UNCENSORED – Pis N Cox #21

This video doesn’t exist

Carlo​ & I are back with the 21st installment of the Pis N Cox tubecast!

We correct my egregious mistake in beer and right the wrong bestowed to Charles Haupert​, enjoy some brewery from Chris Bunn​, talk a little bit about the mud run I just got back from MCing, have fun with Jon Wong​’s poll (giggity), discuss all things Hobie (spoiler alert: Jaws 2 re-enacted by Legos), and admire Larry Phillips​ punny jokes.

We also pass along Tyler Kennedy​’s wish, talk about the “Sean bought himself a medal” fiasco from the BBC2 show “Weekend Warriors” (Jason Barker​), share what Jennifer Nelson Putnam​ & Carlo have in common, admire Jay Hay​’s sweet hog, and wish Walter Lyon​ all the best on his quest to conquer American Ninja Warrior!

This weeks community questions brought to you by Keith Allen​, Cassie Harris​, Wesley Kerr​, Erik Jens​, Jared Hanlon​, Aaron Krebs​, Robert Brodeur​, Joshua Kelley​, Greg Collins​, Chris Maxfield​, Justin Willett​, and more! They include such gems as:

– What would you do for a klondike bar?

– Have we ever urinated in the mud mile?

– How much force power can Yoda output? (I’m waiting on Joseph Harris​’s response)

– Which power ranger would we be?

– Will this question make it into community questions?

– Why does Greg’s shirt smell like Pis?

– Favorite race nutrition?

– What are our biggest fears going into this years WTM?

– Should/When should Matty​ turn heel

– When did parking at Tahoe get so expensive?

– and more!


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