FRN2: Rebel Bingo!


Click HERE to download the files!

Above you have the Rebel Blackout Bingo boards! The “Local” version is on the left… the “National” version on the right! If you are a local Rebel who was absent at orientation, this sheet is part of your packet that is waiting for you at the gym.

This Bingo is meant to be challenging-yet-doable. It’s meant to push you out of your comfort zone without throwing you off the deep end completely. It’s about getting to know your fellow Rebels, sharing inspiration, and kicking ass with a smile. It’s about INTERACTION!!!

The first contest between the Rad Cats & Mad Hatters involves this Bingo board! The team with the highest percentage of Rebels to complete the “Ice Cream” square at the end of our first week of official boot camps (Friday, July 17th is the cut off) earns a point! What does the point do? NOTHING! But… you still kinda want it, right?

For the “Strength Training Workout” file & video walk through CLICK HERE
For a selection of extra OYO workouts to choose from CLICK HERE

THERE IS A PRIZE!! To be announced at the start of week 2!

❤ Rebel8

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