to get back to the northern region of your body. AhhhOOOO!!!!
July 26th (Saturday) – Legs! If it’s burnin’, it’s workin’…
July 29th/30 (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Core! If it were easy then it wouldn’t be special…
August 2nd (Saturday) – You are going to be left to your own devices with a specialized OYO that you can do at any time! Where will I be? Attending Erik “The Punisher” Sherwood and Jackie Mitchell’s wedding! Seeing as how it is a gym affair it would be hard to get a trainer to substitute… I asked Erik but he said he was busy… Fear nothowever! You will be given the ultimate opportunity to strut your Rebel stuff and step outside your comfort zone with a total body workout leaving you feeling great (with a touch of exhausted in there for good measure). Take command of your gym! Take command of your body! Regularly scheduled programming resumes Monday with Food Group.
August 5th/6th (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Upper Body! You get the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t do…
August 9th (Saturday) – Midpoint measurements! You will only be doing a weigh-in and circumferences measurements as this day is meant to give you a picture of how exactly your body has transformed in 5 mere weeks. Tuesday will still be meeting at 10am while the Wednesday team will be scaled back to 11am. I can no longer measure anybody who shows up past 11:40am due to time constraints. This opens up a Boot Camp blast for every Rebel to attend at 12:30pm! It will be at the gym and will be “Tough Mudder” style training in the yard in honor of next weekend…
August 12th/13th (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Balance II! 1st Theme… ORANGE AND BLACK! In honor of the giant rag tag group of Rebels we have trekking to Tahoe and running Tough Mudder this weekend it’s best to give the ultimate send off to the high number of 1st timers conquering North Star. Whatever orange and black gear you’ve got, wear it! Tough Mudder gear a plus! Have you done another mud run? Wear that stuff too!! LET’S CELEBRATE!!
August 16th (Saturday) – Legs! Since I will be gone with a sweet crew of juiced ruffians ready to jamboom some slopes in the name of Tough Muddery, you will be led by Anytime Fitness’ finest! Michelle LaBlue & Erik Sherwood will be filling in as they work over your legs while we work over that mountain. AhhhhOOOOO & HOOOOORRAAHHHHH
August 19th/20th (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Core! 2nd theme… 80’s!! Whether sporting some authentic 80’s gear or dressing in the bright neons that accentuated that decade come ready for a totally rad all 80’s soundtrack to get down with.
August 23rd (Saturday) – Upper Body! No frills, just a grimey Rebel arm beat down
August 26th/27th (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Total Body! 3rd theme… BLACKLIGHT 12.0!! The room is going to get blacked out as more blacklights than ever before are going to be hung in this nuclear wasteland of a radioactive Rebel room! Dress in as much white or fluorescent/neon clothing as you can!
August 30th (Saturday) – Legs! You’ve got to want it more than anything because anything can stop you…
September 1st (Monday) – Labor Day! No Rebel-Yum this day! Regular food group will resume the following week 🙂
September 2nd/3rd (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Core! 4th theme… VILLAGE PEOPLE! In honor of labor day you have a plethora of occupations to dress from… Cowboy, cop, construction worker, Indian, biker… Let’s have some fun and see who dresses as what as we become champions of our midsection. You will also be voting as a group on what you want NEXT WEEK’s theme to be! Results will be announced that very night to give you adequate time to prepare!
September 6th (Saturday) @11am – Workout at the park!! Both teams time split will be met in the middle as we gather at Harvest Park (2327 Summer Creek Dr.) in one giant group and enjoy some fun in the sun together as we work our total body. This is your opportunity to bring as many friends and family as you can to show them what being a Rebel is all about! This is NOT a competition workout, this is a group workout in the most fantastic sense!
September 9th/10th (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Upper Body! 5th theme… Whatever was voted on the week prior!
September 11th – 15th (Thursday through Monday)

Anytime Fitness Annual Conference!

I will be gone this week leaving you with another OYO to do on your own. The Unicorn, Bridget, John, Denise, and Myself will be representing in Scottsdale, Arizona with our shovels held high and AhhhOOOs on blast! I’m even leading a “Rebel Sun Rise” boot camp that Friday as Anytime Fitness folks from all over the world are going to get a taste of what you guys do every single day. AHHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!

September 16th/17th (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Final Boot Camp! Final theme… CAN’T DULL OUR SPARKLE!! In Rebel tradition we will be finishing the boot camps the way we started… with legs. It will be the exact workout you did day 1 to show you just how far you’ve come! As for the theme… Sparkle is the name of the game. Bright and vibrant… Make a statement! More importantly… Have fun with it ;). It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!
September 20th (Saturday) – Final Measurements! The exact same process as you did in the beginning. Mandatory to get your before/after certificate! There will be a make up day announced once these measurements are over. Come in at your regularly scheduled time (with cut offs being at 10:45am and 12:45am respectively)
September 23rd/24th (Tuesday/Wednesday) – Final Fit Test! Our final group hurrah as we do the same fit test we started with. This is personally one of my favorite parts of the entire challenge because the physical strength and ability you’ve attained by this point is off the charts! This will be the last chance to dig deep as a group so be sure not to miss the surge of Rebel energy on such a great day!
October 4th (time still to be determined):

Challenge Wrap Party & Award Ceremony!

Click on the photo to get pricing details (bottom of the page)!



Rebel vs Rebel – Schedule!

Cropped Rats Edited Smaller

I highly suggest making note and saving this page, put it in your favorite, print it out… do whatever you’ve got to do to always know what area of the body we will be working on, what to expect, what to wear on theme nights, and how to plan your OWN workouts accordingly!

Remember, there is a point system in play now. Each team will get a point for showing up, BRINGING SOMEONE, and staying for the boot camp afterwards, giving you a total of 3 possible total points per person, per team. The REST of the point system will be explained at orientation, so for now that is all you need to know 🙂

Feb. 2nd (Saturday) @ 12pm ORIENTATION

Feb. 5th/6th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Fit Tests!

Feb. 9th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Measurements!


Feb. 10th (Sunday) – TOUGH MUDDER TEMECULA!!!

This video doesn’t exist


Feb. 12th/13th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Team Blue and Team Purple’s (Team colors… not team names) 1st Boot Camp! The 1st boot camp is ALWAYS legs and we ALWAYS go to the back alley. Well lady-rebs and gentle-rebs, there will be a brand new, never before done twist to the back alley that will involve every bit of tradition with a bit more… stay tuned 😉
Lastly, you will be introduced to the UNIVERSAL team song on our final wall-sit. Each team will have their own team song, yet this will be our primary team song we ALL share. Rebels unite!

Rebel Boot Camp

Feb. 16th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – 1st weigh in! Every saturday we will hop on the scale as a barometer. To understand my philosophy on this sweet and sour measurement tool, click HERE. It won’t be easy, but I fully expect you to adopt this mindset. If it were easy it wouldn’t be special… As for the workout… UPPER BODY! Get ready for a scream circle too…

Feb. 19th/20th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Core! This will also be the day you get your shirts AND learn what your SPECIFIC team song is while doing a rebel style plank!

Feb. 23rd (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Yingyangerang workout #3! Balance and stability tested in a way we’ve never done before!

Feb. 26th/27th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Legs! No back alley, but don’t be thankful just yet…

Mar. 2nd (Saturday) @ 11am – SHOWDOWN AT THE PARK! This meeting time is for BOTH teams. I chose 11am to split the difference between both teams scheduled meet times. This will be epic… Winner will get not only ultimate bragging rights for who wins the first showdown, but also a TBD amount of points to be added to your team’s point total at the end! Expect a fun yet gritty showdown with ALL team orientated activities. Think Tug-of-war and shovel relay races. Let the games begin! This workout will be rain or shine, so prepare accordingly!

Hulk vs Hulk

Mar. 5th/6th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – DRESS LIKE JOSH DAY (Upper Body)!! Last challenge, Team Nova surprised me by showing up in shorty-shorts, head bands, and painting soul patches on their faces. Some even had crazy socks and bandanas tied around their knees! I loved it so much, I’m making an official theme out of it. The reason I loved it so much? Because it got people out of their comfort zone (my outfits aren’t the easiest to feel comfortable in!) and it was the most charged workout of the challenge. Best dressed between the 2 teams gets 5 extra points 😉

Josh and Bud

Mar. 9th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Midway measurements! There will be no OFFICIAL boot camp this day so as to re-measure all you rebels and see where you’re at! I LOVE this day because it allows the people who don’t think much is happening to see a LOT is happening. There is no make-up day for measurement day, but this will ALSO be point based. Meaning, you lose a point if you don’t show up. Thems the breaks! We will ONLY being doing measurements and weigh in. There will be a boot camp at 1:30pm where we will meet at the gym and will either workout inside OR at the park depending on the amount of people who show up. This will also be point based…

Mar. 12th/13th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @6:30pm – Blacklight 8.0 (Core)! Come decked out in your best white and neon attire so we can light that room up like Fern Gully! Best dressed out of the two teams gets 5 extra points 😉

Mar. 16th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Legs! AhhOOO!!!

Mar. 19th/20th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – COLOR WHEEL THEME (total body balance)!! Come dressed in every color you can possibly imagine. Leave the darker shaded clothing articles at home as you make a STATEMENT!! Best dressed out of the two teams gets 5 extra points 😉

Mar. 23rd (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Upper body! AhhhOOO!!!

Mar. 26th/27th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Core! We will also being foregoing a theme this night so that you can VOTE!! I will be setting up a ballot box with slips of paper to write down your choice of what theme you would like the following week! You can get together with your team and decide on something or you can treat it like every person for themselves… just make it fun! I will tabulate BOTH days separately, meaning each team will have their OWN theme. I will be announcing the theme for the following week the very night you will be voting :). AhhOOO!!!

Mar. 30th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Legs! AhhOOO!!!

Apr. 2nd/3rd (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – WILDCARD TEAM THEME (Upper body)! Whatever was decided upon the previous week will be the theme this week. No extra points awarded since each theme will be different for each team.

Apr. 6th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Core! AhhOOO!!!

Apr. 9th/10th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – 80s NIGHT (Legs)!!! Come in all your greatest 80’s attire because we are going to have a BALL! I keep this one in every single challenge because… well, it’s awesome!We will be doing the exact same workout as your first boot camp to showcase the progress! This also marks our last individual team workout before the final showdown the coming Saturday…


Apr. 13th (Saturday) @ 11am – Final showdown at the park! Same rules apply as the first showdown… May the odds be ever in your favor!


Apr. 16th/17th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Final Fit Tests!

Apr. 20th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Final Measurements!

Apr. 27th (Saturday) – Challenge party! Details to be determined and announced!

We still have a few weeks left and I have a handful of spots open! Click HERE to get pricing details ($325-4$00 depending for 3 straight months which includes your very own custom rebel shirt hand made by myself and all the other little extras NOT showcased on this schedule)

If you want one of those spots, fill out the form below and you are in!

You get the results people don’t get by doing the work that people don’t do

If in need of a little inspiration…


I felt that some of you partaking in this current challenge who are new to the Rebellion don’t quite know what drives him. Well, I just so happen to have a few videos that share his story in a nutshell, so when you hear his screams ring out in that aerobic room, you know this is where it comes from… The first video was made by a professional filmmaker friend of Tye’s to help tell his story to Anytime Fitness and more so, whoever would be inspired by it. 

The second video is a slideshow I made to “Fix You” by Javier Colon for Tye and his amazing/gorgeous wife Bobbi to commemorate how far they’ve come when Tye became a certified personal trainer through the NASM.

Also, in honor of the most amazing midpoint measurement day I’ve ever experienced, I wanted to reshare a video that never gets old. A reminder about the scale that we were ALL reminded of today…

Lastly, I also wanted to share the slideshow I made of our last Tough Mudder experience in Temecula this last February. I cannot WAIT for September. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience… I can’t wait to earn another headband but more importantly… go through another turbulent journey and become bonded with my closest friends all over again :).


– Rebel8


Get a positive flower!

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder that this Friday and Saturday, boot camps are replaced with circumference measurements! This means we are almost at the official halfway point!

I will be measuring your neck, chest,waist, belly button, hips, arm, and thigh as well as doing your halfway point weigh-in and testing your body fat percentage. That’s it! No photo, no fit test, no forms… Just those 3 things. Once you’re done, you can leave! Now, let me tell you why I love the midway measurements so much…

For those of you where the scale hasn’t dropped the massive lbs you’ve been looking for it to drop, it provides a MUCH better perspective. Your body is changing! I can’t tell you how many times someone comes up to me and says “I didn’t lose any weight this week… I’m so pissed… I mean, my clothes ARE fitting better but when’s the scale going to match?!”

If your clothes are fitting better, and your weight doesn’t put you into a health crisis, and you’re not a horse jockey who needs to make weight in order to have a legitimate chance at winning the triple crown, then why does the scale have to match? If your energy is up, you’re taking care of yourself, exercising consistently and with a purpose, eating better, clothes are  fitting better… Yet the scale isn’t telling you what you want to hear… Then isn’t the scale the LEAST important factor in all of this? 

The answer is yes.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that the scale NEVER needs to move. That doesn’t mean weight loss is meaningless and doesn’t need to happen. It means that the toughest thing to do in a fitness journey is to actually enjoy the journey. Becoming too fixated on something that is meant to be a LIFETIME HABIT is a quick train to frustratedburg (located just outside Peoria, Illinois).

The point I’m getting at is measurement day showcases a lot of things the scale can’t. For some it will be a defibrillator to your drive. For others, a reminder to step it up. For many, another mile marker on an incredible journey.

Lastly, I have a boot camp going on Saturday, June 9th at 1pm. It will be outdoors so dress accordingly! Claritin and sunblock and whatnot… The cost is $10 and the duration will be about an hour and fifteen minutes. We are meeting at the gym and taking off from there!

See you soon Rebels…

– Rebel8

PS Outdoor boot camps are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well so be prepared! The week after that… Blacklight 6.0… 😉

PPS I don’t have time to do makeup measurements for any times other than the times for boot camp. Thanks for the understanding 🙂