Rebel Tunes!

Rebel Music Β  One thing I love is music. I mean I absolutely LOVE it. Beyond love. I know I’m far from the only one, but I felt the proclamation necessary anyway. To me, music makes the world go round and I firmly believe that often times you are one good song away from turning things around if you let it work it’s magic (and also know what kind of music moves you… very important!).Another thing I believe is that music can make or break a good workout, which is why we’re here right now; to refresh your music player!

What I want to do is post a playlist of songs my personal music player that ridiculously rev me up and/or are proven bootcamp smashers! Like I said above, finding what kind of music moves you can be tricky and sometimes takes a lot of checking! You won’t like ALL of these songs (some of you will like NONE of them, a reality I sadly yet completely accept :D). Some of these are good cardio pacers while others are meant for that moment when you’re trying to get ballistic in a workout… and everything in between.

Click on the song, take a listen, and if you like it then find a way to get it! I’m merely exhibiting songs I think are awesome workout tunes, not providing you with the song itself (you’ve got to roll up your own sleeves and figure that part out yourself). Sure, some of you are going to know every single song on here and for you, eager reader and avid music lover, I give you a gold star!

Gold star

A gold star for everyone who can’t wait to tell me that they have every single song I posted on their iPod and that I need to put up better music. There’s always at least one… So here ya go!

I plan on making a “Rebel Tunes” music section on here with updates every 1-2 weeks, so be on the lookout! Also, coinciding with the launch of the 15th Rebel challenge “Big Top Battle: Cirque De Rebellion” starting February 16th (orientation day aka MY BIRTHDAY THAT I SHAMELESSLY PLANNED THE ORIENTATION ON SO THAT I CAN SAY THAT ALL I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY IS FOR YOU TO SHOW UP TO REBEL ORIENTATION… BLACK LIGHT ORIENTATION… BIRTHDAY!!!!!) I’ll be giving out the completed, recorded version of my song from the video below so be on the lookout for that bit of eccentricity as well!

Angel Haze – A Tribe Called Red
3OH!3 – Touchin’ on My
Machine Gun Kelly – Invincible
B.O.B. – Paper Route
John Newman – Losing Sleep
Kings of Leon – Coming Back Again
Bassnectar – Pennywise Tribute
Natalia Kills – Mirrors
Biffy Clyro – Picture a Knife Fight
Grouplove – Chloe
Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s a New Day)
Down with Webster – Time to Win!
Krewella – Alive
Drake feat. Travis Barker – Forever (Travis Barker Remix)
Sleigh Bells – Crush
P!nk – Timebomb
Tech N9ne – The Beast
Avicii – Hey Brother
Yelawolf feat. Kid Rock – Let’s Roll
John Legend – Who Did That to You?
Rev Theory – Hell Yeah
Spiderbait – Black Betty

– Rebel8

Rebels – “What About Us” Music Video


Our latest Rebellion fitness ballad πŸ˜‰

This video doesn’t exist

On Sunday, April 14th a group of fabulous rebels got together to film something fun. That’s it. Nothing else involved but a fun idea and rebels implementing it.Β 

Formerly going by “The Everydays” until I found there is already a band by that name out there, we go by the “All the Times” since we have one speed!

For good measure, here’s the original song and video by “The Saturdays” this was all based off of :).

Welcome to the Rebellion…

– Rebel8

Rebel vs Rebel: Return of the SLIDESHOW

Over the last 3 months, we’ve told a story. This is a preview to that story…

Full presentation April 27th, 2013.

This video doesn’t exist

– Rebel8


Today marks the second time I have had to ask the wonderful trainers I have the pleasure of calling my co-workers and friends to substitute a couple Rebel boot camps while I head out to put the Rebellion on film.

Last time, I recorded this little number:

This video doesn’t exist

This time around I made a ZUMBA video with the help of Jessica LaVenter, Jamie Bywater, Kelly Moody, and David Moody! I’ll be doing a full write-up on Zumba and how it’s “exercise in disguise” (thanks Jess) but in the meantime… watch how much fun you’re missing :).

This video doesn’t exist

– Rebel8Β 

How Each Shirt is Made…

Over the course of this rebellion, I’ve made quite a few videos centered around the shirts, banners, and other rebel paraphernaliaΒ I make in my garage. Often times they are sped up or edited in a more “entertaining” way so you’re not just watching me make something in real time.Β 

This is not one of those times.

This video is the EXACT process that went into each one of your shirts, Rebels. Nothing is sped up or edited in any way. I had the Unicorn act as a fly on the wall and record how one of these rebel superhero uniforms is made start to finish.

The shirt being made here is David Moody’s. I chose his shirt to tape because… I just did :).

So if you want to see the forging of your superhero uniform and have a little extra time, press play!

This video doesn’t exist

– Rebel8

Rebel vs Rebel: Teams Announced

Warriors – Every Tuesday @ 6:30pm & Saturday @ 12pm

This video doesn’t exist

Lori DeMarco
Lori Lablue
Tammy Moratto
Maggie Schuck
Marco Avalos
Kathi Belcher-Tyler
Lori Knapp
Kayla Waldner
Stephanie Stevenson
Ruben Martinez
Pete Macias
May Lissa De La Serna
Carlo Piscitello
Chenoa Busic

Vigilantes – Every Wednesday @ 6:30pm & Saturday @ 10am

This video doesn’t exist

Cara Jones
Jisaela Tenney
Darlene Catania
David Moody
Kelly Moody
Lucy Avalos
Kelly Dawson
Justin Zuiderweg
Julia Wood
Sam Enos
Alaura Finger
Karen Solberg
Alyssa Solberg
Jody Livingston
Alyx J Livingston Seagull
Austin Finch
Karin Bowhall
Michelle D Huntley
Christin Douth
Suzanne Pelz
Tami Tuminello
Leah Bayly
Kristina Tovani
James Tovani
Kaila Finch

Rebel vs Rebel – Schedule!

Cropped Rats Edited Smaller

I highly suggest making note and saving this page, put it in your favorite, print it out… do whatever you’ve got to do to always know what area of the body we will be working on, what to expect, what to wear on theme nights, and how to plan your OWN workouts accordingly!

Remember, there is a point system in play now. Each team will get a point for showing up, BRINGING SOMEONE, and staying for the boot camp afterwards, giving you a total of 3 possible total points per person, per team. The REST of the point system will be explained at orientation, so for now that is all you need to know πŸ™‚

Feb. 2nd (Saturday) @ 12pm ORIENTATION

Feb. 5th/6th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Fit Tests!

Feb. 9th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Measurements!


Feb. 10th (Sunday) – TOUGH MUDDER TEMECULA!!!

This video doesn’t exist


Feb. 12th/13th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Team Blue and Team Purple’s (Team colors… not team names) 1st Boot Camp! The 1st boot camp is ALWAYS legs and we ALWAYS go to the back alley. Well lady-rebs and gentle-rebs, there will be a brand new, never before done twist to the back alley that will involve every bit of tradition with a bit more… stay tuned πŸ˜‰
Lastly, you will be introduced to the UNIVERSAL team song on our final wall-sit. Each team will have their own team song, yet this will be our primary team song we ALL share. Rebels unite!

Rebel Boot Camp

Feb. 16th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – 1st weigh in! Every saturday we will hop on the scale as a barometer. To understand my philosophy on this sweet and sour measurement tool, click HERE. It won’t be easy, but I fully expect you to adopt this mindset. If it were easy it wouldn’t be special… As for the workout… UPPER BODY! Get ready for a scream circle too…

Feb. 19th/20th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Core! This will also be the day you get your shirts AND learn what your SPECIFIC team song is while doing a rebel style plank!

Feb. 23rd (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Yingyangerang workout #3! Balance and stability tested in a way we’ve never done before!

Feb. 26th/27th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Legs! No back alley, but don’t be thankful just yet…

Mar. 2nd (Saturday) @ 11am – SHOWDOWN AT THE PARK! This meeting time is for BOTH teams. I chose 11am to split the difference between both teams scheduled meet times. This will be epic… Winner will get not only ultimate bragging rights for who wins the first showdown, but also a TBD amount of points to be added to your team’s point total at the end! Expect a fun yet gritty showdown with ALL team orientated activities. Think Tug-of-war and shovel relay races. Let the games begin! This workout will be rain or shine, so prepare accordingly!

Hulk vs Hulk

Mar. 5th/6th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – DRESS LIKE JOSH DAY (Upper Body)!! Last challenge, Team Nova surprised me by showing up in shorty-shorts, head bands, and painting soul patches on their faces. Some even had crazy socks and bandanas tied around their knees! I loved it so much, I’m making an official theme out of it. The reason I loved it so much? Because it got people out of their comfort zone (my outfits aren’t the easiest to feel comfortable in!) and it was the most charged workout of the challenge. Best dressed between the 2 teams gets 5 extra points πŸ˜‰

Josh and Bud

Mar. 9th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Midway measurements! There will be no OFFICIAL boot camp this day so as to re-measure all you rebels and see where you’re at! I LOVE this day because it allows the people who don’t think much is happening to see a LOT is happening. There is no make-up day for measurement day, but this will ALSO be point based. Meaning, you lose a point if you don’t show up. Thems the breaks! We will ONLY being doing measurements and weigh in. There will be a boot camp at 1:30pm where we will meet at the gym and will either workout inside OR at the park depending on the amount of people who show up. This will also be point based…

Mar. 12th/13th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @6:30pm – Blacklight 8.0 (Core)! Come decked out in your best white and neon attire so we can light that room up like Fern Gully! Best dressed out of the two teams gets 5 extra points πŸ˜‰

Mar. 16th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Legs! AhhOOO!!!

Mar. 19th/20th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – COLOR WHEEL THEME (total body balance)!! Come dressed in every color you can possibly imagine. Leave the darker shaded clothing articles at home as you make a STATEMENT!! Best dressed out of the two teams gets 5 extra points πŸ˜‰

Mar. 23rd (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Upper body! AhhhOOO!!!

Mar. 26th/27th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Core! We will also being foregoing a theme this night so that you can VOTE!! I will be setting up a ballot box with slips of paper to write down your choice of what theme you would like the following week! You can get together with your team and decide on something or you can treat it like every person for themselves… just make it fun! I will tabulate BOTH days separately, meaning each team will have their OWN theme. I will be announcing the theme for the following week the very night you will be voting :). AhhOOO!!!

Mar. 30th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Legs! AhhOOO!!!

Apr. 2nd/3rd (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – WILDCARD TEAM THEME (Upper body)! Whatever was decided upon the previous week will be the theme this week. No extra points awarded since each theme will be different for each team.

Apr. 6th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Core! AhhOOO!!!

Apr. 9th/10th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – 80s NIGHT (Legs)!!! Come in all your greatest 80’s attire because we are going to have a BALL! I keep this one in every single challenge because… well, it’s awesome!We will be doing the exact same workout as your first boot camp to showcase the progress! This also marks our last individual team workout before the final showdown the coming Saturday…


Apr. 13th (Saturday) @ 11am – Final showdown at the park! Same rules apply as the first showdown… May the odds be ever in your favor!


Apr. 16th/17th (Tuesday/Wednesday) @ 6:30pm – Final Fit Tests!

Apr. 20th (Saturday) @ 10am & 12pm – Final Measurements!

Apr. 27th (Saturday) – Challenge party! Details to be determined and announced!

We still have a few weeks left and I have a handful of spots open! Click HERE to get pricing details ($325-4$00 depending for 3 straight months which includes your very own custom rebel shirt hand made by myself and all the other little extras NOT showcased on this schedule)

If you want one of those spots, fill out the form below and you are in!

You get the results people don’t get by doing the work that people don’t do

Rebel vs Rebel – Return of the Beast… Sign Up Now!

It’s Time to Begin…

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CLICK HERE for boot camp dates and pricing details!

Fill out the form below if you’d like to reserve your spot πŸ˜‰

Cropped Rats Edited Smaller