We Called!

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So today, a few of us happened to make a video to “Call Me Maybe.” Thanks to all the rebels who showed up and took part in one of the most fun times I’ve ever had doing something ridiculous.

Lord knows I’ve done a lot of ridiculous things…


– Rebel8

Call Me Definitely…

What I want you to do is become one of the millions of people watching this video. Learn the lyrics. Feel the song. Let it make your blood turn into sensual soup as you gyrate to the synth’d rhythm  and raw emotion surge like an overload circuit. Let sweat from your brow drip onto the floor by the pint as you can’t stop working your arms and legs in a running man motion revamped for this generation.

Because we’re gonna do a viral video!

So, here’s the deal. Many of you have seen the video of the Harvard baseball team rocking out and doing a choreographed mock video of this song. It’s gotten almost 9 million views, which is pretty damn impressive. I’m not taking anything away from these guys, but I’m also not trying to be one of MANY people to try to attempt to outdo them along the same lines.

Instead of a van, I want to use a gym :).

This right here is an open casting call for everyone that would like to rock this video out with me. Similar to an “OK GO” music video, I want to one shot this video. People will have “roles” ranging from big to small, but it will definitely be an awesome circus production. I want people who are ready to wear rebel shirts and sport the rebellion with pride! I want people who are ready and willing to get really goofy for the sake of something really fun and awesome. I already have my camera guy (Tye) and now all I need are MORE people. About 50 to be exact…

I want to meet at the gym at 1pm this Sunday, May 27th. If you have a Rebel shirt, it is a must that you wear it please :). I know this is memorial day weekend, which is why I want to shoot it at 1pm when the gym should be very very empty. It will be about 90-120 minutes total considering giving everyone direction, teaching everyone the simple dance I want you all to do, the timing, and any repeat takes we need to do.

Simple break down:

  • What: “One take” music video set to “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen with the intent of going viral.
  • Date: May 27th (Sunday)
  • Time: 1pm
  • Location: Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave. (next to Target).

Contact me (Josh Cox) if you want in! Just send me an e-mail at Alllevelstraining@gmail.com and let me know if you’re coming! Friends and family are definitely invited :). Can’t wait to see you all!

– Rebel8

PS here’s the Harvard video if you want to see where the motivation came from;