Rebel Winter Rescue


Rebel Winter Rescue!

If you’re searching for the details on the 14th Rebel challenge starting in mid-November then you can close your Google maps app because you have arrived at your destination. I’m going to give some hard facts below, but first I want to address the focus of this challenge and what differentiates it from a “traditional” Rebel challenge.

The holiday season can be a hectic, stressful, wallet-depleting segment of our lives that can feel like being swept up in a tornado with no sign of stopping until after the 1st of the year. Thus it makes it easy to put yourself on the back burner and give in to the holiday anxiety by doing what we have all done at some points (or are currently doing now) in our lives; we succumb to laziness, throw good eating choices out the window in anticipation of “I’ll start making better decisions when all this craziness dies down,” and use the weather as an excuse to skip everything but holiday parties and marathon shopping. Trust me, I’ve been there. With Rebel Winter Rescue, the mission is to not get caught in that landslide. Subsequently, there will be no weekly weigh-ins or before/after photos and measurements. There WILL be a fit test however so we can have a measure of success for the 2 months we’re going to survive together, only it will be a little bit different than done in the past.

The goal will be to kick some major ass in the health and happiness department Rebel style… That means chants before boot camp, sound offs, spray painted shirts, themed workouts, and some extras that are yet to be announced (like the incorporation of Anytime Health that will work highly in your benefit). Since weekends tend to be spoken for starting on Friday for most people during the holidays, there will be no weekend boot camps for this challenge. All boot camps will be held during the middle of the week in the evening (6pm/7pm) with BOSU getting moved to Saturday morning (so you’ll still have a weekend option along with the work-it circuit class that morning as well). We’re going to make it past Thanksgiving, Christmas time, and the new year together as… wait for it… one team! Because, you know, one dream and all :).

One final twist… Since we’re Rebels and we help others do amazing things while WE do amazing things we’re going to make the holiday season a tad bit brighter for many people the only way we know how; by bonding together. Every other week, we will be doing a different benefit drive starting with food, then toys, followed by clothes, and concluding with living essential items for The Living Room. More details will be given as we go, but for now know that everything raised and donated will be going towards locally organizations/families in need. It will all be raised by the community for the community.


Start date: November 16th. Fit Tests! This will be the only Saturday other than the end where we will meet. End date: January 11th. Fit Tests! Days and Times meeting: This one depends on whether there is more than one team or not. If more than 30 people want to sign up, there will be 2 teams. If less than 30 people want to sign up, there will be one team. If the only way you can sign up is if the 2nd team day options are available, then still fill out the sign-up below and note that in the comments section so I can keep you in the loop :). To make all of this work, I need to stick strictly to the timetable below. If you’re looking to get on the 2nd team, that means recruit, recruit, recruit! CUTOFF IS NOVEMBER 2ND! NO MORE SIGN-UPS PAST THAT DATE!

If 1 team: Every Tuesday at 7pm and every Thursday at 6pm.

If 2 teams: 2nd team will meet every Monday’s at 7pm and every Wednesday at 6pm.

Cost: There are 3 different costs here. One for Anytime Fitness members, one for 1st time Rebel challengers who are NOT currently Anytime Fitness members, and one for returning Rebels who want to do the Rebel challenge but don’t want to sign up for Anytime Fitness. Please understand that the cost difference is to make it equal to those who are Anytime Fitness members and pay monthly dues. It wouldn’t be fair for a club member to pay for gym dues and do the challenge while you pay the same amount they do to do the challenge while paying another gyms dues or simply not paying anything at all. If you are not a member but sign up before or during this challenge, then you will pay the lowest cost.

Anytime Fitness Members: $200

1st time Rebel challenge participant: $275

Returning Rebel challenger but not getting membership: $400

Cost due date: At least half your payment down BY NOVEMBER 16TH and the rest paid BY JANUARY 11TH.I will be strictly enforcing this unless we have a conversation prior with any circumstances that I promise I will be understanding of. I find myself often times getting burned on payments, thus the emphasis this time around. I thank you for your understanding. Like I said though, if circumstances need to be a bit different for you, I’m all ears and would love to work with you!

Colors: Purple and Orange

Schedule: To be released before the start of the challenge

Party: TBD

There will be more info given in the near future, but for now I want to get the sign-ups started! I promise some awesome stuff will be packed into this bad boy, including some surprises I’m aching to announce but for the sake of the special I’m holding it in :). If you’d like to take part, then you know what to do…



– Rebel8

Toy and Joy Drive Boot Camp – December 15th!

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What: Toy and Joy Drive Boot Camp!

When: December 15th

Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave. and Kiwana Springs


Now that we have the major details out the way… Here’s a little bit more info! Myself and Heather Muysken will be rocking a donation oriented boot camp on Saturday, December 15th. The time is 11am, and what we are trying to do is do a WHOLE lot of contributing to making the holiday season (and more) a little less of a struggle for our community. To do that, we need your help…

Keep in mind as you read all of this… You do NOT have to DO the boot camp to come donate. In fact, I expect there to be more people who stop by and donate than who stay to do the boot camp. With each person that comes by to donate, I want to take a photo of them to be included in a special “Toy and Joy Drive” slideshow. That slideshow will be shared EVERYWHERE! I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s picked up on a few major websites if you catch my drift… Please, dig with everything you’ve got to at LEAST donate some of the positive tidings in your life to families that have damn near none. Not only that, you will be a part an inspiring video that will be used to help motivate a TON of people to do the same!

Heather is going to be representing “The Living Room.” They are the only daytime drop-in center in Sonoma County specifically serving homeless and at-risk women and their children. They provide:

  • a warm and safe atmosphere to be during the day when shelters are closed,
  • a nutritious breakfast and hot lunch,
  • a first step for women on the verge of becoming homeless,
  • a first place for at-risk or newly homeless to turn to for relief and referral guidance to other community agencies,
  • a place to obtain information tailored to meet individual needs, such as job search skills, mother and child education, health care knowledge, etc.,
  • essential hygiene items, food items, and clothing for women and children.  

Click on the photo to be brought the The Living Room’s Facebook page! “Like” it like it’s going out of style! This is a definite chance to make things better 🙂

To help out, here is a list of things that would be amazing for you to provide to this wonderful local organization:


  • Grocery store gift cards
  • Phone and gasoline Cards
  • Hygiene items:  deodorant (small), disposable razors, lip balm, hand sanitizer, Kleenex (small)
  • Reading glasses
  • Socks and underwear
  • Sleeping bags
  • Bicycle locks
  • Food items:  olive oil, oatmeal & cold cereal, coffee, tea, peanut butter
  • Clean, gently used clothing


  • Diapers –  sizes 4, 5, and 6
  • Baby wipes
  • Socks & underwear
  • Sippee cups
  • Clean, gently used clothing


  • Crochet hooks
  • Knitting  needles
  • Embroidery hoops and floss

A photo from LAST year’s toy drive!

On MY end, I’m going to be asking for TOYS! Above is a photo of the toys we collected last year, and I firmly believe from the bottom of my heart that we can damn near triple that photo above. We are a community of rebels hell bent on making the holidays better for EVERYONE since we ALL are participants in this crazy thing we call life.

I will be going through the Santa Rosa Fire Fighters Local 1401, utilizing one of the many drop locations they have to bring a whole heaping helping of toys their way! I did a lot of research on who to bring these toys too, and the reason I chose them is they help out locally:

Schools: Kwana, Biella, Bellevue, Lincoln, Steel Lane, Meadow VIew, Luther Burbank, Cook, Comstock, Sheppard, Elsie Allen, Head Start Selpa and Roseland Shelters: Redwood Gospel, St. Vincent De Paul, Women’s Recovery, Y.W.C.A. Safe house, Children’s Home, Homeless Shelter, R.E.A.P. and Athena House. Community Groups: Forest Winds Apts., Giving Tree, Kashia Reservation, Bob Burk’s kids, Papago Ct. neighborhood Assn., Aston Ave. Neighborhood Assn. Gang Intervention Program, American Legion Auxiliary and R-Hoops.”

Above are all the local places the firefighters utilize to make sure all the toys not only go to a good home, but a local home as well!


  • New, unwrapped toys
  • Cash donations (if time to go out and grab a toy is hard to come by OR if you want to avoid stores like the plague during the Holiday season like me…)

All cash donations collected are used at local stores to purchase toys at a discount. All overhead costs are covered by the Firefighters Union, with 100% of the money donated is used to buy toys locally for local children.

I look forward to seeing you all there!!!!