FRN2: The Schedule


Weigh-ins will be every Wednesday/Thursday AFTER boot camp!

Days marked with a “THEME” will host a best dressed contest! Winner receives a custom “Best Dressed Rebel” shirt tailor made to the winning individual and the theme in which they won. To be voted on by YOU!

To sign up for the local version CLICK HERE!

To sign up for the national version CLICK HERE!

The Schedule

Jul. 6th/7th (Mon/Tues) @ 6pm Measurements, before photo, and initial weigh-in!
Jul. 8th/9th (Wed/Thurs) @ 7pm – Starting Fit Test
Jul. 11th (Saturday) @ 11am ORIENTATION WORKOUT at the gym! Come ready to learn about the new challenge, receive your FRN2 goodies, sweat in our 1st group workout together, and more!
Jul. 13th/14th (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – 1st Workout… LEGS! Prepare to become parking lot warriors with the return of lunge-a-palooza!
Jul. 15th/16th (Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – Upper Body!
Jul. 20th/21st (Mon/Thurs) @ 7pm – Core
Jul. 22nd/23rd (Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – Balance!
Jul. 27th/28th (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Legs! The 28th is also my mom’s birthday… love you mom!
Jul. 29th/30th (Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – Upper Body!
Aug. 3rd/4th (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Core!
Aug. 5th/6th (Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – Balance!
Aug. 10th/11th @ 6pm – MIDPOINT MEASUREMENTS! We will be doing ONLY circumference measurements to see where your inch game is 5 weeks in. This will be taking place at 6pm BEFORE boot camp. Cut off is 6:45pm with regular scheduled boot camp @7pm… LEGS!
Aug. 12th/13th (Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – Upper Body! THEME: Alice in Wonderland! You know what to do… Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, the Caterpillar… SO MUCH TO CHOOSE!
AUGUST 15th (Saturday) @ 11am – SHOWDOWN AT THE PARK! In a fun filled “battle” style workout there will be a contest held with this one… TEAM TO BRING THE MOST PEOPLE, WINS! What do you win? You’ll see… Besides, what if it was an apple or something? Would you NOT bring someone? BRING SOMEONE!!! We’re trying to share our spark here people!
Aug. 17th/18th (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Core!
Aug. 19th/20th (Wed/Thurs) – Balance! THEME: Black Light 15.0! Come decked in bright whites and fluorescents! Glowsticks, light-up outfits, and anything black light eccentric!
Aug. 24th/25th (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Legs! Last group workout of the week before…
AUGUST 26th THROUGH AUGUST 30th – ANYTIME FITNESS CONFERENCE! Cara and I will be in Nashville, TN We will miss a Wednesday/Thursday together but there will a workout to take place in the Rebel room STILL! Be on the lookout for a contest associated with it…
Aug. 31st/Sept. 1st (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Upper Body! THEME: CUSTOM Super Hero Night! We could do a normal “super hero” theme… but where’s the fun in that? Here is your chance to CREATE YOUR OWN! Put together an outfit you can kick ass in and be ready with your custom superhero name because you better believe I’m going to ask you! ALSO: TEAM VOTE FOR THE FOLLOWING WEEK’S THEME!
Sept. 2nd/3rd (Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – Core!
Sept. 7th/8th (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Balance! Yes, it’s Labor Day but whoever is around… we’re going to work!
Sept. 9th/10th (Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – Legs! THEME: Whatever was voted on last week!
Sept. 14th/15th (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Upperbody!
Sept. 16th/17th ( Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – Core! FINAL THEME! 80’s! A tried and true classic sure to bring amazing outfits out of the woodwork! Get ready to rock out to an all 80’s playlist!
Sept. 21st/22nd (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Balance!
Sept. 23rd/24th (Wed/Thurs) @ 6pm – FINAL WORKOUT! Legs! The exact same thing we did day 1…
Sept. 28th/29th (Mon/Tues) @ 7pm – Final Fit Test!
Sept. 30th/Oct. 1st @ 6pm – Final Measurements, after photo, and weigh-in!

OCTOBER 10th – Rebel Wrap Party & Award Ceremony! Cost: Free. Time/Location: TBA


❤ Rebel8

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