Resistance Training: A Complete Instructional Guide

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Resistance Training 101

Over the last month and a half I had the pleasure of conducting a once-a-week class where the human body pertaining to resistance training was dissected one body part at a time. Participants learned the premise of what they were doing which was strengthening their body OVERALL in regards to not only muscular function, but more efficient tendons, joints, and ligaments as well as increased blood flow and caloric output. Instead of “getting big” I wanted everyone to understand the importance of resistance training beyond the mirror.

In splitting the muscle groups we covered into 6 different sections (legs, chest, back, core, shoulders, and arms) we were able to cover proper movement mechanics, tips and tricks on keeping everything fresh and correct, and give an in depth introspective into the importance each specific area of the body holds. Along my much tenured fitness journey I’ve picked up subtle nuances about the human body I had the joy of sharing with everyone in attendance for the 6 week clinic. 

At it’s heart though, the information is something I think everyone should have. There are ALWAYS things to go over when the human body, health, fitness, and variety are concerned. It all starts with foundation though, and I firmly believe you can build an extremely solid one with these. If not knowing what you’re doing at the gym is your number one excuse for not going, well then the jig is up… Now you have no excuse. Not sure you can do it on your own? That’s ok, you just scored the perfect ice breaker in asking a trainer at your gym for help. Simply print one of these out, march over to your club, and say “I need to learn how to do this.” Basically what I’m saying is that those who want bad enough, do. Get after it!

Click HERE to download your copies of all the forms below! Included is a “workout tracking sheet” for a simple way to keep track of your progress!

– Rebel8

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