Rebel Tunes!

Rebel Music   One thing I love is music. I mean I absolutely LOVE it. Beyond love. I know I’m far from the only one, but I felt the proclamation necessary anyway. To me, music makes the world go round and I firmly believe that often times you are one good song away from turning things around if you let it work it’s magic (and also know what kind of music moves you… very important!).Another thing I believe is that music can make or break a good workout, which is why we’re here right now; to refresh your music player!

What I want to do is post a playlist of songs my personal music player that ridiculously rev me up and/or are proven bootcamp smashers! Like I said above, finding what kind of music moves you can be tricky and sometimes takes a lot of checking! You won’t like ALL of these songs (some of you will like NONE of them, a reality I sadly yet completely accept :D). Some of these are good cardio pacers while others are meant for that moment when you’re trying to get ballistic in a workout… and everything in between.

Click on the song, take a listen, and if you like it then find a way to get it! I’m merely exhibiting songs I think are awesome workout tunes, not providing you with the song itself (you’ve got to roll up your own sleeves and figure that part out yourself). Sure, some of you are going to know every single song on here and for you, eager reader and avid music lover, I give you a gold star!

Gold star

A gold star for everyone who can’t wait to tell me that they have every single song I posted on their iPod and that I need to put up better music. There’s always at least one… So here ya go!

1/3/14 Playlist (Click)

– Rebel8

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