The Rebel-Yum lives on!

Welcome to the Rebel-yum!

Hey Rebels!

I just wanted to bring some good tidings to your day… The Rebel-yum is back! For those of you who don’t know,  the Rebel-yum is a  group of people who get together weekly and discuss how our week in nutrition went. We go over ups, downs, victories, disappointments, frustrations, questions, realizations… Everything that makes eating right and taking care of yourself so damn hard… because let’s be honest, we all LOVE having great energy, feeling good about ourselves, feeling comfortable in clothing of our choice, and feeling amazing when you’re being active… So again, we go over all the reasons why we know all of the latter yet it’s like pulling teeth from a shark sometimes.

This time around there are TWO meeting times! One immediately proceeding the Rock Republic Rebel workout on Tuesday @ 7:35pm and one immediately proceeding the Demolitionist Rebel workout on Wednesday @ 7:35pm. The running time will be about 30 minutes and both days have the amazing pleasure of being run by a Livingston! Jody will be leading the charge on Wednesday and Alyx will be leading the charge on Tuesday. This is far from their first rodeo so just know that you are in great hands!

Puttin’ down the cheese wheel and going for the greenery… I like it!

In food group, you’ll find new perspectives you might not have come across of before. You’ll find you’re not the only one having a tough time. You’ll also have the ability to share what YOU know that could possibly help someone else! We’ve all accumulated a lot of experience on this journey we call life… Let’s put it all together and make figuring it out easier!

Remember, you don’t HAVE to speak. You are more than welcome to come join the Rebel-yum as a spectator until you feel comfortable enough to share! 

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Look forward to seeing you there!

– Rebel8

When running the same monotonous rat race doesn’t work for you anymore.

From a Rhino to a Unicorn

Cara the Unicorn


From a Rhino to a Unicorn

                Cara Jones is a spritely 5 foot even mother of three from Washington transplanted to Northern California. With a presence comparable to a burst of sunlight through cracked blinds whenever she enters a room Cara could best be described as a firecracker with a natural knack for love and compassion with a seemingly endless capacity. A successful career in Human Resources has put her charm to good use as she has somehow found the time to incorporate marathon running in between the rigors of maintaining a family and a social life to boot. Americana personified, Cara has done it all with a smile on her face and an eye flutter that will make you melt. Funny how initial impressions are never quite revealing as to what truly resides behind someone’s castle walls…

                When you see a person sprint by you at full speed on the street there are two ways you can interpret the situation; they are either chasing something or running away from something. Those who are perceived to have it all are often assumed to be chasing success like a lion after an antelope. Rarely is the other end of the spectrum in that scenario visited which is the possibility of a desperate attempt at running away from struggles constantly nipping at their heels and diverting focus towards overwhelming undertakings leaving no room to worry about the real issues left behind. In Cara’s case both perspectives happened to be true. It also happened to be that the real issues were gaining speed and catching up fast…

                Growing up smack dab in the middle of the grunge movement in its prime brought with it plenty of stories and experiences worthy of a furrowed parental brow but a lesson in irony occurred swiftly when she had her first child at 16. Motherhood forced an early adulthood as she quickly set herself on being the best mother she could be with her family by her side. Running away from a childhood cut short led to a devout work ethic and drive to take the best care of her newly arrived little one the best she could. She only had to travel through a small handful of different jobs before finding herself a good management position with a lot of potential for a reputable entertainment group. All of this required the kind of hard work and perseverance that had become second nature by this point. There in lied the time bomb waiting to explode…

                Through all of her endeavors, Cara always found herself needing to put her absolute everything into all that she did. By no means is this a bad thing, but lost in the shuffle was HER. No longer did she care about her needs for there simply wasn’t any time for that! To put effort towards herself was to take away from the livelihood of those closest to her (so she felt) so to be that selfish was unfathomable. Her mother had also happened to be the closest thing to a living saint one could imagine, so her standard of caring for others was damn near unobtainable. The one vice Cara gave herself was a smoking habit that had started before she could legally see a PG-13 movie. She wasn’t proud of it but found smoking helped manage the stress better than anything else so it was an easy decision to keep it up. I’m sure there are quite a few of you can relate to that one…

                After a smoking habit spanning almost 2 decades the shame of the addiction superseded the anxiety management component of it and that was when she set out to kick it for good. It wasn’t easy, but it was doable and after quitting cold turkey on her nephew’s birthday… it was done! Afterward however a slow transition into a new replacement drug occurred. The new drug of choice; food. Making matters worse was that her entire life Cara had always had a petite frame that matched her stature, so when she gained 30 pounds after quitting cigarettes it was an unfamiliar road she had NEVER traveled down before. She suddenly found herself lost in her own psyche when that was the LAST thing she could afford to have happening (I’m sure a few of you can relate to that one too…)

                With a dedication to a more holistic eating approach and a passion for running infused in the process, Cara found herself shedding the weight she’d gained and emerging healthier than she could remember being in a long time… but something still wasn’t right. By dropping the weight Cara had anticipated an intangible burden lifting off of her shoulders at the same time. Instead, all of the insecurities she had come to face during her fight with “food for comfort” and the depression that followed lingered like fruit flies at a picnic on a hot day.  It was the love of a particular Unicorn picture and a conversation with a loved one that happened to set everything right…

                Along her journey to figure out why she could be doing all the right things and still feel like something was weighing her down, Cara had posted a photo of a rhinoceros on a treadmill staring at a picture of a Unicorn as it ran. She made the image her profile picture because it reminded her so much of herself; running in place in pursuit of something you most likely will never be anyway. When asked about it by a friend one day, Cara told them her reasoning behind it and why it was the first thing you see when you go to her Facebook page. Her friend gave her a look like she was crazy and Cara couldn’t help but ask what it was in her explanation that warranted such a response.

“You’re not the Rhino in that picture… You ARE the Unicorn!”

                That subtly suffocating weight resting on her shoulders unexpectedly started to lift at that very moment. An epiphany clicked like a seatbelt connecting to a buckle. All this time she thought that her struggles cast an ugly shadow on life’s potential that lay waiting at her fingertips which kept her from reaching that happiness peak and basking in the sunshine of self-worth, when in reality she was every bit the “Unicorn” she aspired to be all along! The very things in her life she thought were responsible for cloaking her true beauty happened to be defining points of her shine and grace. We all know pain and struggle, yet to carry that back breaking load on your own with the assumption that you’ll never be “like the rest” is what holds most of us back from seeing the amazing spirit that lives in every single one of our heartbeats. In essence, we’re ALL Unicorns… We just don’t always see it.

                To see that picture will forever be a reminder to Cara of just how far she’s come and just how important including yourself in your list of priorities happens to be. In fact, her connection to the picture grew tenfold once she realized what was REALLY happening:

The rhinoceros wasn’t on a treadmill looking at a photo… it was looking in the mirror.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Challenge XIII: My Personal Letter

Heart of a Lion

I’ve tasked each and every one of you signed up for the current Rebel challenge to write a personal letter addressed to your future self 3 months from now to be turned in on Saturday, August 3rd. The goal is to author a time capsule of emotion, showcasing your fears and who you are NOW while addressing the person you envision yourself being 3 months from this point. Not only is the process very therapeutic but it can open up realms of your brain that have been holding you back for a long time… you’ve just never pulled enough courage together to run toward those things rather than running away from them. Here’s your chance. If realization of self worth and helping create an awesome experience for yourself isn’t enough incentive for ya, well then every letter turned in on Saturday is a dollar donated to CHOPS Teen Center. Jamboom.

I decided to share my own personal letter in the hopes that it will help some of you who might be in a rut about what to write about or are unclear on what is expected. Mine will be the only one shared. Once I get your letter I will lock it away for 3 months only to be brought back out on October 19th. I won’t read a single word of any of your letters. It’s for me, not you. There is no wrong way to write your letter as long as you are open and honest with yourself. These are MY fears along with my excitement and pride for where we are now. Thank you for your time :).

My Personal Letter: Part II

                Well, here you are big guy. Challenge number 13 is happening and like a freight train at full speed with no conductor there’s no stopping it now. That’s good though, that’s the goal. This train that is the Rebellion is a growing organism, pushing for survival beyond one person alone. You want to be lost among a sea of awesome people doing awesome things and this challenge will prove to be no different than the rest where that’s EXACTLY what will happen. It’s already happened. It’s happening!

                The last time you wrote one of these your biggest fear was that people won’t see it the way you see it and inevitably it will fail. The fall from Grace will always thrive quietly in the background of your circus brain but I think it’s safe to say that you can lay that fear to rest. Take pride in the fact that what keeps you up at night NOW is the excitement for where the Rebellion is going, not the fear of where it’s falling. I mean damn man… you got the biggest ballroom in Chicago to sound off and now you’ve been asked to lead a Rebellion chant for thousands on a Florida Island all because PEOPLE GET IT! The essence that makes this such a magical thing… the essence that you believe in to the depths of your soul and shout from the rooftops every chance you get… Well, it’s not just you anymore! the potential of the human spirit and what we all strive for as we steer the same boat only holding on to different oars is a beautiful struggle that not everyone gets the chance to experience as a tribe. This revolution has been a long time boiling and is bubbling over with the kind of organized chaos that only a ragtag group of bad news bears know how to lead. Simply put, the Rebellion cannot fail because you are no longer the only leader! That sea of awesome people bonding together and doing something legendary is no longer on the horizon, it’s here and NOW. The Rebellion and what it stands for has not merely left an imprint in its path, its Hulk smashed a crater and is growing every day.

                I’m proud of you. No matter how exhausting this journey gets, the hardships and tribulations that come with what you have chosen to dedicate your life to will always pale in comparison to the light that shines bright from positive seeds planted. To struggle is to learn and to pass on the knowledge of how to deal with that struggle is to help make the world a better place. Too many people are focused on how GIANT of an impact they can have and not enough people realize the impact we can have as individuals doing the best we can. The ripple effect that spreads from person to person has a greater impact than any individual ever could. Case in point if you were to try to wrap your arms around the world your reach only goes so far (your arm span roughly equaling your height according to Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man) but if every human being joined hands we could wrap around that baby roughly 300 times. I’m proud of you for doing everything you can do spread that message. You’ve been effective, and that’s not easy. If it were easy though…

                You really bit off quite the mouthful with this challenge. Not quite more than you can chew, but if you were playing a metaphorical game of “chubby bunny” there definitely wouldn’t be any room left for even half a mini marshmallow to squeeze in there. By the time you read this again though, that means it’s done. The key to the city, the “test” bracelets, donations to Chops and the succeeding celebration, themed workouts, team song presentations, the Anytime Fitness conference… it’s all over and you’re still standing baby. You set your own bar high and now it’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief. You and the rebels earned it. Rule #8; Never Quit Fighting.

                I leave you (me) with a song that has pulled me (you) out of darkness many a time and has given an injection of strength when there was thought to be none left. As I put the lyrics down they are a lion’s roar of motivation. When you read them on October 19th, they will be the soundtrack to your victory lap.

There’s something in your heart
And it’s in your eyes
It’s the fire, inside you
Let it burn
You don’t say, “Good luck”
You say, “Don’t give up”
It’s the fire, inside you
Let it burn
Yeah, and if I’m ever at the crossroads
And start feeling mixed signals like Morse code
My soul start to grow colder than the North Pole
I try to focus on the hole of where the torch goes
In the tradition of these legendary sports pros
As far as I can see, I’ve made it to the threshold
Lord knows I’ve waited for this a lifetime
And I’m an icon when I let my light shine
Shine bright as an example of a champion
Taking the advantage, never copping out or cancelling
Burn like a chariot, learn how to carry it
Maverick, always above and beyond average
Fuel to the flame that I train with and travel with
Something in my eyes say I’m so close to having the prize
I realize I’m supposed to reach for the skies
Never let somebody try to tell you otherwise
One love, one game, one desire
One flame, one bonfire, let it burn higher
I never show signs of fatigue or turn tired
Cause I’m the definition of tragedy turned triumph
It’s David and Goliath, I made it to the eye of the storm
Feeling torn like they fed me to the lions
Before my time start to wind down like the Mayans
I show ’em how I got the grind down like a science
It sounds like a riot on hush, it’s so quiet
The only thing I hear is my heart
I’m inspired by the challenge
That I find myself standing eye to eye with
Then move like a wise warrior and not a coward
You can’t escape the history that you was meant to make
That’s why the highest victory is what I’m meant to take
You came to celebrate, I came to cerebrate
I hate losing, I refuse to make the same mistake

 – Rebel8, The Roots, & John Legend

Chapter 3: The Heart Felt Fallout

Chapter 3 - The Heart Felt Fallout

Chapter 3: The Heart Felt Fallout

                The State of Rebellion buzzed with unease as its inhabitants came from every direction to see what was going on in their usually unassuming place of residence. A dark cloud hung ominously over the mass exodus, shrouded in mystery as all eyes couldn’t look away to save their lives.

If only they knew the irony.

                As rebels far and wide huddled together in an attempt to calm their rattled nerves, the air was charged with an electric current using their bodies as conduits. “What do you think is going to happen?” a Demolitionist faintly asked a nearby Rock Republic member. “I have no idea, I’ve never seen this before…” was the response as the two divisions of the State nervously pressed shoulders together in a rare form of co-mingling. Usually both sides kept to their own, believing that “the grass is always greener on the other side” referenced the side OPPOSITE the other. No one could really give a concrete reason as to why each faction chose to snub the other, most of the time simply observing “that’s how it’s always been.” Sure, both sides had committed atrocities in their tenure as citizens living in the State of Rebellion but hell… we’re ALL Rebels, we ALL make mistakes… None of those mistakes mattered in this moment as new-to-each-other faces mirrored one another with little resolve and lots of worry.

                When the first boom sounded through the landscape it was felt… not heard. A thunderous burst coursing through the hearts and souls of everyone gathered bringing with it a stir of change felt deep within. A gentle hymn rode the wind as it picked up in time with the roar of the drumfire. Before the Rebels could register what exactly this cosmic melody was, a voice emerged from the zephyr. As cool as the breeze it traveled on it immediately occupied all in its auditory wake;

Steady now… Steady now…
Don’t fear what you can’t see…
Ready now… Ready NOW!
I hold on to you… you hold on to me…

I found the heart of a lion…
In the belly of the beast…
I held it in my hand… and I could feel…
I could feel…

… Feel the beat…

                With only the words they had just heard as a warning a swift darkness blanketed the Demolitionists and Rock Republic throughout. Devoid of all vision and lost in a world trying to crush them somehow, every person came to the same sudden realization; a midst the depths of confusion, fear, and chaos… all they had left was each other.

                As Rebels linked arms in a show of solidarity among everything around them seemingly falling apart they marched towards the music with purpose, compelled by something greater than they knew. “This way!” someone shouted as natural leaders took their positions. “I’m lost! I’m over here! I can’t see anything!” an anxious voice cried out as the human chain began to wrap around like a centipede in an attempt to wrangle the stray comrade. As the unknown straggler rejoined the survival driven Rebels a husky voice yelled;

“Looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

The reference highlighted a particularly popular line in an Emerald City legend of a refugee by the name of Dorothy who saved the Land of Oz from an evil Witch from the North West. Even though the State of Rebellion was located just beyond the Nonestic Sea and outside the boundaries of Oz the story of Dorothy was an integral part of Rebellion lore. Whoever had yelled out the “Kansas” quip was almost certainly referencing the Tornado that mythically carried the outsider from “the Midwest” into the Land of Oz.

The thought somehow brought with it a strange reassurance… What was on the other side of this unexpected and abrupt departure from reality? Could the legend be real? Was a childhood story told for generations as far back as Rebels could remember much more than just a fun cure for boredom? The possibility that a fairy tale of old was a historical forewarning for this momentous occurrence swirling all around them was much more than the Rebels had time to think about however. Butterflies churned tsunamis in their stomachs as each foot strived toward the harmonious howl drawing them in like a gnat to a flashlight.

Without so much as a sneeze of a sign the gripping winds and ominous tune dispelled as quickly as they had begun. In their place was a blinding flash of light painfully forcing everyone’s pupils that had adapted to the nothingness to adjust back to the blue skies and rays of sunshine that once again overlooked the State of Rebellion. As everyone’s arms unlinked Rebels found themselves face to face with people whom they had lived in the same community with for years and years yet somehow had never even met. The sun cast a vivid new light on each rebellious face as passionate wonderment took the place of fear and anxiety. With the sudden blackout leaving with the speed in which it came, more questions were left than answered. Still, the Rebels felt a sense of… something… “The Divide” was gone. On the outskirts of the mass, two familiar strangers could be overheard greeting each other for the first time;

“Now that we’ve held on to each other in a panic and I’ve accidently grabbed your boob twice… Hi! I’m Cara!”

“I’m Erin… Nice to meet you Cara! That was crazy…What do you think is going to happen next?”

“I’m not sure, but something tells me that it’s going to be up to us to decide…”

– Rebel8

Coming Soon

Chapter 4: ???

Rebels Made of Brick: Official Roster

Welcome to the Rebellion...

Welcome to the Rebellion…

Rock Republic (Tuesday/Saturday)

Devin Medrano
Nicole Nelson
Mireya Perales
Lucy Perales
Cliff Durham
Rayray Ponce
Sandra Casey
Denise Stiles
Rita Colthurst
 Cassie Colthurst
 Ruben Martinez
 Malena DeMartini-Price
 Stephanie Stevenson
 Cliff Crocker
 Marco Avalos
 Alyssa Solberg
 Karen Solberg
 Maggie Schuck
 Lori DeMarco
 Jody Livingston
 Adam Gray
Kathi Tyler
Annabel Ponce
Angelica Ponce

Demolitionists (Wednesday/Saturday)

Tami Tuminello
Abbie Tuminello
Austin Finch
Suzanne Pelz
Pete Macias
Alyx J. Livingston
Jamie Bywater
May De La Serna
 Cara “Unicorn” Jones
 Lucy Avalos
 Nykky Graydon
 Justin Zuiderweg
 Carlo Piscitello
 Kaila Finch
 Leah Bayly
 Michelle “Hulk” Huntley
 Christine Routh
 Darlene Catania
 Sam Enos
 David Moody
 Kelly Moody
 Kelly Dawson
 Rick Dawson
 Cheryl Taylor
 Alaura Finger


The Power of the Rebellion

Watch the video below to find out how this challenge is going to be different than any other challenge we’ve ever done before… 

Sign up information will be released this week… stay stuned

Work for love. Get rich.

– Rebel8

The Rebels Made of Brick: Beyond Emerald City (XIII)

Late July...

Late July…

The Rebels Made of Brick: Beyond Emerald City (XIII)

At this very moment a tale of galactic proportions is swirling all around you, yet most remain impervious to the story unfolding right under your noses, before your very eyes, and sifting between your very own fingertips. It takes place not in a fictitious universe but simply a place none of us has ever visited. That doesn’t mean we aren’t vital to the plot, climax, twist, and conclusion of this chronicling… After all, it’s said that we all are breathing the same molecules the dinosaurs, Julius Caesar, and Leonardo Da Vinci circulated through their lungs. To be connected isn’t always tangible…

Take the “butterfly effect” for instance. Part of the “Chaos Theory,” this occurrence is described as being “the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state.” Simpler put, the flap of a butterfly’s wings can be the very spark of events leading to land-shattering tsunamis half a world away. What if that butterfly figured out how to harness that energy? What if that butterfly learned how to focus that energy and rather than create a wave of tragedy and destruction, stirred up winds of change that carried lost sail boats to shore instead? Winds to give purpose to a little boy’s kite whose belief in magic happens the instant his youthful eyes see that wind vessel dance and never, ever stops believing from that moment on… What if one of the Universe’s smallest creatures realized with a simple act of instinct, it could change the world however it wanted?

Then, imagine if a singular tree branch full of those glorious world-altering butterflies flapped their wings together, synergizing the winds all around them with a mutual focus. No more… No less… Simply using what they were born with like the instruments they are rather than the appendages merely designed for survival they are so often viewed as.

This story isn’t about butterflies however… This story is about a group of Rebels who reside in a State well beyond Emerald City. Far passed Gillikin Country and just outside the Nonestic Sea lies the “State of Rebellion.” A land of forgotten sunshine and grinding routine, the state is divided between two factions of people; The Demolitionists and the Rock Republic.

The same in every way but allegiance, these Rebels (named from the state in which they come from) are known to brandish surly demeanors and keep a nose-to-the-grindstone approach to their lives, giving them the description of being “made of brick” by outsiders. Eventually the description was adopted by the Rebels themselves since… well… straightforwardly for reasons even Rebels didn’t know. It was just the way things were; their way of life. There was truth in the characterization, so they went with it.

With a penchant for purple the Demolitionists always felt in competition with the red-baring Rock Republic. Although they all woke up the same, had the same amount of time in the day, and felt the same joy and pain as one another each side was utterly convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had it worse. A bitter resentment that goes back as far as the birth of humanity, this was another accepted way of life in the State of Rebellion. Never questioned yet always harbored. Generation upon generation of Rebel youth raised to disagree with those who don’t claim the same color “just because.”

Until the blackout.

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Sun Remembered

To Be Continued…

Welcome future rebels ;)

Watch this:

Then watch this:

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Welcome to the rebellion 😉


Rebels – “What About Us” Music Video


Our latest Rebellion fitness ballad 😉

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On Sunday, April 14th a group of fabulous rebels got together to film something fun. That’s it. Nothing else involved but a fun idea and rebels implementing it. 

Formerly going by “The Everydays” until I found there is already a band by that name out there, we go by the “All the Times” since we have one speed!

For good measure, here’s the original song and video by “The Saturdays” this was all based off of :).

Welcome to the Rebellion…

– Rebel8

Rebel vs Rebel: Return of the SLIDESHOW

Over the last 3 months, we’ve told a story. This is a preview to that story…

Full presentation April 27th, 2013.

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– Rebel8