Nashville OYO Workout

Nashville OYO


With Cara and I gone it’s time to buckle up your own seat belts and kick your own asses one team, one dream style! This workout starts with surefire warm-up, breaks into a super rad circuit, and finishes with a Rebel classic. Feel free to add your own sort of modifications and twists since what matters most is you’re there as a team killin’ it together!

The team with the highest percentage of their members to show up wins the invisible point which I will base upon each team’s group photo (so ONE of you on each day better take a photo or we’ll never know!) and will be awarded once I get back from Nashville.

I’ve compiled a super handy video walk through to give you the visual and verbalization of exactly what is expected so this way all bases are covered!

I look forward to hearing about how much ass you kicked as well as sharing in our Rebellious adventure!!!!

❤ Rebel8