Challenge Pricing/ Program Details


Program Details

Here is where you can find all the answers to your questions in regards to the first step… recognizing you want to do a challenge! If all of this works for you, then you’re ready to sign up!

All across the nations, small seeds of inspiration are being planted in a big way, and little ol’ Santa Rosa happens to be rising like a bamboo shoot. As your appointed Rebel representative in this Fitness Rebellion, I will tell you the world is only going to open its eyes wider and wider to the inspiration that oozes out of these 8-12 week transformations. I mean it when I say that when this challenge is treated with the respect and enthusiasm that it rightfully deserves, you can achieve in 3 months what some people spend a LIFETIME trying to achieve a fraction of… beyond just the physical.

If you’re seeking it, these challenges will help you achieve what you thought you couldn’t in a way that people will never believe could possibly be this much fun. I believe in planting a positive seed and getting a positive flower. These challenges will not break you down in a traditional way, because I believe that most people hopping into this event have already been broken down enough. It’s quite the contrary… I refuse to accept your negative thoughts rather than instill negativity in you. I’d love to go on and on but… That’s what orientation is for ;).

I miss the mustache Randy!

Measurement day – I want to put on record the importance of this is very high and is the first half of the stat keeping portion. Stay tuned to for when your measurement day/time is scheduled. This day is EXTREMELY important, and above all else should NOT be treated lightly. This is a very integral part of the process that, since there are so many of you, I don’t have the ability to set aside additional times for individuals to do make ups NOT on this day. With that said once the measurement day has come and gone, I will announce ONE make up day that will be worked out upon figuring out the day the majority of absentees can make it. Again, it is only ONE make up day. That day will only be announced AFTER the initial measurement day. That day will be of my choosing and is non-negotiable. 

I pretty much repeated everything so I can feel confident in knowing I projected the right amount of importance in regards to this day 🙂

Measurement day is when your before picture, starting measurements, and initial weigh-in are recorded. There will be important paper work for you to fill out as well. Not to be forgotten is that this is your first interaction with your team! This is your first chance to get out of your comfort zone and see who you’re going to spend an agonizingly amazing 3 months with!

I love fit test day!

Fit tests – This day follows the same guidelines as measurement day; extremely important and nearly impossible to schedule a make up point due to the volume of participants (which is a good thing!). Stay tuned to for when your teams scheduled fit test day/time is! This is the second half of the stat keeping portion, and it leads to one of my favorite portions of the challenge; The ENDING fit tests. The following is an example of previous fit tests:

  1. How many burpees can you do in 60 seconds
  2. How many LEFT LEGGED stationary lunges you can do in 60 seconds
  3. How many RIGHT LEGGED stationary lunges you can do in 60 seconds
  4. How many push-ups you can do in 60 seconds
  5. How many partner crunches you can do in 90 seconds
  6. How long you can hold an elevated plank
  7. How many burpees you can do AGAIN in 60 seconds
  8. How many TRX rows you can do in 60 seconds

The reason I love the END fit test so much is because the differences are more amazing than words are able to properly express. You see numbers and times doubled, tripled, quadrupled… Not even an exaggeration. In 3 months. Welcome to the Rebellion… 

A little something like this…

Orientation – Orientation this upcoming challenge will be a WORKOUT. I repeat… a WORKOUT! You will receive your important FRN Rebel starter packet with a few other goodies!

As a reminder, here is the exact thought process I expect everyone joining to have. I will accept nothing less:

What is a Rebel?

The Rebellion is a process starting from within, not from without. The goal is self improvement, starting with your strongest muscles; Your heart and soul. The Rebellion is here to overcome fears that manifest physically and translate into the thought “this is too hard for me.” Once those fears are battled (not conquered… life will forever be one big “rebel workout”), it’s because you’ve got the confidence to battle them. You get the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t do. Getting the confidence to rebel rage through your fears and insecurities with a balled up fist and a primal scream is the hardest work there is. As Rebels, we do it. We battle. It may not always look pretty, and it will not always be comfortable, but it will be a journey that leaves you standing taller. Prouder. Full of the realization that you are the king of your own castle.  As Rebels, we refuse to take “I can’t” or “I’ll always be this person…” because settling for anything less than supreme respect from yourself is unacceptable. As Rebels, we live by what I’ve dubbed “The Rebellion Rule.” Treat others BETTER than you wish to be treated. As Rebels, we open our arms to vulnerabilities and insecurities because we know the struggle. As Rebels, we will NEVER turn away those asking for help, even when they don’t ask for it. As Rebels, we stand atop a mountain of downtrodden emotions and lack of self worth with our hands stretched towards the sunlight screaming “Join us! The view from the top is beautiful!” As Rebels, we are worth it. We are The Rebellion.

I say we strive for better, not perfect, for a reason. Perfect is a default for striving to be better. Perfection is also an illusion. If you are constantly trying to be perfect, you’ll never be able to truly enjoy life’s imperfections that make life so wonderful in the first place.

Remember… You are only as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside. Until you learn to love yourself, you will always see ugly in the mirror.


  • $225 for Anytime Fitness Members (minimum $100 down payment by February 8th and paid in full by April 7th)
  • $275 for non- Anytime Fitness Members who are trying a Rebel challenge for the FIRST TIME (minimum $125 down payment by February 8th and paid in full by April 7th)
  • $375 for non-Anytime Fitness Members who are RETURNING Rebels yet would like to forgo getting an Anytime Fitness Membership (minimum $150 down payment February 8th and paid in full by April 7th)

If you are an official Anytime Fitness member, you can forgo this next paragraph because your info regarding price is done :). If you did not participate in the previous 2 Rebel challenges, are not a member of Anytime Fitness, and would like to sign up for the upcoming challenge, then the extra cost goes into setting up your key so that you can use the gym like a regular member! The only stipulation from a FULL membership is that you can only use Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave. Our gym is at your disposal for the duration of the challenge, day or night! You have access to all additional classes as well. Once the challenge is over however, you have a decision to make… Which happens to be the next information tidbit :). As long as $100 down payment is in by February 8th and the challenge is paid in full by April 7th feel free to devise whatever payment plan works best for you!

If you participated in one or both of the previous two challenges as a first time “non-member” then you are in the handful of people who need to make a decision… To join or NOT to join Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave. If you participated in the last challenge and would like to get a full membership, then it’s as simple as starting to pay monthly dues. That’s it. The extra fees you paid to participate in the last challenge will be put towards your enrollment fees, adding you to the Anytime network, and activating your electronic key fob so that you pay no additional money on officially joining. Also, once you join, you only have to pay the member price for the next challenge at $325 :). You even get to go to ANY of the Anytime Fitness’s in the area (Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Larkfield, Windsor, Skyhawk area just to name a few…) Better yet, start up rates are currently at $49.95 but you’ll get a Rebel discount at $44.95 a month. To fully sign up, all you have to do is show up to the gym any time between now and August 18th during staffed hours (Monday – Thursday: 10am – 7pm, Friday 10am – 4pm, and Saturday 10am – 2pm) and say “I did a previous Rebel challenge, I’m doing the next one, and I want to get a full membership!” and they’ll know what to do! As long as $125 down payment is in by February 8th and the challenge is paid in full by April 7th feel free to devise whatever payment plan works best for you!

If you did the last challenge, are interested in doing the next challenge, but NOT interested in getting a membership, then your price will actually be $500 ($150 down payment by January 7th and paid in full by March 30th). The reason for the extra cost is because when you signed up for the last challenge and paid the extra few above a normal members rates, you were getting an EXTREMELY discounted monthly rate at $25 a month while the existing Anytime Fitness members were still paying full monthly dues. It wouldn’t be fair to have you sign up again, have full access to the gym just like everyone else, and still paying a discounted rate while everyone else pays full rates still. The extra $100 goes into evening out the monthly dues so members aren’t paying MORE to do a challenge at a gym they’ve been paying full dues to already. I appreciate your understanding! As long as $150 down payment is in by February 8th and the challenge is paid in full by April 7th feel free to devise whatever payment plan works best for you!

Lastly, just like last challenge, EVERYONE gets a key and gets access to the gym like a regular member! With that being said, we’ve had cases of people who would still go through the guest door on the left, not bring their key, go through the door 2 at a time, or brush off the staff at the gym if they approached you about bringing your key. “I’m doing Rebel, don’t worry about it…” would be the treatment the staff has gotten before, and I am going to kindly say that that isn’t going to happen anymore either :). This isn’t nearly as big of an issue as it’s been in the past, so I thank everyone for being so awesome! This is just your friendly neighborhood rebel reminder :). The reason it’s important to use your little grey key fob every time is because:

  1. It keeps track of the foot traffic in and out of the gym, allowing John and Denise (owners) to make adjustments and monitor as they need.
  2. It’s what ALL members have to do, so it gives a bad impression when they see people showing up to the gym and walking in through the door on the left like they own the place. They don’t say to themselves “I’m only going for a half hour of cardio so I don’t need to bring my key” so that means “I’m only doing Rebel and leaving so I don’t need to bring my key” is out of the question.
  3. It helps everyone in the office. When everyone goes through the door at once or walks in through the non-member door on the left, it sets off all the security systems on the computer and creates momentary havoc on the check in system. Not only that, but seeing people going in and out of the non member door is confusing since they are used to people walking in through that door needing help. There is nothing more frustrating than getting up several times to help someone only to find out it’s the same people over and over again who didn’t bring their key.

I could go on, but you get it :).  One team, one dream! You know how I like when rebels lead by example :).

There we have it! There is MUCH more information to unveil like the team names, the team song, workout schedule, orientation details, and a plethora of other things. For now, I wanted to get the sign up process rolling.  More and more information will pop up as it is ready to be unveiled.

Teamwork makes the dream work…

❤ Rebel8

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  5. Member of anytime fitness in chestermere, Alberta. How would I go about joining this challenge from where I live. Lol sorry stupid question I’m sure

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  7. Hey Josh its angelica B was wondering about the Saturday strengthening class for gio it how much$ for him and it looks like it is everyother Saturday?

    • Hey Angelica! I don’t know why this took so long for me to see it! It’s $125 and it is every other Saturday but on the weeks where we don’t meet participants will be expected to practice what we just went over. There will also be handouts, videos, and journal keeping to make sure the information sticks!

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