Rise 2 Fall: The Movie

Want to see what a “typical” Fitness Rebellion challenge consists of? Check out:

Rise 2 Fall: The Movie

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FRN2 – Fitness Rebellion Heroes: The Movie


Fitness Rebellion Heroes: The Movie

40 Fitness Rebels got together the summer of 2015 and took a trip to fitness Wonderland. This is that story broken apart into 8 chronological (mostly) chapters. Through this roller coaster of a journey 3 things have been constant and true… There is always an adventure to be had, a lesson to be learned, and a shoulder to lean on when you participate in life. So do it. Dare to grab life by the chutneys and demand the happiness you deserve.

Or dont… it’s up it you.

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Rebel Summer of Balance Slideshow


This summer brought with it more amazing adventures than you can shake a stick at (you know… the universal yard marker for there being a lot of something). In 3 short months we experienced:

  • The 1st ever outdoor orientation workout
  • The return of our food group “The Rebel-Yum”
  • The 1st annual Rebel Run in which we raised $3,000 for TLC Family Services
  • Special guest Super Rebel Paul Trujillo
  • Rebel yoga in the park
  • Return of the Rebel Softball team
  • Our gym family’s own Erik & Jackie’s marriage
  • Tough Mudder in Tahoe with our largest Rebel group yet
  • The annual Anytime Fitness Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona

That’s not including all of the individual accomplishments, monumental firsts, tough lessons learned, and inspiration shared on a daily basis by everyone who participated in the 16th Rebel Transformation Challenge.

This slideshow follows the tradition started at the end of the 4th challenge years ago in which at the wrap party we celebrate in full force culminating in remembrance of the great 90 days we just got done experiencing together. If your curious about the Fitness Rebellion… This is it. Check it out!

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Big Top Battle: Circus Slideshow!

HCB vs Lion Tamers

At the end of every Rebel transformation challenge, there is a slideshow presentation that depicts our journey through photos, music, and videos accrued throughout. 

I present to you…

Big Top Battle: Cirque de Rebellion

A special message from all of our Rebel friends all over!

Finally, some Circus Shenanigans and Rebel Hi-jinks!




Rebel Mentality: Run or Dye


This last weekend on Saturday, November 2nd a rag-tag group of Rebels came together in true “one team, one dream” fashion to take part in the Run or Dye 5k at the Santa Rosa fairgrounds. The slideshow you’re (hopefully) about to watch is short and sweet. It tells the more-powerful-than-most-realize stories of somebody who has lost 16 lbs and 16 inches in a matter of months running her first ever 5k, someone who jogged the longest distance they’ve jogged in over 10 years, someone who has triumphantly conquered their first 5k weeks prior only to be taking on their second one with gusto, families coming together and running as one, being featured as the “Fan-Stand of the day!” on “Headstands for Humanity,” old friends reuniting and new friendships igniting, all with the backdrop being an excruciatingly awesome health based community event. If you’ve ever wanted to do something like this but have always felt like you were out of place then this video and subsequent post was made specifically for you. The people you see having the time of their lives felt the exact same way before taking a step outside of their comfort zone and into the greatest safety net you could possibly imagine; human beings with great hearts who want nothing more than to be accept and to accept with love being true North.

So go ahead, seize the day… You never know how bright the colors dancing all around you are until you allow yourself to dance with them.

Rebels Made of Brick – The Slideshow Experience

Puzzle Message

At the end of every challenge, a slideshow is presented depicting the adventure each Rebel just got done experiencing. Set to the music that over the last 3 months has come to be more powerful than just a simple song, each picture is a memory frozen forever. A story to be told with fondness, fatigue, and growth at the heart and soul of it all. I hope you enjoy watching the journey these Rebellious love soldiers trekked upon, and if all goes well you might even find a little bit of inspiration…

We are the bad news bears. The self proclaimed rejects and defects; puzzle pieces with unique edges that when brought together complete a grander picture. We are the Rebellion. We are here.

Full Slideshow:

To get the full slideshow experience with about 10 minutes of extra video footage and secret Rebel cameos, watch the full slideshow above. If you’d like to jump to a certain section of the slideshow without the bonuses in between, feel free to choose which segment below (they’re in order of start to finish)!

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Welcome to the Rebellion…

Rebel Roar (Slideshow)

Sometimes as Rebels, but more importantly as PEOPLE, we need a reminder of how awesome we truly are… as long as we allow ourselves to believe it. This is that reminder. Alone our Rebel Roar is mighty. Together, our Rebel Roar is unstoppable.


– Rebel8

Rebel vs Rebel: Return of the SLIDESHOW

Over the last 3 months, we’ve told a story. This is a preview to that story…

Full presentation April 27th, 2013.

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– Rebel8

Witness Rebels Make History…


The 11th challenge of the Hulk/Rebel legacy is officially coming to a close today.

Every challenge, I put together a slideshow from start to finish, telling a rough guided story of the highs and lows, experiences and memories, smiles and sweat… Everything is chronicled here.

I encourage everyone to watch, even if you have never been a part of the Rebellion before… The Rebellion is a mentality, not a “members only” group. Everyone is a Rebel family member, and these slideshows showcase exactly how much fun taking care of yourself and working your heart and soul with people who want the same thing. We all have different exteriors, but the INTERIOR, your heart and soul, is where we all share the same spirit…

These slideshows showcase exactly how amazing that human spirit is and all the incredible things born of it.


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– Rebel8


Rebe11ion Slideshow Teaser!

November 17th…

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Get ready for a good reason to celebrate!

– Rebel8