Fitness Rebellion – Outdoor Warriors 2 Sign-up!


Fitness Rebellion Presents:

Outdoor Warriors 2

Begins: August 14th (Monday)

Ends: October 11th (Wednesday)

Times: Every Monday @ 7pm & Wednesday @ 6pm

Location: Anytime Fitness (2885 Santa Rosa Ave.)

Cost: $225 (payment plans not a problem! Slight additional costs for non-Anytime Fitness members)

If you’re looking for an amazing group of people comprised from all walks of life who have a blast working out together while focusing on FEELING GOOD… then you can quit your searching because you’ve exactly. Join us on our next “fit-trip” adventure that includes the following:

– Twice-a-week workouts
– All new FIT TEST
– Free weekend outdoor workouts complete with schedule (optional)
– New Themed Workouts
– … and a whole bunch more!

Time to sign up!

❤ Rebel8