Rebel Heroes


In this Rebellion, we’ve all got a story to tell. We all know hurt. We all know pain. We all know what OUR rock bottom feels like meaning by default we’ve all felt the same low since it’s relative to the individual. Rebel code #2: accept and be accepted. As Rebels, we embrace the struggle we each are going through with a “we’ve got this!” mentality as opposed to “you think YOU’VE got problems?!” because putting someone above or below you in ANY sense loses sight of the tribal sense of community we all yearn for yet sometimes stray away from.

Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of documenting some of those storied Rebels backgrounds and been given the chance to shine some light on THEIR experiences and why they are who they are and do what they do. If I could, I would do a write-up on EVERYONE I’ve had the blessing of journeying this Rebellion with but the best problem ever is the reason why that is no longer possible: There are a lot of Rebels! Trust me, I’m working on getting as many of these amazing mini-biographies out as I can.  With that said this is where you can read up on some of those Rebels and see for yourself you are FAR from the only one going through some of the hardships you’re going through. 

These stories also act as a reminder that you never quite know what somebody has been through or is currently going through which is why it’s so important to accept and be accepted FIRST. Innocent until proven guilty on a humanitarian scale. Welcome to the Rebellion!

Cara “Unicorn” Jones – From a Rhino to a Unicorn
David Moody – I’m Worth It
Rachel Bailey – The Great Pretender
Suzanne Pelz – You Have a Choice
Sam Enos – Learning to Fight
Lori DeMarco – In Need of a New Garden
Mike Bell – Decisions
Cheryl Murray – “I’m not Disabled… I’m Cheryl”
Michelle “Hulk” Huntley – The Legend Continues
Marco Avalos – I’m Not a Changed Person, Just a Better One
Justin Zuiderweg – An Enthusiasm for Misery

– Rebel8

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