S.O.B. Resistance Workout

Click this photo to download the workout and the detailed breakdown of how to do it straight to your phone, tablet, or computer!

Click this photo to download the workout and the detailed breakdown of how to do it straight to your phone, tablet, and/or computer!

The Path of Most Resistance

This workout is designed to provide you with a fully efficient overall resistance training plan that can be done once a week. The goal is to strengthen your body while reinforcing your infrastructure in ways that boot camps, cardio, and stretching does not provide. This will not only enhance your abilities in the aforementioned scenarios but will provide you with more energy and MUCH less potential for injury.

It is not only important but completely necessary and required to keep track of your progress each week to get the full benefit from this. Think of yourself as a scientist running a cool-as-hell experiment on yourself and without proper data documentation you’ll never be able to work this process to the fullest potential. Writing down your progress allows you to:

  • See what you did the week prior so you can work out with intent knowing what needs to be improved upon (eliminating the “what weight should I use?” problem)
  • Get a better understanding of your strength levels and what areas can be bolstered up
  • Gives you something to write down which will help you stay motivated by fulfilling your brain’s desire to write down listed accomplishments (seriously, major brain hack right there!)

This “Strength OYO” (on your own) can be done in as little as 30 minutes. With each set you want to document the following:

  • How much weight was used
  • How many reps you completed
  • Any notes or highlights of the workout to utilize for the following week such as what your energy level was or if you didn’t get a chance to eat much that day, for example.

The repetition goal for each exercise is as follows:

  • 1st set: 15-20 difficult reps
  • Each set after the 1st: 10-15 difficult reps

At the end of each exercise, ask yourself if you could have done 5 more if you really tried. Be honest with yourself. Seriously, you’re only cheating yourself if you short change and take the easier route. If the answer is “yes, I could have done 5 more reps if I really tried” then the weight needs to be increased. That’s one of the differentiating factors between this workout and boot camps. You are working your body in a strictly strengthening environment to its maximum limitation threshold (while still maintaining proper form all the way through) so that your body breaks itself down, builds itself up within your rest time, and comes back with an increased capacity for workload made possible by working to your fullest capability.

Your objective is to improve that capability each week in one capacity or another. Whether you’re able to do a couple more reps at the same weight you did the week prior or you were able to increase the weight by 5 lbs, every step forward is a step in the right direction no matter how big or small.

– Rebel8

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