OYO Workouts!

IMG_7373Here you will find each workout designed for each week of our Circus Rebellion! As a participant in this 15th Rebel Transformation Challenge you are committed to 2 boot camps a week in the “Rebel Room” at Anytime Fitness as well as a 3rd workout to complete on your own! Each “on your own” workout will always correlate with what we are doing in boot camp so you don’t have to worry about any overlap. For instance our first week of boot camps consists of Lower Body focus and Upper Body focus respectively so you will be getting a core workout to tie it all together! 

Some of these exercises will be difficult to figure out at first. Some will be confusing and raise questions. Some will feel like you need a Masters in Rocket Science one second and then… CLICK, it all makes sense! If you haven’t maneuvered the gym/an exercise routine on your own before then you are the very person this is meant for. Let me be clear… This is not meant to take your precious time away from you with “homework.” This is your chance to have a professional guide you in learning how to operate your body the same way you learned how to operate your car, cell phone, job, or anything else essential to your livelihood.

Workout Tracking Sheet Photo

Click the HERE to download the tracking sheet! These are also available at the gym. Turning this in is the only way to claim your point for your team!

This is meant to get you outside of your comfort zone in such a way that you are made better for it. These workouts are designed to improve your quality of living by not only setting the ultimate foundation for those of you in need of one but also enhances the foundation of those looking for a boost! By the end of these 3 months the goal is to be moving better with a stronger body while learning how to stay consistent with your life style change and new habits so as to minimize “backtracking” from here on out. In essence, you get in what you put in. This works if you work it and for a lot of you that is the TRUE task; to stick to something long after your initial motivation to get through the tough spots are gone but the desire for the end goal is still there. Sometimes it feels easier to talk yourself out of something rather than putting the agonizing work into something… Well those “sometimes” are in the past Rebels… It’s time to work towards a better you! 

Week 1: Core!

Week 2: Legs!

Week 3: Upper Body!

Week 4: Total Body!

Week 5: Legs Round II

Week 6: Total Body II

Week 7: HardCORE II

Week 8: Balance

Week 9: Upper Body II

Week 10: Total Body III

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